Sacrificed To Her King/C9 Picking up pieces
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Sacrificed To Her King/C9 Picking up pieces
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C9 Picking up pieces


Julias and I wait for hours for Roan to come back. It's already midnight when finally we hear the door. Roan walks in all bloody and with a sad and tired look on his face.

''You are bleeding,'' I say shocked.

He grunts, ''It's nothing I just need to get some sleep and then go back to the village.''

I walk towards him and examine the cuts on his arms and chest,

''We need to at least clean your wounds to make sure you don't get an infection. Come on let's get you on a couch so I can help you.''

Roan walks to the couch and sits down. I tell Julias to get some bandages and alcohol.

''You need to take off your clothes so I can examine all the wounds. Here let me help you,'' I command.

I take off his shirt and pants until he is only wearing underwear. If the circumstances were different I would have gotten shy from such a beautiful body exposed.

Julias comes back with the supplies and I start cleaning Roan's wounds.

Julias sits next to Roan and asks,

''What happened Roan?''

Roan sighs and says,

''A merman came to the castle saying that the western village is under attack. I went there as fast as I could but I was already too late. It was a demon attack, they already burned a few buildings when I got there. I killed the demons but still, 5 people died.''

A tear rolls down his cheek when he is talking about it. Julias puts his hand on Roan's shoulder and says,

''It's not your fault. Hella's demons never come to the sea realm. Do you have any idea what's going on?''

Roan looks at him with an angry look in his eyes when he growls,

''No I don't but I will sure as hell find out.''

In the meantime, I finished taking care of his wounds.

''So you are all good to go, you just need to rest now,'' I say.

Roan looks at me gratefully,

''Thank you so much, I have no idea why you are being so kind to me when I have been such an asshole.''

I stand up and say,

''I would never stand by when someone needs help.''

For some reason those words make him flinch although I don't know why. Roan and I keep staring at each other for a little while.

Then Julias coughs to get the attention,

''There is something else Roan. Today we discovered that Noelle can do water magic. Not just some simple magic but really powerful magic. You need to train her as soon as possible before she hurts someone."

Roan doesn't look surprised at all,

''Mmm you are right training is important. I have to go to the western village to help the people recover though. Maybe we can train late in the evening when I come back?'' he asks.

I reply, ''Or I could just come with you to the village to help so that you are done sooner?''

He stands up and says,

''That's an even better idea. Make sure you are ready by 5.30 sharp. I better go get some sleep now. Good night.''

I decide I better also go to bed so I hug Julias and go to my room.


Roan is trying to sleep but images of people getting burnt alive keep coming to his conscience. He is twisting and turning when he hears a voice coming from his mirror,

''Roan dearest come to talk.''

When roan walks to the mirror he sees Hella her face. She must be using it as a portal through magic. He looks at her angry and says,

'' What the hell are your demons doing on my borders.''

Hella looks at him amused and answers,

''Just a little reminder dear. I heard you finally found the last heir of the witches. Just wanted to make sure you didn't forget about me and our little deal of course.''

Roan grunts,

''Of course, how could I ever forget what haunts me every day. But people died today, you had no right.''

Hella gets a bit displeased and snarls,

''Watch your tone don't forget your place. I can do much worse than today's attack and you know that. About those people who died for the greater good, there is nothing more honourable. I'm afraid I have to go now but I'll be watching you.''

The only thing Roan sees in the mirror now is himself. His image makes him feel disgusted. He has so much anger in him, he throws with his furniture, rips his clothing, and pulls his bed to pieces. When he is done thrashing the room he sits in a corner rolled up like a caterpillar and cries. Needless to say that he did not sleep the rest of the night.

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