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Saint Sovereign of Nine Heavens/C5 Blood Flame Tyrant Art
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C5 Blood Flame Tyrant Art

"I'm finally out!"

Three days later, Chen Yu looked at the land at the edge of the swamp and let out a long sigh of relief.

Chen Yu had been starving for three days without eating or drinking.

Chen Yu immediately started searching for food after jumping onto the land.

"Crash!" A rank Black Rock Python drilled its way out of the bush.

"Come at me!" Chen Yu laughed out loud. With a flash of his body, he used his nimble movement technique to move past the Black Rock Python's huge mouth.

High-grade Martial Arts, Lightning Claw.

The black python's bones were shattered and it was weakened powerlessly. Chen Yu, who used to be at the fourth level of Qi Condensation had to put in a lot of effort to deal with this kind of level two Demonic Beast.

Chen Yu grabbed the python's body and threw it to his mouth, drinking all of its blood in one gulp. Then, he used the Black Scale Fox s to cut open the python's body and put its meat into his mouth.

It was like drinking blood, but Chen Yu didn't feel uncomfortable at all. Instead, he enjoyed it a lot.

Once a martial artist reached the realm above Deity Entering Stage, they could live without drinking for many years, but Chen Yu was only at the third level of Qi Condensation now, which was far from being able to do so.

In these three days, by virtue of Chen Yu's amazing talent after reconstructing his body, it was natural for him to break through to the third level of Qi Condensation.

After eating his fill, Chen Yu revealed a satisfied expression. After resting for a while, he found some leaves to cover his body. He then continued his journey and prepared to return to the fifth family castle as soon as possible.

This made it impossible for Chen Yu to determine if Ye Wanrong, Su Xu, and the others had already returned to the Fifth surname castle. If they had, it would definitely bring them quite a big shock, and perhaps the family would send someone to search for their whereabouts.

Su Xu, that idiot, was after all, the grandson of the Su Family's second elder.

As for Ye Wanrong, Chen Yu couldn't help but pinch her when he thought of her teary face.

"I hope they have already returned to the castle!" Chen Yu muttered to himself before continuing on his way.

Relying on his regular experience of entering Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, Chen Yu easily hunted a few low level Demonic Beast as food, avoiding the powerful Vicious Beast in advance.

When it was sunset, Chen Yu was about to find a place to spend the night when he suddenly heard a sharp beast roar.

"Motherf * cker!" That voice was too familiar to Chen Yu. It was the voice of the Black Scale Fox. Chen Yu would probably never forget that voice for the rest of his life.

"I tried my best to avoid the Vicious Beast's territory, but I never thought that I would still bump into it!" Chen Yu, who was hiding in a tree, had a bitter look on his face.

As someone who grew up outside of Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, Chen Yu had a clear understanding of the dangers of Divine Meteorite Mountain Range. Even though he reconstituted his body and had a strong physical body, he didn't dare to believe that he was a match for the Black Scale Fox.

As he shrunk, he hoped that he wouldn't be so unlucky as to be discovered by the Black Scale Fox again. Chen Yu waited for the Black Scale Fox's voice to fade away.

However, things did not go as he wished. The Black Scale Fox roared again and again.

After listening for a while, Chen Yu suddenly revealed a surprised expression and sat up from the tree.

"This beast's scream is angry and shrill, did it encounter some other top tier Vicious Beast?"

Within the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, there weren't many Vicious Beast that were qualified to compete with Black Scale Fox. According to Chen Yu's knowledge, there were only a few. Was there such a coincidence?


While he was thinking, a faint, intense sound of breaking trees could be heard.

Chen Yu could not sit still any longer. His expression changed a few times before he slid down from the tree. He searched around and found a few stinky grasses that were rubbing milk onto his body.

Stinky grass, as the name implied, this type of grass carried a type of stench, able to cover up the smell on one's body and avoid the Demonic Beast's sensitive sense of smell.

After getting ready, he carried the Bone Lance and the bone club on his back that were tied up with vines and quietly headed in the direction of the Black Scale Fox's howl.

The sound was not far, but it was still not close. After cautiously walking for an hour, the Black Scale Fox's voice became more and more angry and shrill, with a hint of pain in it.

Finally, in a forest, Chen Yu saw the Black Scale Fox's hill-sized body.

In the dusky night, a huge python rolled and entangled itself with the Black Scale Fox, a wave of cold air continuously emanated. Chen Yu noticed that a layer of white frost had already formed on the ground and on the surrounding trees where the Black Scale Fox and giant python fought.

"A Rank Eight Ice Soul Python?" Chen Yu was shocked. This kind of Vicious Beast was a tier higher than the Black Scale Fox, and was similarly the strongest existence within the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range.

Under the dim light of the night, the two powerful Vicious Beast were entangled together and rolling around. The trees were destroyed and the cold air surged. Chen Yu, who was far enough away, couldn't help but shiver.

The thick smell of blood spread in the air.

Chen Yu hid behind a tree and waited patiently. He could tell that the two powerful Vicious Beast were at the end of their teammates and their movements and speed were a bit stiff and slow. It probably wouldn't be long before the outcome would be decided.

"Even if both of us were to suffer, I still cannot casually get close. I will first use the long-ranged Bone Lance attacks, and then slowly wear out my energy!"

"The level of these two Vicious Beast are high enough. If I can kill them both, I can use their blood to cultivate the Blood Flame Tyrant Spell!"

