Sabotaging My Walkout Queen/C2 The Start Of Rivalry
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Sabotaging My Walkout Queen/C2 The Start Of Rivalry
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C2 The Start Of Rivalry

David’s P.O.V.

The transferee stopped walking, but she didn’t pay attention to me. Because of that, I immediately went in front of her for us to talk properly.

“I—I would like to ask w-why did you t-transfer?”

I didn’t really know what to ask her. Hmm… I think, there’s nothing wrong with my question. I’m just curious.

She calmly stared at me and took a deep breath before she spoke, “It was my father’s decision.” It was short and I couldn’t sense any emotion on her face. Her voice was cold too. After that, she mindlessly walked away from me as no conversation had happened between us.

I didn’t follow her anymore. In the first place, I didn’t even know the reason why I suddenly rushed to start a conversation with her… and the way she responded to me?

It felt like she doesn’t want to talk, she doesn’t like to get close and she didn’t want to be friends with me. It seemed like she built a wall, all of a sudden.

Really, Dave? To get close and be friends with you, huh? My subconscious would not leave me alone.

But woah! Did I really say those things? I find it stupid! I lopsidedly moved my head.

It was too late for me to realize that my feet already took me to the campus stage at the center of the whole campus where cheer dancers were currently practicing their steps.

I searched for Vanessa but she was not with them. I continued wandering my eyes around until I found her at the corner of the stage chatting with Drew. My eyes suddenly got stuck at them and I didn’t know what to feel after seeing them so close to each other. I couldn’t be wrong because only Vanessa had red hair among the cheer dancers.

Drew was one of the famous varsity players in our school. There was no basketball game that his team could not win, both on and off the campus. He was the captain ball indeed, but he was too weak when it comes to academics. He was egocentric—as if the world would not revolve without him.

I wasn’t the type of guy who got easily jealous, but why does it feel like something seemed so wrong? I invited Vanessa so that we could have lunch together, but she rejected my offer. Now, I would find her having snacks with that Drew? And they were even laughing while talking to each other, huh?

What hurts me most was the fact that I had never seen that kind of laugh that would make Vanessa’s dimples under her eyes appear, whenever she was with me.

Because I could no longer take what my eyes were seeing, I immediately left the place and walked through the course that would lead me to the canteen. Maybe, I was just famished, and food alone could alleviate how I felt at the moment.

You’re just hungry, Dave! Do not be jealous. You are more handsome and better than him!

Before I could reach the canteen, I would first pass by the Music Room along the pathway. Students who were currently signed up in the Music Club were practicing their forte here or should I say, those students who were deliberately awake when the sky showered incredible music talents were always here.

As for me, I didn’t have any talent when it comes to music. I was always out of tune.

I was ready to go beyond the music room when I heard the piano playing inside. After a few seconds, someone started to sing…

I couldn’t remember when did the last time I saw your face

You were always proud of me, afraid of letting me go, but I walked away

If only I cherished the time you were still with me, ooh ooh

She had a soft and captivating voice, but there was a hint of sadness. I didn’t know why I couldn’t keep myself away from the door and just continued to listen.

How I wish that I could turn back the time and hold you in my arms

Only you could take the sorrows and forgive all my mistakes

But there was nothing I could do right now

No matter how much I wanted to hear your voice again

You were already gone, you left me… you left me now…

And you would never be here again even how many times I begged God for you to come back

Her voice became a little bit raspy. Soon after, it seemed like she was already crying… while still trying to keep with the harmony of the music.

Oh, I’m sorry for envying you

For everything that happened to us

And I’ve blamed myself since the day you were gone

She abruptly stopped singing and what I heard next was how she ran out of the exit door. I found myself opening the entrance door of the Music Room, then I immediately headed towards the exit at the opposite side of the room, but I wasn’t able to see whoever owned that voice. I ended up waiting for my breathing to get steady before I left the room.

I guess I was just curious. Her voice was enticing enough to pique my attention, and this is my first time to hear that song. It seems like a self-composed.

I just went straight to the canteen to eat and there, in one of the corners, I saw Helena who was quietly eating her cheeseburger while reading or watching something on her tablet computer—perhaps an e-book version of what she wanted to read or a movie in Netfilms? I wasn’t sure.

I noticed that she seemed to be in tears while her eyes were seriously glued to the screen of her gadget. For that, I frowned.

Was she reading a romance novel or watching a tragic film so seriously, for her to become too emotional?

I was even more surprised when I saw her tears welled in her eyes and eventually ran down her rosy-white cheeks. Because of that, I didn’t think twice, let alone hesitated. I just immediately approached her and offered my handkerchief.

She looked at me like she was wondering at first if she would take my hanky. It took her a few minutes before accepting it. While she was wiping her tears away, I got the opportunity to slightly see her tablet’s screen.

That was when I found out that she was reading about the Theory of Reactance* in Psychology. I sighed, I thought it was about something so serious—like a matter between life and death.

Is that the main reason why she’s crying? If it was… then, she’s weird! The reason seems to be shallow for her to cry like that.

“Thank you,” she said as she handed me back my handkerchief. She was not yet done with her food, but she quickly arranged her belongings, grabbed her knapsack on her right shoulder, and started walking away from me.

“Wait… H-Helena!” I called her name. For the second time, I followed her, and I was able to reach her outside the canteen.

It was a good thing that there were only a few people here even though it was our lunchtime. I had a girlfriend and I didn’t want to hear any gossips related to Helena that would make Vanessa jealous. I was a one-woman man and I didn’t want to hurt my girl.

Helena stopped and faced me, but she instantly raised her right hand to signal and stop me from what I was about to tell her.

“Please, Mr. Rivera… stop! I don’t know about your motives, but I’m pretty sure that what you think of me is a threat to you. Don’t talk to me, okay? Frankly speaking, I don’t want to do anything with you so please leave me alone! Just… just stay away from me. Consider me as your rival from now on!”


Reactance* is a motivational reaction to offers, persons, rules, or regulations that threaten or eliminate specific behavioral freedoms. Reactance occurs when a person feels that someone or something is taking away his or her choices or limiting the range of alternatives.

Reactance can occur when someone is heavily pressured to accept a certain view or attitude. Reactance can cause the person to adopt or strengthen a view or attitude that is contrary to what was intended, and also increases resistance to persuasion. People using reverse psychology are playing on at least an informal awareness of reactance, attempting to influence someone to choose the opposite of what they request.

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