Sacrificed To Her King/C13 Getting closer
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Sacrificed To Her King/C13 Getting closer
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C13 Getting closer


It feels like Roan and I have gotten much closer since our day with the sea horses. We spend as much time with each other as possible. We also have picked up the magic practice again now that my power has come back.

We just got back from today's session where I learned to make waves. When we walk into the living room. At the moment that we hear voices, Roan pulls me behind a curtain. He starts kissing me and I have to giggle because it feels like we are doing something bad.

Julias walks into the room so Roan puts his hand over my mouth to shut me up. I take his finger and put it in my mouth and suck it while I look Roan in the eyes. His breathing becomes heavy quickly and he stares at my mouth. The moment gets ruined because we hear Julias say, ''WRAAH''.

I peek from behind the curtain and see Julias stand in front of a mirror. He is getting in all kinds of bodybuilder positions while making beastly sounds. He says, ''YOU ARE THE MAN, YOU ARE A LOVE MACHINE.''

He then blows himself a kiss and walks away. I can't hold my laugh anymore and I burst out in laughter. Roan is bowing forward because he is laughing so hard. I hold on to Roan while we laugh for what seems to be quite a while.

''My god I don't know what to say when I see him with dinner," I say.

Roan leans to me and snickers, ''We should just drop little hints and see when he figures it out.''

I smile, ''Yeah that sounds fun, better get ready by the way it's gonna be dinner in 30 minutes.''

Roan looks at the clock and says, ''Ow yeah shit, I see you at dinner then.''

I go to my room to get ready but I don't feel like dressing up today. I just pick a purple beachy dress and put my hair in a ponytail. I'm done in 10 minutes so I decide to go look for Roan so we can walk to the dinner together. When I walk into the room I don't see anyone but I can hear the shower going.

I walk to the bathroom because I expect there to be a shower screen but it is an open shower. Roan is standing with his back towards me and I can take a good look at his behind. He is soaping in his wide, strong back and then moves to his round ass cheeks. He then turns around and looks surprised when he sees me.

When he notices the way I am looking at him his eyes get a hungry look. I keep standing in the door opening while he slowly soaps in his abs and then goes lower to his manhood. He is stroking it while locking eyes with me. I can't decide where to look at his intense eyes or down there. Seeing him pleasure himself certainly makes me horny and I wonder how it would taste in my mouth.

I decide I want to find out and walk towards him. I go sit on my knees in front of him and take it in my hands. I start going up and down with one hand while licking it at the same time. I put it in my mouth and start sucking while I keep looking at his face. He takes my ponytail and pulls it hard. With his hand, he roughly guides the pace. He goes deeper and faster which makes me moan. When he hears me moan he immediately comes inside my mouth.

''Ohh, Noelle,'' he groans.

When I stand up Roan kisses me, ''That was amazing."

I smile and say, ''I liked it too.''

My clothes got all wet so I quickly put something else on. Roan and I walk to the dining room after that. Julias is already sitting there, he pulls up an eyebrow when we come in and says, ''Well you guys are late.''

I give him a radiant smile and answer, ''We can't all be the man can we?''

Julias looks at me strangely but says nothing. We start eating and Julias asks Roan what new invention he is working on. Roan is quiet for a moment and then says, ''Well I was thinking about a love machine but I guess we already have one of those.''

He winks at me and I can't hold my laugh anymore. Julias turns red and shouts, ''That's why you guys are acting so weird, I was just giving myself some compliments because someone has to. I already thought you guys did something naughty and you forgot to act normal.''

He looks at me and now it's my time to turn red. I stick out my tongue to him and change the subject. We talk and play games for the rest of the evening. That night I sleep peacefully.

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