Sacrificed To Her King/C17 Midsummer part 2
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Sacrificed To Her King/C17 Midsummer part 2
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C17 Midsummer part 2


I walk hand in hand with Roan out of the gardens. He then stops and says, ''I have a surprise for you so I want you to put this blindfold on.''

He walks behind me and puts the blindfold over my eyes. The only thing I see is darkness and I feel his hands strike over my shoulders to my waist. His touch makes a shiver go through my body. He then takes my hand again and pulls me forward. We walk for what seems to be about 10 minutes when he holds still.

When I open my eyes we are standing in a cave which walls are filled with lighting crystals in blue, purple, and green. It almost looks like a galaxy. On the floor, there are lots and lots of candles. It's the most romantic place I have ever seen.

I suck in my breath and say, ''O Roan It's beautiful.''

I look at him happily and a bit emotional.

''I am glad you like it, I wanted to show you how much you mean to me,'' he says.

''Why didn't you perform the ceremony?'' I ask.

Roan takes both my hands in his hands and looks me in the eyes.

''I couldn't stand the thought of doing it with someone else than you, all I can think of is you. I don't want to hurt you and it would also not be fair for another woman if I would think of you while performing the ceremony with her,'' he answers.

He strokes a hair out of my face and says, '' All I want is you, Noelle.''

My stomach flutters when I hear him say that and I was just about to kiss him when suddenly music begins to play. It's not very close by but we can still hear it. Roan holds out his hand and asks, ''Would you like to dance?''

I take his hand and lean into his embrace. I have my hand on his shoulder and he has his hand on my waist. We are dancing for a while when a romantic song starts. Roan is looking too much at me to focus on the dancing so he steps on my dress. We both fall to the ground, him almost crushing me while we land on the floor.

I burst out laughing but when I open my eyes Roan looks at me intensely while supporting himself on his hands hanging over me. My mouth stays a bit open while I stare back at him. I can feel the tension building and I can see his gaze is full of lust. He looks at my mouth and I put a hand behind his head to pull him towards me.

I kiss him while rubbing through his thick blond hair. I open my mouth to let his tongue in and taste him.

He tastes like wine. I am very aware of his muscular body on top of me and let my hands go under his shirt to his strong back. I take his top and pull it over his head. His hands start at my leg and stroke up to my inner thigh.

He squeezes my leg before letting his hand go higher to my waist. He starts kissing my neck and unties my halter top. He pulls the fabric to the side so that my boobs are free. He pulls himself up for a minute to look at them. His breathing goes very fast while he stares at my boobs hungry.

He then lowers himself down and massages one of my boobs whilst sucking my other nipple. I moan from pleasure and want more. Fire starts to build down under so I lift my hips asking for him to take me.

He looks at me and asks, ''Are you sure Noelle?''

I whimper, ''Yes.''

He takes off his pants and starts kissing my leg all the way up to my panty. When his mouth is there I hollow my back to get closer. He takes my panty in his mouth and drags it off my leg. Then he lowers himself over me again and I open my legs for him. He puts a finger inside me and growls, 'Mmm good you are wet.''

He stations himself between my legs and I can feel him nudging at my opening. I put my hips up in anticipation and Roan slowly starts to move. At first, it doesn't go in but then he pushes a little bit harder and I gasp for breath as I feel a bit of pain from the sudden thrust.

He starts to move his hips slowly while kissing me again. Our tongues are circling each other while I get used to the feeling. I want to feel him more and deeper so I bite his lip. Roan just growls while starting to move faster. He thrusts a bit deeper with every movement. My hips move with his while he puts his hands on my butt. As soon as he does that he can put more power into his thrusts. My boobs bounce with every thrust and I start to moan from pleasure. He moves one hand next to my head to support himself so that he can suck my boob while fucking me. He goes faster and I can feel the pressure building in my underbelly. Then he goes deep inside me with one hard thrust. I can feel him all the way to my underbelly while he comes inside of me. A purple light erupts from us the moment he does.

We are both panting while he gets out of me and lays next to me. We lay there silent for a while until he ask me, '' You want to go lay outside the cave? We can look at the purple light erupting it is quite a sight.''

I look at him and say, '' yeah that sounds nice.''

We walk outside and he puts a blanket on the ground. He lays down and opens his arms. I lay in his chest while looking at the sky of the air bubble. Every minute or so a purple light erupts from somewhere and it is just like watching fireworks. I take a deep sigh and think to myself that I have never felt so happy.

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