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C4 Mysterious savior

It was a shame someone saved my life, as much as I was expected to be happy that I was alive. But what good was being alive when my family was no more

After waking up from death, nothing was the same. My face was not the same, how did all this happen. I had nothing to live for and lying on the narrow hospital bed staring at the ceiling wasn't helping. Everything was gone. My identity. My beloved family. My little brother. I didn't want to feel this pain residing in my heart. Tears escaped my eyes without my permission. Recalling what the man I claimed to live did to me made the knot in my chest tighten…The promises he made to me. I listened and like a fool, I believed him

For two years he faked his feelings towards me..it hurt more than anything to know Luciano was only after revenge. He never valued me and everything he ever said to me was a lie

"Okay now let's see." the door suddenly opened and the doctor from earlier walked in I quickly reached for my face and wiped the tears raining down without my permission

"It's a wonderful morning, how are you Olivia? ''the blonde-haired doctor said with a smile. I didn't know who told him my name and I didn't care. Even if he was handsome with a cute baby smile and had gorgeous eyes which shone with delight each time he smiled. He wasn't so well built but refined and noble. The coat outside the brown trousers and white shirt fit his frame well. There was no exhaustion in his face which proved the man just came in to do his duties

"So you won't say anything...don't worry I'm here to discharge you...you seem to be doing well" he added as he reached for my face and pushed a few strands of hair off my face. I didn't care about doing fine because I was not. I couldn't walk, that was a challenge. I had nowhere to go and he was saying he was going to discharge me

"Olivia...I'm happy you are fine..after some much...it's good that you are finally awake" he said as he walked around. I didn't reply or pay attention to him even when he came to check my blood pressure.

"Don't worry someone will come to…" he stated as he finished up with his check including my legs when the door opened again getting my attention as I shifted my eyes to whoever had walked in and it was a woman.

"Hey Carlos...is she ready?" the lady asked as she walked in, closing the door lightly. She didn't even spare me a glance hut just stood by the wall and leaned against it

"Morning to you Ira...you are late, come on grab a wheelchair"the doctor whose name I just learned was Carlos said, arching his brows at the lady. I scanned the pretty large with big brown eyes with extremely long hair in a braid. She was wearing black leather tights stuck to her lower part showing off her wide hips and a leather jacket outside a black shirt and black ankle boots. I found her demeanor quite dark, especially her expression. The way she looked up at the doctor with disdain in her eyes

"So now I'm the babysitter...Carlos, remind me why he's doing this...I didn't sign up for this" the lady said, sounding irritated. I ignored them as they stood in a corner and started talking in whispers

"Why is he doing this huh...I'm not going to be some babysitter okay...I have more important work to do than watch some girl" the lady continued her bickering. She thought she was whispering but I heard her loud and clear. Who was she to say such things

"This is Sacha's orders...or do you want to disobey him? ''the doctor said. I could tell he was restrained to yell angrily who wouldn't get angry when the lady was being so rude. Her attitude was something else. I could tell by the change of her facial expressions that she didn't really like

"Fine but don't expect me to babysit anyone" saying so the lady pushed the doctor aside and came to the bed

"We have to blindfold her…" she said, looking at me in a loathing way

"Why should you blindfold me?"I said for the first time to the lady glared at me angrily, her expression was like she would eat me alive if she could

"Dear whatever your name is...you are about to meet your savior...the boss whom you should respect...not many get such a privilege to even breathe the same air as him," she said with a mocking smirk. I didn't care about how special her body was. He could as well as go to hell for all I cared

"That's enough...cut it out, Ira...Olivia is just recovering" the doctor came forward and said, shooting angry daggers at her. The lady scoffed and stepped aside

"It's okay Olivia...Ira and two men outside will take you to see Sacha...he's the one who rescued you"the doctor said with a comforting smile and rested his hand on my shoulder and I shrugged him off

"Look I have so much...let's just go already"Ira as the doctor called her said as he took a black cloth from the table. So much for being crippled now I had to be looked down on by some bitch girl. I hated girls like her. I didn't know where she was taking me but they blindfolded me with a black cloth. Put me in a wheelchair. I came to loathe wheelchairs more than anything. I wanted to protest unfortunately the doctor said they were taking me to see that man who saved my life

I had so much to ask, how did I survive and why was my face changed and how was it possible. It didn't make sense to me how I would survive falling off a cliff.

"Use the private exit...no one should know"I heard a man say. This one had a different voice not so familiar and in no time I was being driven down what seemed like a passageway. I didn't like this at all.


The so-called ride was a smooth one. Although I had no idea where they were taking me. I was glad to get out of that hospital. It didn't take time when the car stopped. If I could anticipate the time it took for us to get to our destination well I could count thirty minutes. Wherever they brought me to. I just had to meet the man who saved me and get the hell out.

"Get her out...I'll bring the wheelchair"

"Yes ma'am"

It didn't take long when Olivia was put back in the wheelchair and was being driven to who knew where. As much as she was eager to leave the hospital. She wanted to meet the man who saved her. She heard the opening of doors. Curiosity was killing her slowly. Where was she? The smell of the surroundings was quite pleasant, it was something so vibrant and break-taking that she liked it. It was a flowery one mixed with different fragrances, a little bit of dry food, smoldering and smoky which reminded her of sandalwood and cedarwood, some oriental scents of herbs and spices, or dry, powdery, resin notes. Opulent and heady, softened with amber or sweet scents which reminded me of the smell I loved whenever I visited my dad at his office. I always asked him if he loved a little lavender but my dad was more into wood scents. It was like the perfume of a male sensitive and seductive. One could actually taste the delicious scents at the tip of their tongue

"Stay here and don't remove the thing"the lady's voice snapped back to my senses of being lost in recalling the familiar scents. I didn't move or bother to remove the blindfold but I stayed there quietly fiddling with my hands. The place I was in was awfully quiet. Nothing like I loved nor wanted unfortunately I was confined in such a place and all I could do was wait for whatever was about to come my way

"Who?"I jerked back when I felt a pair of hands tug at the blindfold. Fear washed over me as that sandalwood scent intensified even more mixed with a little flowery scent of fresh-cut flowers. It was a lady's scent apparently but I didn't think so

"W...who is there?"I asked and blindly reached for the blindfold. I wasn't sure what was happening but the person's presence gave me chills and as I patted the back of my head, I stopped when I felt a pair of strong hands.

Larger than mine and muscular, fear rushed through me as my heart raced rapidly causing goosebumps to erupt on my skin crawling like a thousand fireflies dancing on my skin

"Relax princess, you are in safe hands" a low deep masculine voice muttered against my ear, his hot breath sending a shiver throughout my body, making my back hair rise just as the blindfold fell off my face.

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