Sacrificed To Her King/C3 The arrival of the king
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Sacrificed To Her King/C3 The arrival of the king
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C3 The arrival of the king


“THE KING HAS ARRIVED!” the guards shout.

The sea is parting in 2 separate ways as if it needs to make place for something majestic.

Slowly a mighty figure is walking towards the shore. I can’t take my eyes of the man rising from the sea.

He must be at least two meters long and more importantly, he’s completely naked. I have never seen a man naked before but if they all look like this I can't complain.

I study his body first from his long muscular legs to his impressive abs and wide shoulders.

I quickly take a glance at his manhood and think to myself that it looks enormous compared to the pictures I have seen in books.

His face is much different than I expected. He has golden blond hair with green eyes and a strong jawline.

No one told me the King of the sea was this handsome. Which makes me wonder if anyone still would mind being sacrificed now.

I take a break from looking at the King to see how the other women react but to my surprise, they are still all staring at the ground.

When I look forward again the king is standing in front of me. He was so far away last time I looked so I have no idea how the heck he got here this fast.

I have to look up to be able to see his face. His green eyes look at me coldly and he says,

“Turn around for me.” I hold my ground and won’t move. I am not some piece of meat to be examined. And a hello first would have been nice. Who the hell does he think he is?

The King gets an annoyed look on his face and then makes his hand into a fist.

I immediately feel my lungs fill with water and I can't breathe. The King looks at me with no emotion when he says,

“You will not disobey me. If I say you must turn around, you turn around without hesitation. If is ask you a question then, you will address me as your King. Am I clear?” I feel my head get all fuzzy but then he unclenches his fist.

I gasp for air and say, “Yes my King.”

I decided then and there that I hate this dominant guy. Then I turn around as some prize pony.

When I am facing the King again. He asks, “What's your name?”

“My name is Noelle Pupillo my King,” I answer.

“Mmm,” The King grunts with a deep voice.

I can't help getting aroused by that deep manly voice even though I don't want to.

I hope he didn't notice my nipples getting hard. But I am afraid he did because I swear I saw a hint of an amused smile for a second.

“Hold out your hand,” he commands.

I do what he says and he takes my small hand in his big hand. His hands are surprisingly soft for such a big brute.

The moment our hands touch a light between them begins to shine. The light glows around us like a big bright star. People around me gasp, so I assume this hasn't happened before.

The King looks at me with a look that I can't understand.

“At last I have found you,” he says.

Before I know it he has picked me up in his arms, as if I am as light as a feather. He walks towards the sea with me in his arms.

Behind us the two walls of the ocean crash into each other. I look back and see the face of the angel lady Luna for the last time.

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