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C2 The mayor

The dappled sun shone through the trees, creating mysterious shadows. The blue sky was dotted with fluffy white clouds that drifted lazily in the gentle breeze. The blazing midday sun shone relentlessly on the hikers.

The roads shimmered in the heat of the midday sun. The sunlit skyscrapers pierced the hot, blue sky. The afternoon sun bathed the buildings in its warm light. Specks of dust seemed to dance in the shaft of afternoon sunlight that slanted through the window.

"Congratulations sir...you did well... Everyone loves you"praises came Luciano's way as he addressed the many people who had come to his mansion to give congratulatory wishes for he was now elected as a mayor. After a long time of campaigning, he finally won the election and was elected as the mayor. Of course, he was proud of himself. Of having the power he had always wanted and he knew nothing and no one would get in his way

"Thanks a lot, mayor...we were looking forward to working with you" people came forward and placed beautiful flowers on his desk and Luciano just smiled as he nodded. It was good to hear many people praising him. The love he received was something he wanted since he was young. With his enemies out of the picture, he was finally victorious. All he had to do was forget the girl he once called his love

"Son, how long will you stay like this huh?"Antonia walked into Luciano's office once all the people had gone. She was worried about her son. It had been some months since he did what he promised his father. To make his enemies pay. To eliminate those who caused his family pain

"Mom I'm exhausted...please don't allow anyone in again," Luciano said lazily while getting up from his chair and adjusting his black blazer. Antonia frowned, not sure why her son wasn't celebrating his victory. Not only did he make his late father proud by eliminating the enemies. He was now a mayor. Soon he would run for a minister city and all of Mexico would know the last name, Garcia

"Okay son...but please make time to see Solange...you were supposed to take her out for goodness's sake"Antonia lashed out at her son. He was still feeling guilty and regretful about what happened to that insolent girl who thought the world was hers. Luciano didn't want to hear it or anyone to disturb him

"I'll see her some other day if you don't mind," he said more calmly when massaging his temples. His head was hurting more than anything. He didn't want to talk to anyone

"She's your fianceé...better sober up because your wedding is this weekend"Antonia reminded him of what he had to do. Luciano tilted his head to look at his mother. He was lost in words, not sure what to say to her. Just as Antonia was about to lecture Luciano more. The door to the study room flew open and there was some commotion

"Let me go...where is that murderer!" a young woman's voice rang throughout the room only for Antonia and Luciano and turned around and saw a lady dressed in blue jeans and a small strapless pink shirt. She had curly long hair and she looked furious and crazy as she fought with the security men

"How dare you do it as if you did nothing...you murder...you killed my friend!''Sydney shouted as loud as she could, fighting to get free. Antonia was taken back by the young lady's outburst hence she elegantly made her way towards the door. Her expression held pride as she stood further away from Sydney while Luciano remained by the open window

"Young lady...do you know where you are...down this look like a fish market, "Antonia asked scanning Sydney from head to toe like she was nothing. Sydney wasn't bothered as she shrugged away the two men holding her and walked up to the monsters who killed her friend

"Oh...so this is what you do huh...your good for nothing son killed my friend, "Sydney said as tears rained down her face. Her eyes were swollen from crying. Nothing hurt more than waking up to sad news

"Your friend and her family were killed, yes...but not by my son...the police found their house full of drugs, "Antonia said as she slowly walked around the naive girl before her.

Sydney was rendered speechless knowing for months that news of the well-known latter had been circulating on TV and newspaper of being drug dealers. Ignacio Altamirano was found to be a supplier of drugs.

He dealt with dangerous criminals and his wife ran a secret business where she sold girls. Their daughter was said to sell drugs to her university friends together with the son

"So now you see...those people deceived us...they were nothing but drug dealers...criminals who were supposed to rot in jail but...karma taught them a lesson, "Antonia said with utter ridicule. With disdain as she stopped right in front of Sydney who was shaking her head in denial. It was a lie. Her friend wasn't a criminal and the Altamiranos weren't killed by mafias

"Your son killed her and I'm going to prove everyone wrong... you'll pay for this mark my words"Sydney was not scared as she said with a death glare pointing her index finger at Antonia. Luciano had his eyes away but seeing his clenched hands anyone would know the images would forever haunt him

"Security!"Antonia shouted and soon the two security men rushed in "take this insolent girl out of my property!" she ordered in a threatening voice and the two men grabbed Sydney by the arms.

She screamed and yelled and cursed as they dragged her out and only when the voice faded did Antonia avert her eyes from the door and turn to Luciano.

"She's stupid...Lu don't worry no one will disturb you...I'll make sure dinner is prepared"Antonia smiled and rested her hand on Luciano's shoulders. He didn't react but kept silent. His eyes were cold and aloof with no emotions whatsoever as he watched the beginning of dusk. So blank and mysterious and held too many secrets


As the light drained away there was barely enough even for shadows.

Dusk came sooner than expected, the last of the sun's rays cosseted behind soft gray clouds. The street takes on the look of an old photograph, every familiar thing a shade of gray. Slowly the view faded to blackness and the night began. Whether I liked it or not the darkness came and under it, everything in this forest was hidden.

Even the stars and moon cowered behind a dense layer of cloud, giving the air that tincture I associated with the world before a storm. My ears become sharper and my mind paranoid, every snap of a twig was a predator, even if it was a fawn.

For each aroma, my brain jumps to the most fearsome thing it could be and my body prepares for flight, fright, or freeze. For the most part, I just froze, running would give my position away and I was not much of a fighter.

All I could do was wait while the blackness came and prayed that the dawn was not far behind. I sat on the damp ground, feeling the frigid water seep into my jeans. My heart could beat all it wanted, but this body wouldn't move until daylight broke through the canopy above. With hands resting in the soil and my back to an oak, I remain, waiting, breathing this hell.

"Is she awake…"I could hear the faint voice of a man. It was rather pleasant and inviting not just one but two more male voices and each differed from the other. Nothing felt right. Was I dead, was I in hell?

I couldn't move nor open my eyes which were heavy as if they had been glued together

"She's having a fit...charge"more male voices I could hear. Whatever it was had me feeling like electricity was being run throughout my body. Trembling as if I was submerged in the water.

My lungs were filled with a foreign air, not sure what to do but it felt like death was upon me. The voice faded and soon I could feel my tense body relaxing like the serene waters of the sea.

The ocean waves dragged me towards the shore and before I knew it. I could breathe. Fresh air sipped in my nostrils filling my lungs deflating and inflating

"She's stable...doctor, remove the oxygen cylinder" I heard a deep voice say. It wasn't scary but somewhat serene and confident

"Her fingers twitched...doctor I think she's awake," another one said this time it sounded like a lady. Where was I and who were they... slowly but surely I got hold of myself.

My will to live and everything I had I channeled into my energy. My eyelashes felt heavy however they flickered a few times and I found myself opening my eyes like a newborn infant.

Like a baby opening her eyes for the first time and when I did. I only saw clouds of fog before my eyes and blurry images closer to my face.

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