Sacrificed To Her King/C4 The yearly sacrifice
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Sacrificed To Her King/C4 The yearly sacrifice
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C4 The yearly sacrifice


''It is time king Roan,'' Julias says.

King Roan looks at his best friend and takes a deep sigh. He wishes he could just stay here with Julias.

He hates this dreadful day that he has to endure every year. He hates having to pick a woman even though they are not the one he is looking for.

All these deaths haunt him every time he closed his eyes. But he has to keep looking for the sake of his people. It has been 3000 years and they are beginning to lose hope.

Roan has no reason to think this year will be any different. He did what he thought was best at the time. He did not know he would curse his people instead of protecting them.

He stands up from his throne and asks Julias, ''Is the room ready?''

Julias answers, ''Yes my king, the special section is prepared and Maya is waiting.''

''Okay," The King says. "let's get this over with then.''

He starts to swim to the surface and with a sweep of his hand his fishtail changes to muscular legs. He then puts his hands upwards and to the side. The sea splits open to make a place for him.

He walks up the shore to the hundreds of women waiting for him. He expects to be bored again like every year by lines of beautiful but submissive women. They are all the same.

When he comes closer his eyes immediately go to the right end of the line. There stands the most beautiful woman he has ever seen. A curvy body just how he likes it and hair that is shimmering red when the sun shines on it.

With green eyes full of fire she is studying him. She doesn't look scared or shy like the others. He immediately feels the need to look closer at this lovely creature.

''Maybe this won't be such a boring year after all," he thinks to himself.

When she looks away from the other women, he lets a wave put him quickly in front of the beautiful woman. She slowly looks up at him like she is examining him. He looks into her fiery green eyes and feels a little tickle in his stomach.

It has been a long time since someone looked at him without fear. He must keep up his reputation as a brute though.

So he just says to her, ''Turn around.''

Like she is his possession to look at. The woman looks at him with disgust and doesn't move. He must admit he likes her feisty attitude but he cannot let anyone know that.

He doesn't want to risk some mortal spy reporting to Hella that he has gone soft. He must show the people that he is in control and to be feared.

So he uses his water magic to take her breath away.

He says, '' You will not disobey me, if I say you must turn around you turn around without hesitation. If is ask you a question then you will address me as your king. Am I clear?"

He stops his magic and the woman gasps, ''Yes my king.''

Her eyes don't seem submissive at all though, he can already see her plotting for revenge. She then reluctantly turns in a circle so he can look at her body. He likes what he sees.

Her long legs end in a perky round butt. He would have loved to slap her butt at that moment. He looks further up to her small waist and perky round tits. She looks like he could just pick her up and have her against a wall without a problem.

He feels that his dick starts to get a bit too interested so he quickly distracts himself from her body. He asks her what her name is instead. ''My name is Noelle Pupillo,'' she says. Which means he has no idea what bloodline she is from.

He likes the sound of her name though, so he can't help but grunt an approving, ''Mmm.''

To his surprise, her body reacts to his voice. He quickly hides his amused smile, he cannot deny that he likes the fact that she finds him attractive.

He then tells her to hold out her hand. The moment he takes her small hand in his, a light starts to shine. He can feel her magic flowing through her veins and he can feel there is a lot of it.

After all these years he has finally found the lost heir of the witches. Salvation for him and his people.

''At last, I have found you,'' he says excitedly.

He does his best to try and hide his excitement. He wants to take her home as soon as possible. So he takes her in his arms and carries her to the sea.

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