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Roan walks toward the sea with Noelle in his arms. She feels so soft and tiny laying against him. His mind is going crazy though. He can't believe he found her, it seems surreal after 3000 years.

He is so busy in his mind that he doesn't notice that they have already arrived at the tower where Noelle will be staying. He puts her in front of the door and decides to leave immediately, he needs to set his mind right.

He is so lost in thought that he doesn't even hear Noelle screaming at him. He goes for a long swim to clear his mind and after that, he is so tired that he immediately falls asleep.

He wakes up the next day when it is already 3 o'clock. He still has no idea what to do about Noelle being the lost heir of the witches. Maybe it will be good to talk to Julias he thinks. Just when he is thinking about him Julias walks into his room.

''Talking about the devil, I was just gonna come looking for you,'' Roan says.

Julias looks at him with a concerned face and asks, ''How did it go yesterday?''

Roan scrapes his throat,'' Well unexpected turn of events I seem to have found the lost heir after all.''

Julias looks at him surprised, "Are you shitting me? If so why didn't you come to find me, man?''

Roan sighs, ''I was just overwhelmed and needed to clear my head but I just passed out instead.''

''What about the woman? How is she?'', Julias asks.

Roan's face lights up a bit when he says, ''She is like fire from the inside and outside, she was not scared off me for a moment. Also, she is the most gorgeous woman I have ever seen.''

Julias looks at him amused, ''I have never seen you talk about a woman like this before. But then everything sounds great. Why aren't you happier?''

Roan sighs and says, ''How is she ever gonna fall in love with someone like me. She must think I'm some asshole that likes kidnapping women. I mean my reputation doesn't work in my favor does it? Besides that, I have acted like a jerk towards her so far.''

Julias reassures him, ''If she is as feisty as you say then I am sure that she wants to make up her mind. Everyone here loves you and you have a lot to offer. Just show her the Roan we know and you will be fine. Invite her to dinner tonight, be a gentleman.''

Roan nods, ''I guess you are right, send Maya to give her the invitation will ya? I need to go change now. See you later and thanks for the talk.''

Julias hugs him and walks out of the door.

Roan puts on 5 different sets of clothes but nothing is to his liking.

''I'm behaving like a woman,'' he thinks.

He settles for black pants and a purple blouse. By the time he is ready to go, he has sweaty hands and his heart is beating in his chest. He arrives at the dinner table first and decides to sit down while he is waiting.

He hears footsteps approaching and looks up to Noelle coming in. He wants to stand up so fast that he throws his plate on the floor. When he looks at Noelle his mouth falls open. With nice clothes on she is even more beautiful than yesterday.

She is wearing a green silk dress that fits her like a glove. It leaves nothing to the imagination. He can only stare at her wide feminine hips and big perky tits. He is getting hard by just looking at her. It's good that he can't see her butt because that would make him go even crazier.

He looks up to her beautiful round face with her big green eyes. She lifts an eyebrow to let him know that she knows what he is thinking. He quickly looks away and walks around the table to hold out her chair. He decides he should be grateful she wants to eat with him at all so he says,

''Thank you for joining me.''

She looks at him a bit surprised when he does so. Just when they are about to eat Julias storms in.

The charmer kisses Noelle's hand and says, "You must be Noelle, my name is Julias."

He continues, "Well I must say that you are as beautiful as Roan described you."

Roan can't believe that Julias said that and drops his fork in shock. He grunts, "Julias please behave for once in your life."

Julias looks at the mess on the floor and replies, "Interesting words coming from a man that behaves like a pig."

Roan laughs and to his surprise, Noelle is also laughing. He likes the sound of her laugh it makes his heart jump. Everyone seems more comfortable and they talk for a while. He enjoys seeing Noelle become a bit less tense.

He decides that now would be a good moment to ask her to spend some time with him.

"Noelle would you give me the pleasure of giving you a tour through the city tomorrow?" he asks.

She answers, "No thank you maybe another time, I wanted to ask Julias if he wants to show me the water gardens tomorrow. Would you Julias?"

Julias looks at him guilty when he accepts the offer.

Roan can't help but feel jealous but ''I guess I am getting what I deserve,'' he thinks.

Noelle stands up, ''I am gonna go get some sleep now. Good night Julias and good night my king." she says mockingly while doing a curtesy.

Then she walks away swaying her hips and giving him a good view of her behind.

''My god she is a handful but damn what I would give to squeeze that nice round ass of her,'' he thinks.

His mind already went to picturing him fucking her from behind, so he jumps up when Julias put his hand on his shoulder. He already forgot that Julias was there.

''I like her but I think you have your work cut out for ya. I will put in a good word for you tomorrow maybe that will help.''

He gives him a clap on his shoulder and leaves. Roan sits at the table a while longer. Lost in thought about that impossible but extraordinary woman that is living with him now.

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