Sacrificed To Her King/C18 Unwanted visit
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Sacrificed To Her King/C18 Unwanted visit
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C18 Unwanted visit


I wake up in Roan's arms the next day. He is still fast asleep his chest going up and down calmly. I kiss him softly and he grunts, ''Mmm come here you.''

He grabs my leg and puts it over his belly. His hand squeezes my butt while his other hand pulls my head closer to him. He kisses me with lazy slow strokes and his hand travels from my butt to the inside of my legs.

I pull away from him and say, ''No Roan I am still a bit sore from yesterday, sorry.''

He caresses my face and says, ''Okay no problem I can wait.''

Then he plants a kiss on my nose.

''You want to get some breakfast?'' He asks.

I jump up and say, ''Yes sounds good.''

I honestly don't think I have ever said no to food. We walk back to the castle and just want to go to the dining room when a servant comes running.

''My king a letter has arrived,'' he pants while he hands over an envelope to Roan.

Roan stands still and opens the letter, I can see his face get furious while reading it.

''What's wrong?'' I ask him.

He tears the envelope and answers, ''It's a letter from Hella, saying that her assassin is coming for an inspection. She doesn't say when or why.''

I look at him, ''O, do you have any idea why you are getting an inspection and who is the assassin?''

Roan stares into nothing, ''Every once in a while we get these inspections to see if we still live by Hella's rules,'' he continues, ''The assassin is king Gabriel from the sky realm. He is extremely powerful, deadly, and cruel. Many of my people have died by his hands.''

During breakfast, Roan eats almost nothing. Julias joins us at some point but hardly speaks either. He seems to be battling demons of his own. The only conversation that happened between Roan and Julias was about the assassin coming.

Julias made a short snorting sound when Roan told him, ''Hmpf of course, like this week, could not get any worse.''

The rest of the day I keep close to Roan because I think he needs a friend right now. He stays tense the whole day but after dinner finally relaxes a bit. Probably because he thinks it is too late now for a visit from the assassin.

We put on the fireplace in the living room and I sit on the couch reading a book. Roan has his legs laying over me and Julias sits on the chair next to me. We are all enjoying a calm peaceful evening when we start to hear a loud rumbling like thunder.

Roan's eyes become wide with fear and he jumps up. I have no idea what is happening.

''Julias get Noelle out of here,'' he shouts.

Julias grabs my hand and pulls me to the door but it's already too late. The ceiling seems to break open and with a clap of thunder and a big lightning flash a tall man stands in the middle of the room. I gasp because it is the handsome man from the stables!

He must be just as tall as Roan but somehow he looks bigger. Power just radiates off him. Julias and Roan are looking at him with fear and disgust at the same time.

The man looks around and his eyes linger on me for a second. With a loud deep voice, he prompts, ''Is this how you give welcome to the right hand off your ruler. Now kneel.''

Roan looks at him angrily and does not move. The man roars, ''Kneel I said!''

When he speaks this time the whole room goes dark while lightning crackles at his hands. Roan slowly bows until he is kneeling, next to me Julias is doing the same.

I just watch the man with amazement, I have never seen such power before. He looks at me not amused by my neglect of his authority. Before I know it I am blown against the wall by some magic shield I cannot wield.

The man slowly walks to me with his piercing blue eyes lighting up from power.

''Leave her alone Gabriel,'' Roan squeals.

When Gabriel ignores him he starts running towards me. Gabriel just flicks his hand and lightning strikes Roan so fast that he floats across the room. He lands on the ground and stays there.

Gabriel stands in front of me now and looks at me. I can't look back at those ice-blue eyes that seem to pierce through my soul.

''Seems like you need to be taught some manners,'' he says.

''Go to hell,'' I snap while I spit at his face.

He chuckles, ''Fiesty little thing, aren't you? Just the way I like them. But you know they all break in the end.''

He grabs me by the waist and puts his face to my ear.

''I told you to stay away from bad men didn't I?'' he whispers.

Then he lets me go and walks back to the middle. I feel dizzy from feeling his power so close and can still smell his scent.

''Let's not waste my time Roan and show me the realm.''

He walks to the door calmly and commands Roan to come with a flick of his hand like a dog. I can see Roan is crushing his teeth from holding his anger.

''Take Noelle to her room,'' Roan says to Julias.

Gabriel keeps walking while he commands, ''No no Noelle is joining us for the tour. She can entertain me while you are being boring like always.''

I walk towards them and Gabriel points in front of him, ''You can walk there Noelle I like to have a nice view.''

When we walk out of the room I wonder if it's even possible for this tour to not end terribly wrong.

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