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C3 New face

"W...where...am...I?"Olivia's hoarse and strained voice echoed throughout the bright room as she tried to adjust to the bright light. Her eyes burned from the lights which were blinding and unforgiving. Raising her hands which felt heavy, she reached for her eyes and rubbed them gently hoping the drowsy feeling would go away. Her head was spinning so much that's for a second she felt we if she had been drinking alcohol for so long and woke up with a deadly hangover

Her entire body ached so much that the feeling of being run over by a bus repeatedly was the only explanation she could agree on when she attempted to push herself up into a sitting position. Her body snapped so much that the sharp pain rung in her ears causing a deafening sound to affect her hearing senses

"Ahh...cough...cough..mom! Dad! Where are you?" she shouted as loud as but her throat cracked causing a sharp pain that had her coughing violently due to the dryness of her throat

"L... Lalo...help…" she called out as her eyes closed shit biting her lower lip as she fought to sit up. The bed was a little narrow with blue sheets covering her entirely. She noticed she was wearing a loose hospital light blue dress

"H…" she couldn't even finish her words when she tried to get up one more time to reach for a bottle of water she spotted on the steel table a little to the left and beside the bed but she had no control over her hands and movements hence lost balance and ended up falling hard on the hard floor, the bottle she grazed her hand on caused a massive accident and everything on the table ended up falling on her making a loud noise

"Ahh," a loud strained cry echoed in the room causing her entire body to shake from the agonizing pain.

"W...where am I?"Olivia muttered as she felt blood oozing out from her arm and her bottom lip which she had bitten hard from trying so hard. When she woke up. She was shocked to find herself in a hospital room. Everyone knew how much hospitals scared her. It was enough when she tried to stand but unfortunately, she couldn't. Her legs felt like jelly. So soft and lifeless. Fear resided in Olivia's heart as she used all her might to yank the cannula jabbed in her veins. The pain of giving her right arm caused her to yank it off forcefully and shoved it away. Blood had splashed everywhere as she tried to get away. The frightening place gazes at her with a feeling of Deja Vu. The machines beeping and the IV bags full of blood and another with water gave her chills as she scanned her surroundings. Where was she

"Ahh" Olivia tried to use all her strength to crawl away however just then the door burst open and three people in doctor attire rushed in

"Miss try to...calm down it's…" a man in a doctor's coat said in a worried rush to help her out. Two more came to her aid but she shrugged them all away. The pain was too much for her. Why couldn't she walk? She couldn't touch anything and why was her body hurting so much

"What...what have you done to me?"Olivia cried out as she struggled to get up from the cold floor. Her body was numb but despite that, she could feel the sharp pain as she tried to get up.

"Please miss it's okay...you are still unwell Kindly…" the so-called doctors tried to keep grabbing her arm but Olivia shrugged them off once again as she rested her hands on the edge of the bed and used all her strength to stand. She was helpless. Her legs were numb. She couldn't feel anything down there and it started her greatly

"Ms you can walk...please let us help you" the doctors kept yelling and attempting to help, unfortunately, Olivia shoved them all away as she crawled with all her might, unfortunately, she stopped upon seeing something. She thought it was all a dream but when she reached for the silver shiny plate which had fallen closer to her

"W...who...who am I...what is this...this is me!" she cried out as she fought to take the silver plate off the floor and brought it closer to her face. It was silver gray when she looked at herself in the mirror. She was stunned to see a completely different person. This particular person had black hair. So dark and not her rich and shiny pure golden hair and her face was completely different from hers

"It's okay...it's still you please miss," the doctor who seemed to be the only one talking to her said as he rested his hand on her shoulder but Olivia shrugged him off

"No...no...what have you done to me...this isn't me...this isn't my face!" she panicked and started throwing everything on the flow around. The bottle of medicine splashed everywhere and so did the plate in her hands. The needles and sealed syringes she scattered everything around. A nurse came forward to grab her arm but she pushed her away

She couldn't stand, she was crippled, and her face was completely different. This wasn't her

"Give her a sedative now...double it" she heard the male doctor desperately giving orders and before she could turn around and flee away from the monsters, keep her here. She wanted her parents, her little brother

"Ahh," a low hiss left her lips when she felt a small sharp pain on her arm and the flow of chilled liquid in her veins. Her vision was getting blurry, her head started spinning and before she could do anything, she collapsed on the floor and lost consciousness. The three doctors and a nurse heaved sighs of relief as they exchanged glances

"Doctor, what should we do?" the nurse asked as they fixed their eyes on the woman before them and then on the doctor in charge. The young man had his brows creased. His expression was blank as he stared at the woman then nodded

"I'll call the boss...clean this up and make sure she's comfortable... Ross... prepare a wheelchair and a set of new clothes" the doctor gave his orders and the others nodded and got to work. He exhaled silently and stormed out of the kitchen as he took his phone from his pockets and called the only man who could help

"Sacha...she's awake," he said over the phone as he walked down the empty corridors up to the elevator and pressed a button. The lady was kept in a private room away from the noise. The entire fourth floor of the hospital was emptied just for her as ordered by the boss

"What are you waiting for...bring the lady to meet...her savior" a stern deep heavy voice in a disembodied tone was heard from the doctor's phone. The male voice was dead and held no emotions. Anyone who heard it would tremble and the doctor was no different as he nodded and cut the call.

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