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Sitting cross-legged, Chen Yu cut off a small piece of Red Blood Ginseng and slowly chewed it. After that, he started to operate the Profound Heaven Spell and entered into a state of cultivation.

A strong wave of heat rose from his lower abdomen. Under the guidance of the surging blood and Qi, the flow of the heat quickly spread to his limbs and bones. Under the guidance of the Profound Heaven Spell, it fused into the true energy circulating in his meridians.

At this moment, Chen Yu felt the strength of his zhenqi increasing by a level. The originally small stream became a gurgling stream, and under Chen Yu's intentional guidance, it expanded its circulation and formed a new cycle.

Fourth level of the Qi Condensation. Chen Yu, who was originally at the peak of the third level of the Qi Condensation, borrowed the medicinal effects of this small section of Scarlet Blood Ginseng to directly break through the fourth level of the Qi Condensation.

However, Chen Yu did not feel much. His body's tempering degree was way too advanced, and breaking through a level of Qi Condensation did not make much of a difference to his overall strength.

Chen Yu continued to refine the medicinal effect of the red ginseng and continued to cultivate.

Because Chen Yu's physique was already very strong and he cultivated the Blood Fire Tyrant Body Refinement Technique, he was not unable to refine the medicinal strength of the Blood Ginseng. After three cycles of the Profound Heaven Spell, this segment of Blood Ginseng's medicinal strength was completely converted into an increasing amount of true energy.

Chen Yu stopped his cultivation and continued to cut off a small piece of Red Blood Ginseng before swallowing it.

At daybreak, when Chen Yu cut off the eighth section of the Blood Ginseng and swallowed it, Chen Yu started to train. True energy gushed through his meridians like a torrent, and his muscles and bones started to move like thunder.

Fifth level of the Qi Condensation!

However, in Chen Yu's opinion, it was not worth being surprised. His current foundation was too solid, all the meridians in his body were already connected, but because his zhenqi was insufficient to completely integrate them into the circulation, his cultivation level could not be raised.

Relying on the medicinal effect of the Scarlet Blood Ginseng, breaking through to the fifth level of Qi Condensation could be said to be an easy task.

After stretching his limbs, Chen Yu looked at the remaining half of the Scarlet Blood Ginseng. Inwardly, he thought that even if he added thirty High Rank Essence Cultivating Pill, he would probably only be able to break through the sixth level of Qi Condensation.

The drawback of having a strong physical body was clearly shown by Chen Yu: the higher the level of body refinement, the more true energy the body could contain at the same level, and the more heaven and earth origin energy it needed to absorb to break through to the Qi Cultivating Stage.

If he had enough resources, it wouldn't be surprising for him to reach Ninth Layer of Qi Condensation in a short period of time. Furthermore, if he didn't have enough resources, the speed at which he broke through to the next realm might not even be faster than a normal martial artist, because the amount of Essence he needed to break through to the same realm was already several times more than a normal martial artist!

Of course, there were very few people who could match Chen Yu's strength in the same realm. Killing an opponent one or two levels higher was not difficult at all.

"If I were to break through the sixth level of the Qi Condensation, I would have the strength to fight against Ninth Layer of Qi Condensation, but I still don't have the confidence to do so!"

"As a result, with my increased strength, it will be difficult to change the situation." There are too many Heavenly Astral Stage experts, and facing Su Family s, you still have to rely on your father! "

Chen Yu no longer had the mood to continue cultivating. After washing up, he brought along two Demon Crystal and pushed open the door.

The moment Chen Yu walked out of his small courtyard, he saw Chen Lee walking over with a gloomy expression.

"Brother Li, what's wrong?" Seeing Chen Lee's expression, Chen Yu couldn't help but feel nervous. Could it be that the Su Family was coming over so quickly?

"Ye Xingyan is here, he's in the main hall in the front yard!" Chen Lee said.

"Ye Xingyan?" Chen Yu's previously relaxed expression froze.

Ye Xingyan had just come to the Chen Family yesterday with Soong Jilian, and now he was at the house again. Chen Yu couldn't think of anything else except that it was for the marriage between the two families. And in a situation where the Chen Family was facing a huge crisis, in which Ye Wanrong had left the fifth surname castle and gone to the Minglan City with Su Xu, the purpose of Ye Xingyan's visit was not hard to guess!

Chen Lee nodded and didn't say anything else.

Chen Yu felt his heart tremble. Then, he took a deep breath and said with a tone so calm that even he himself was surprised, "Then I'll go and meet him!"

Chen Lee looked at Chen Yu and sighed.

Chen Wenfaang's face was calm, without a hint of anger. However, Chen Yu, who knew his father well, knew that Chen Wenfaang was like a suppressed volcano that could erupt at any time!

