Sacrificed To Her King/C19 Unpleasant tour
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Sacrificed To Her King/C19 Unpleasant tour
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C19 Unpleasant tour


While we walk out of the castle I hear Roan ask, ''Why on earth are we gonna do a tour at night?''

''Because the night is the time for people to do things they are not allowed to do,'' Gabriel answers.

We walk towards the houses and it's mostly darkness and silence for the first streets we walkthrough. But then we see a light in the distance and hear faint music. I turn around and see a smirk on Gabriel's face, ''Ah finally something interesting to go check out.''

He walks past me in the direction of the sound. Roan looks worried and hurries after him. When we get closer it seems to be a group of young people dancing, making music, and practicing magic. They don't notice us at first but when they see Gabriel approach with his aura of darkness everything becomes silent.

The little magical sea creatures they were making disappear and all the kids drop to the floor kneeling. I hold my breath scared of what is about to happen. Gabriel looks over them coldly. His voice echoes through the streets, ''I am sure you are aware that practicing magic is forbidden outside the under realm.''

He looks at the 3 kids who we saw practicing magic, ''You will be punished accordingly, I will take you with me to the under realm to let Hella decide your punishment.''

The kids look at him with fear and one girl starts to cry.

''Come on Gabriel it's just kids and it was just little tricks,'' Roan says.

Gabriel doesn't even look at him ''Silence,'' he just shouts to Roan.

When I look at the crying kids I get so angry that I can't think straight anymore. I walk in front of them and take a stance. I put my hands to the sides commanding water to stand still next to me.

''You are not taking these kids.''

Gabriel looks at me amused, ''And who is gonna stop me? You with your little water magic or the amazing king of the sea?''

I snort, ''You disgust me, Roan might not be as powerful as you but he is twice the man you are.''

Gabriel's eyes turn dark, ''Ow really have you asked your knight in shining armor how many villages he has flooded or what happens to the women that get sacrificed?''

I look at Roan wondering what Gabriel is talking about.

Gabriel smiles, ''Yeah I didn't think so.''

Roan looks at me, ''Don't listen to him Noelle he is a manipulator.''

Gabriel rolls his eyes, ''This is boring me, Noelle you want to save these kids?''

I feel a bit of hope emerging, ''Yes!'' I answer.

Gabriel smirks, ''You would do anything I want?''

Roan groans, ''No Noelle don't.''

I look back at the kids full of fear behind me and say, ''Yes anything.''

Gabriel looks pleased and sits on a chair, ''Good then dance for me.''

He yells at the band, ''Music now.''

He cannot be serious is the first thing that comes to mind but apparently, he is.

''What kind of dance?'' I ask.

Gabriel looks at me from head to toe, ''Make it worth my while.''

The band starts to play a Latin salsa song. I walk in front of Gabriel and slowly start to move my hips from left to right, I then turn around so he can look at my butt while I shake it faster and faster with the beat of the music. I face him again and run my hands over my body while looking him in the eyes and still moving my hips from left to right. His normally icy gaze becomes fascinated like it's only me and him on the street.

I walk to him and open his legs with my hands while I keep dancing. I then turn around and make my butt go in rounds against his crotch. I keep grinding against him while taking his hands and putting them on my boobs and then slowly taking them lower over my sides. I can feel him getting aroused against my butt and his hands feel surprisingly warm and soft. Then the music stops and I walk away. When I look at him again he looks emotionless and unmoved.

''You got what you wanted now let the kids go,'' I say coldly.

Gabriel stands up, ''Unfortunately, I have more important things to attend to, Roan it was a pleasure like always. I will send Hella your regards.''

He ignores the kids and walks to me, ''Until we meet again Noelle.''

He looks into my eyes with his piercing blue eyes and disappears with a bolt of lightning. I look around and all the kids are staring at me. Then the girl that was crying runs to me and hugs me

''Thank you so much,'' she says.

The other kids join and I feel relieved that they are alright.

''Go home now and be more careful next time,'' Roan says to them.

They all quickly run away to their homes. Then It's just me and Roan. He takes my hands in his hands, ''Thank you for saving them Noelle although I have to admit I hate seeing him touch you.''

I pull my hand away, ''What did he mean with that you flooded villages? and what about the women you don't want to talk about?''

Roan sighs, ''I promise I will tell you tomorrow but not right now in the middle of the street at night. Let's get to the castle, sleep, and then tomorrow we can talk about it.''

''Okay, I guess that's fair,'' I say.

When we walk into the castle Julias is waiting for us. He wraps his arms around Roan and they walk in front of me into the living room.

''Tell me what did that turd want?'' Julias asks.

I decide to leave them to it because they finally seem to get along again. I better let them have some alone time to make up. I walk to my room and I thought I would fall asleep from exhaustion immediately but the events of today keep rolling in my mind. I wonder what Roan has done to make an assassin talk so badly about him. When I finally fall asleep the last thing on my mind are a pair of icy blue eyes.

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