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C1 Dark mind

There was always a dark side to being an innocent girl, the trait of desiring something forbidden. Falling for a dangerous man who would make anyone kneel before him and call him SIR. She had a weakness for him and ached for his touch, a longing for his kisses which aroused unimaginable lust. He was just something, she couldn't resist. His twisted dark side made her beg for his attention, his aggressiveness which frightened her


Olivia was struggling to keep still. Her head was throbbing painfully as if she had been slammed against the wall repeatedly. She attempted to move her arms. Kicking her legs however she couldn't. Her body was freezing, her teeth chattering without her permission.

"H-help me" she stuttered, her lips chapped up. She didn't know what was happening to her, where she was and why she was restrained

W-where… am I?" Her voice was low and hoarse barely heard even talking took a lot out of her. Who dared put her in such a cold place? She didn't think she could last a minute longer. Especially when she was naked, with nothing covering her. The bed was soft yet the coldness made it impossible for her to feel comfortable.

Soon she heard the creak opening of the door and then footsteps. Fear washed over her causing goosebumps to crawl on her skin like a thousand ants eating away her flesh

"W… who are you?" she stammered nervously, regaining control of her voice. There was silence in the room, the scary kind which gave her goosebumps. Olivia tried shifting away. Her legs and hands were tied to the bed. How did this happen? Soon there were some movements. Someone sat on the bed

"Help me…I-it's cold in here", if she didn't leave then she would die. Soon. She felt a pair of hands on her. Her body tingled. A finger trailed down her inner thighs and it was warm. Such warmness even from something small

"Who are you…get me out now or else" she snapped, doing everything she could to ignore the cold engulfing her. Her body was in agony

"Who else what?" she heard a deep male voice. It sounded familiar, however, she didn't think she had heard it before. It was a man. Which meant she had been kidnapped by a man.

"Who else, someone more powerful and lethal…will kill you!" she threatened knowing full well Pedro would find her. There was silence, the man didn't speak. Olivia was restless. She didn't want this

"Interesting." the man said sensing amusement in his tone and soon he yanked the blindfold off her face. Olivia hissed, feeling a sharp pain. With ease, her eyes flickered open. Blinking a few times to see who it was.

"You?" her eyes stung at the sight of Pedro. He was there. Gawking at her with murderous eyes. His monstrous expression had her squirming

Scanning her surroundings Olivia nearly collapsed upon seeing the room she was in. Shaking her head she didn't want this. Looking Pedro was a completely different person

"W… what is this room" she stammered the words out, swallowing hard she felt a sharp pain in her dry throat. Licking her chopped-up lips, Olivia tried to calm herself. She was exposed for goodness sake. Didn't he have any respect for her

"G-get me dressed Pedro…what's this!" she spat out angrily. Her sharp eyes fixed on him.

"What's this place?" she added when he didn't say anything. The room was scary with red dim lights, the kind which didn't seem normal. It had things she considered forbidden. There were chains to the wall. Handcuffs hanging on the walls. Some ropes

Tilting her head to the left. She saw something she didn't like.

"My special room" he replied calmly, there was no smile. His expression didn't sit well with her. the dark aura radiating from him had her shifting away to safety. But where could she run to when the devil was in front of her

"Let me out… what's all this"Olivia said, giving nothing away. Her body was almost frozen. She couldn't feel her heartbeat. Everything was numb. Pedro stared at her for a while. His eyes travelled down her body and stopped at her succulent porcelain tender breasts. The rising and falling of her chest. Olivia swore she would kill him once she was out. How dare he do this to her. She wasn't one of his toys

"One mistake made" he muttered, reaching for her. His large hand rested on her belly, and Olivia hissed at the warmth. Licking her lips she tried everything she could to keep still.

Pedro moved his hand, she felt cold. The pain continued

"There will be…a punishment" he added and cupped her inner thighs. Olivia hissed, closing her eyes automatically. Her heart thumped repeatedly. She could count the number of pulses. She struggled to keep his hand away. Pedro didn't stop. His eyes fell on her flesh. Exposed and spread for him

"Spread your legs for me, little kitten," he hissed running his stiff tongue up her inner thighs causing Olivia to whimper

"S-stop it" Olivia whispered, hating the humiliation she was suffering. Squeezing her thighs she tried hiding. He ignored her and used force to spread her legs.

Olivia's eyes shot open and met the devil's piercing gaze. What was he going to do with her?

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