Ye Xingyan didn't have many people. Other than him, there was a middle-aged woman in her forties and a slightly fat old man in his sixties. The middle-aged woman was Ye Xingyan's wife, Wu Xiangling, with a cultivation base at the seventh level of Qi Condensation. As for the old man, he was Ye Junhe, Ye Xingyan's uncle, an expert in Ninth Layer of Qi Condensation!

Chen Yu was very familiar with these three people. Previously, he and Ye Wanrong had interacted with these three people a lot. At that time, they treated Chen Yu quite well and had a friendly attitude, it was the kind of relationship that made them more satisfied the more they looked at their son-in-law.

However, the three of them didn't have the kind attitude that they did to Chen Yu before. All they had was indifference.

"Chen Yu is here!" Seeing his son coming over, Chen Wenfaang waved his hand and said, "There's no need to bow. Some people can't bear your salute. Come sit beside me!"

Hearing Chen Wenfaang's words, Ye Xingyan revealed an awkward expression. He nodded towards Chen Yu, but Ye Junhe and Wu Xiangling were expressionless, as if they didn't see Chen Wenfaang's arrival and also didn't hear Chen Wenfaang's mocking words.

Chen Yu took a deep breath, walked to Chen Wenfaang and sat down.

"Ye Xingyan, if you have something to say, then speak frankly. There's no need to hide it anymore!" Chen Wenfaang said coldly.

"Cough." Ye Xingyan's expression turned awkward as he turned to look at Wu Xiangling.

Wu Xiangling spoke coldly, "Since Chief Chen has said so, then let's get straight to the point. We are here to break the engagement between our families! "

Chen Yu had already mentally prepared himself, but when Wu Xiangling said it so directly, he felt his heart tremble.

"You should all be clear of the situation of your Chen Family. A great calamity has already arrived, so there is no reason for you all to drag my Wanrong to accompany you in death. "So, why don't each of our families return the marriage contract and treat it as if our families have never been engaged before? What does Boss Chen think?"

"Humph!" Chen Wenfaang said coldly: "It's my family's fault that you want to break off the engagement. Are we the one who is going to drag you guys into death with us? Did you forget who first proposed the marriage? Chen Yu risked his life to save your family's Ye Wanrong at Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, but he had just barely managed to return from danger, and your family had already come to cancel the marriage? Return the marriage contract? "You speak quite lightly. Do you think that I, Chen Wenfaang, am easy to bully?"

"Brother Chen, you and I have been friends for many years, how can it be that I, Ye, want to break the engagement? But since the situation is like this, I, Ye, will not think for my own daughter, but for hundreds of my own people! " Ye Xingyan said.

"Why make excuses? Do I not know who you, Ye Xingyan, are? " Chen Wenfaang said in an indifferent tone.

Ye Xingyan was ashamed by Chen Wenfaang's words and was speechless.

"Hmph. Chen Wenfaang, you are already a person on the verge of death. Don't you see the situation clearly?" Wu Xiangling glared at Ye Xingyan in dissatisfaction, snorted coldly, and said, "If your Chen Family returns the marriage certificate, when your Chen Family dies, we, the Ye Family, will even be able to collect your Chen Family's corpse!"

"How dare you!" Chen Wenfaang flew into a rage and threw out a palm attack.

A powerful aura burst forth. A dense amount of true energy surged out from Chen Wenfaang's palm, turning into a giant palm and headed towards Wu Xiangling. In a split-second, the air in the hall was completely sucked out, and a tremendous power filled the entire hall.

"Pop pop!" Ye Xingyan and Ye Junhe hurriedly stood up, flustered and flustered as they each threw out a palm attack. Only by joining forces did they manage to block Chen Wenfaang's palm attack.

Along with the rapid explosion of Zhen Qi, the Ye family's uncle and nephew both took a step back with horrified expressions.

Yesterday, they had already experienced Chen Wenfaang's half-step Heavenly Dipper strength. However, after personally meeting him, they realized how wise it was for them to not act against Chen Wenfaang.

As for Chen Wenfaang, he was still sitting upright on his chair with a cold gaze: "I don't need you to remind me about my Chen Family's situation. Before Su Family's people rush over from the Minglan City, Wu Xiangling, it's easy for me to kill a stupid woman like you!"

Under Chen Wenfaangqiang's domineering pressure, Wu Xiangling shivered for a moment. Her expression turned deathly pale, and her arrogance immediately vanished.

"Brother Chen, why do you have to lower yourself to this woman? This is indeed my Ye family's fault, but it also comes out of helplessness." Brother Chen is also the clan's lord. He should know the difficulties of becoming the clan's lord! " Ye Xingyan sighed and said.

"Yu, this is your problem. You can decide for yourself!" Chen Wenfaang glanced at Ye Xingyan coldly, then turned to Chen Yu and said: "Regardless of whether or not you agree to cancel the engagement, our Chen Family will not suffer any injustice. I will stand on your side, you make your own decision!"

Chen Yu slowly stood up, but his expression had already become extremely calm.

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