Sacrificed To Her King/C12 Having fun
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Sacrificed To Her King/C12 Having fun
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C12 Having fun


I wake up hours later laying in my bed. I see Roan sitting next to me and he is holding my hand. Immediately the events of the day before come back to me and I start to tremble and cry.

''O Noelle,'' Roan says with a warm voice and he takes me in his arms. He rocks me for a while until I start to calm down.

He takes my face in his hands and says, '' I'm so sorry I was not there on time Noelle, I should have never let you go back alone.''

I look away and ask, ''What happened to the men?''

Roan gets an annoyed look on his face and answers, ''You don't have to worry about them anymore they are dead.'' When I think about them I can still feel them on my body.

''Good'' I say.

Roan puts a kiss on my forehead and says, ''I have some things I need to do but I will come back later to check on you. You should try to get some more rest. I will ask Maya to keep you company in the meantime.''

I still feel very tired so I fall asleep soon after he leaves. The next couple of days Roan visits me as much as he can, we talk about the village and he tells me stories about him and Julias. After 3 days I finally feel like I have some energy again and my magic is slowly coming back. I have thought about the attack a lot and I have decided that I have to be strong. I can't let some nasty bastards get me down.

I had just gotten out of the shower when Roan walks into the room. ''Oh good you are up,'' he says.

He smiles at me, ''I was thinking maybe you would like to do something fun today?''

I definitely would like to get out of my room so I answer, ''Sounds good what do you have in mind?''

His face goes all mysterious when he says, ''It's a surprise but you should wear some comfortable clothes. I will meet you in the garden in 10 minutes.''

I decide to go for dark red pants with a white t-shirt. I put my hair in a long braid and put on my long brown boots. I walk to the garden where Roan is waiting. '

'So where are we going?'' I ask.

He just starts walking and answers, ''You will see.''

We walk to a big building that looks like a barn. Roan stands still at the front door of the building. Just when I want to ask him what it is, one head sticks out of one of the windows. It's the head of a big sea horse.

''O wow are we going to pet the sea horses?'' I ask excitedly.

Roan laughs, ''We are gonna do much more than just pet them. I am gonna teach you how to ride.''

from the moment I saw a seahorse I have wanted to learn how to ride them so I couldn't be happier. We walk into the stables where there are about 20 sea horses.

''You can pick anyone you like,'' Roan says.

I walk past a few of them but my eye gets caught by a big elegant dark blue sea horse. Her skin is shiny and she has aqua blue manes. On her head, there is a big moonstone between her eyes.

''I want to ride that one,'' I say.

Roan walks towards the mare and says, ''Good choice this is Eowyn, she is the daughter of our best mare. She is fast and stubborn but she will go through fire for you if she decides that she likes you.''

I stroke her beautiful head and say to her, ''I think we will get along just fine beauty.''

Eowyn seems to like being called a beauty cause she snorts happily. Roan walks towards a big green male sea horse with purple manes and green emeralds across his tail.

''This is my sea horse Oberyn,'' he says.

Oberyn whinnies when he sees Roan and immediately begs for hugs.

Roan smiles, ''He is a big softie but I guess we pick animals that remind us of our self.'' Then he winks at me.

The thought of Roan comparing himself with the cuddly sea horse covered in emeralds makes me chuckle. We brush the sea horses and saddle them up. Roan tells me the basics but as soon as I mount Eowyn I feel comfortable. Everything feels natural likes she knows what I want the minute I think of it.

We head out to the open sea and I ask Roan if he wants to do a little race.

''Are you sure? You don't want to take it easy first?'' he asks.

I look at him and answer, ''Taking it easy is for losers, let's race to the big rock there.''

And before he can protest I give Eowyn a little nudge against her belly and we shoot away. Eowyn wants to win as much as I do because she gallops as hard as she can. I can hear Roan closing in on us so with my mind I tell her to go even faster. She puts her tail in it even more as we rush towards the rock. Needless to say, we won.

The adrenaline is still rushing through my body so I say to Roan with a big smile, ''That was awesome.''

He laughs, ''You are something, Noelle.''

We go slow after that to let the sea horses rest. ''Roan?'' I say.

''Yes?'' he asks.

I hesitate a bit when I ask, ''What happened to the chosen girls before me?''

Roan's face becomes burdened, ''I can't tell you yet, believe me, I would if I could.''

I look at him a bit doubtful and ask, ''Are they dead?''

He answers, ''No they are not dead and they are also not suffering. That's all I can say.''

I decided that if they are not dead then that's good enough information for now.

''Alright want to have a rematch?'' I ask.

I am waiting for him to answer when he and Oberyn are already galloping away.

''Hey not fair,'' I laugh.

After the ride, we give Eowyn and Oberyn some seaweeds and Roan asks me if I want to go have a look at the young sea horses.

''I would love to,'' I say.

The young sea horses are standing at some big rocks at the end of the pasture. We walk there and I love watching the young seahorses play. It's a group of 10 sea horses.

All of the sudden one of the big rocks crumbles and big pieces fall on the ground with a loud boom. The young seahorses get scared and run towards us in total panic.

''NOELLE WATCH OUT,'' Roan shouts.

He jumps towards me and pushes me against a stone wall, his body shielding me. The sea horses gallop past us almost hitting Roan.

My heart is beating in my chest. Roan's body is pressed against mine. I slowly look up and see that he is staring at me as well. We look into each other's eyes and my heart is beating so loud I swear he must hear it.

''You are so beautiful,'' he says softly.

I gasp a bit of air because I feel so much tension. Then Roan lowers his face and kisses me. I only feel his soft lips on mine. I lean into him and put my arms around his neck. He puts his hands around my waist and pulls me closer.

I open my mouth a little and let his tongue explore my mouth. The kiss starts soft but becomes more heated quickly. I put one hand in his hair and grabbed it to pull him even closer. One of his hands goes over my belly under my shirt. Wherever he touches me I get goosebumps.

He pulls back a bit gasping and asks, '' Is this okay Noelle?''

I know he is referring to the attack but honestly, I don't give a shit right now.

''Please don't stop,'' I whimper.

He squeezes me against the wall and his lips find mine quickly again. Our tongues are tasting each other and his hand disappears under my shirt. His hand starts exploring my boob and massaging it. I can't help letting a little moan slip out. The moan must have encouraged him because he starts circling my nipple with his finger. Heat starts to build between my legs when he is kissing and touching me like that. I can feel by his hardness that he is just as aroused as I am. I wrap my legs around his waist and he puts his hands to my butt to support me. I can now feel his dick pressing between my legs. His kisses go from my mouth to my neck and he keeps going lower. When he is almost at my boobs he suddenly puts me down and steps away.

Panting he says, ''We should stop now.''

I am breathing very heavily but I guess he is right so I say, ''Okay''.

When I cooled down I smile at him, ''Thank you for today I had a great time.''

He smiles back at me and gives me a light kiss on my lips.

''Me too,'' he says and then takes my hand. We walk back to the castle hand in hand with the sun going down in the background.

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