Sacrificed To Her King/C16 Difficult decisions
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Sacrificed To Her King/C16 Difficult decisions
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C16 Difficult decisions


Roan takes a deep sigh after Noelle just stormed out of his office. That conversation definitely didn't go the way he wanted it to go. Somewhere he had hoped that she would be okay with doing the ceremony with him.

It wouldn't have been the most romantic way but still, it was an honor to be picked. If only that damn attack didn't happen. His blood begins to boil again by just thinking about it. Hella is really pushing her boundaries, but then again what can he do against someone so powerful as her. And it certainly would not do his people any good.

He feels so frustrated because he was making such great progress with Noelle. She was actually starting to like him and if he has sex with someone else it would be a huge setback for them.

Maybe even something they wouldn't be able to recover from. On the other hand, he cannot disappoint his people. How can they trust him if he doesn't follow the traditions and sets the example?

Hours later he still sits in his study but he is no closer to a solution. Then Julias walks in, ''There you are, everyone is looking for you. You need to be there to help prepare for tomorrow you know.''

Julias stops talking when he sees the look of despair on Roan's face.

''What's wrong Roan?''

Roan gets up and says, ''It's the ceremony. Noelle doesn't want to perform it with me but she is also pissed if I perform it with someone else. I don't know what to do. If I don't do the ceremony it will look bad to the people and if I do it I might ruin everything with Noelle.''

Julias walks to the chair and sits down to think, ''How about you let someone else do the ceremony. And you say that you want to give the honor to someone else every year to open the celebration. But only a man worthy of the values of the sea realm can do it.''

Roan lights up a bit, ''That doesn't sound like such a bad plan, told like that the people might accept it.''

He puts his hand to his chin and says, ''Mmm but only how do I find someone worthy in just a day?''

Then he looks at Julias. Julias waves his hand, ''Ow hell no, I see what your thinking but sure you can find someone else. You know how I feel about the ceremony I think it's barbaric.''

Roan's face gets an annoyed look because he and Julias have had discussions about the ceremony before.

''Well, I can't think of anyone else fit for the job right now,'' he says.

Julias sighs, ''No Roan looking is one thing but being the one doing it is so much worse.''

Roan gets a cold look on his face, ''Need I remind you that before I am your friend I am therefore your king. I have never asked you for a favor before and I have risked the life of myself and my people to save you. So I think you can make a little sacrifice. And that is an order.''

Julias stands up with a hurt look on his face and walks away. He stands still at the door and says, ''Okay, just know that I will be forever grateful that you saved me but if things were reversed I would never make you do this.''

Julias walks away leaving Roan alone with his thoughts. Roan throws his chair to the other side of the room in anger.

''Nothing can go right today,'' he thinks.

He decides it's best for today to be over so he goes to bed with a sleeping pill.

The next day he is busy with preparing so he doesn't see Julias until right before the ceremony. He walks to him and says, ''Hej, you know I am sorry about how I behaved yesterday. I hope we can put it behind us.''

Julias looks at him emotionless, ''Let's just get this over with.''

Roan feels a bit of pain in his heart when his best friend talks to him like that. They have never been mad at each other longer than 5 minutes.

He holds Julias a pill and says, ''This is to help you perform.''

Julias doesn't even look at him when he takes the pill and then goes to sit further away from him. Roan hears the horn so after one last look at Julias he walks to the stage.

He notices Noelle immediately, it is impossible not to notice her when she looks like a greek goddess.

My god why did Maya let her go out in a dress like that is the first thing that comes to his mind. He sees all the men look at her cleavage which makes him feel jealous and protective.

He gets angry because he feels like she is his and only he should see that gorgeous body. He has a hard time looking away from the dress that leaves not much to the imagination.

But he has to speak to his people so he walks to the middle and doesn't look at Noelle while he speaks. When he is done he walks away quickly because he has a surprise planned for Noelle. He just has to make some last-minute things ready.

When he comes back he sees that Julias just finished the ceremony. Noelle is standing up to leave but then notices that the crowd went to have ceremonies of their own.

He can see that she feels more uncomfortable by the minute and he also sees men walking towards her trying to claim her. Which certainly can not happen, so with his magic, he shifts himself to be behind her. When the men see him standing close to Noelle they get a scared look on their faces and back off. He puts his hand on Noelle's shoulder and his heart jumps a bit when she looks happy and relieved to see him. That makes the fight with Julias more than worth it.

''Come on I need to show you something,'' he says.

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