The materials required for the Blood Flame Tyrant Spell were extremely harsh. Ordinary Demonic Beast's blood could not meet the requirements, and had to possess a trace of an ancient bloodline's difference. On this point, both the Black Scale Fox and the Ice Soul Cold Python could be considered to have met this condition.

Chen Yu had still underestimated the endurance of the two top-grade Vicious Beast. He had to wait for two hours before the movements of the two Vicious Beast completely weakened.

The Black Scale Fox no longer roared.

"Are they all dead?" Because it was already late in the night, Chen Yu didn't see the situation clearly and could only guess.

After five minutes, there were indeed no more movements. Chen Yu slowly approached.

The closer they got to the center of the battle, the more pressing the chill became. Even with Chen Yu's current physique, he could not help but shiver. As for the place where the two Vicious Beast were fighting, it was already a mess. Countless trees had fallen down, and the ground was full of potholes.

The two Vicious Beast s still maintained their entangled posture, like a small mountain. Looking carefully, it was the enormous python's body that had been smashed into two pieces, yet it was still tightly entangled by the Black Scale Fox.

As for the Black Scale Fox s, their scales were peeling everywhere as a thick layer of ice hung on their bodies. However, to Chen Yu's surprise, its body was still heaving and breathing.

"He didn't die?" Chen Yu immediately stopped and revealed a fearful expression.

"It looks like the Black Scale Fox won, but the cold energy of the Ice Soul Cold Python invaded its body, causing great harm to it!" After waiting for a while, other than heavy breathing, there was no other sound. Chen Yu gradually came to his senses and was overjoyed.

This result was simply too good!

"Animal, I told you to kill me!" Chen Yu grinned, he took off the Bone Lance on his back, and after taking a stance, he rushed forward three meters. The Bone Lance left his hands and flew straight towards the Black Scale Fox's huge body.

With the massive body of the Black Scale Fox, even if it wanted to miss, it was impossible to use the spear. After reconstructing the body, it would use more than 3000 jin of its power on the spear.

"Bang!" The Bone Lance nailed itself onto the Black Scale Fox's body and pierced a few scales into the flesh.

"Howl …" The Black Scale Fox let out an angry roar, and suddenly moved, as though it was about to turn and pounce, but just as it moved, the cold energy activated, and it only turned its body over, falling back onto the ground.

"Ha ha!" Now he was sure that the Black Scale Fox was really in an extremely weak state, unable to move. Chen Yu laughed loudly, unceremoniously took out the second Bone Lance and threw it over.

He threw the third and fourth, and fifth one after that, all of them were nailed to the Black Scale Fox's body.

"Roar!" The Black Scale Fox roared in pain, and tried to get up to pounce, but to no avail. It was not only weak, the cold energy released by the Ice Soul Cold Python before it died had frozen its blood and Qi.

"You beast, you have such a day!" Chen Yu no longer had any scruples. Holding the bone club, he walked over proudly with a smile.

The Black Scale Fox's crimson eyes were filled with rage and hatred.

"Alright, since I don't want to talk to you anymore, I'll send you back to the West!" Chen Yu grabbed the bone club and knocked it towards the five Bone Lance that were nailed to the Black Scale Fox's body. Only after the extremely hard bone stick broke into a section did the five Bone Lance's all enter the Black Scale Fox's body.

The Black Scale Fox's body violently trembled, its heavy and hurried breathing weakened, and the luster in its pair of scarlet eyes slowly dimmed.

Taking advantage of the Black Scale Fox's blood not drying out, Chen Yu sat down cross-legged and recited the Blood Flame Tyrant Spell technique.

With the circulation of the cultivation technique, Chen Yu felt his heart beating faster and the blood in his body accelerated. He felt like his whole body was on fire. Then, he put his hands together and formed a seal.

Chen Yu had a mysterious feeling to him.

After that, the contract changed and all kinds of complex hand seals were constantly made. Chen Yu's body suddenly shook slightly as his skin exposed under the night sky strangely swelled up and all of his pores opened up.

Wisps of blood energy seeped out from his pores, expanding outwards.

Chen Yu frowned.

The hand seal changed again, and the thumping sound of his heart became as heavy as a drum. The speed of blood fog seeping out of his pores suddenly accelerated, and the blood fog condensed but did not dissipate, enveloping Chen Yu like a giant Blood Cocoon.

"Gather!" Chen Yu felt that all the blood in his body had been drained. He was extremely weak and his forehead was covered in sweat.

The more powerful the cultivation technique, the more difficult it was to practice it. Chen Yu had deeply understood this principle on his first try.

Following the shout, the Blood Cocoon suddenly surged and separated from Chen Yu's body, taking the form of a human and pounced towards the dead Black Scale Fox.

Chen Yu was completely focused and his eyes turned red.

The humanoid Blood Cocoon landed on the Black Scale Fox's corpse, and immediately, blood spurted out from the five wounds on the Black Scale Fox's body. Like a fountain, the blood sprayed towards the humanoid Blood Cocoon, and after it spurted onto it, it immediately merged into the Blood Cocoon.

The Blood Cocoon became heavier and sunk.

Chen Yu acted as if he was facing a powerful enemy, and his hand techniques started changing again as the Blood Cocoon started to spin quickly like a whirlpool.

"Hua la" about a minute later, the humanoid Blood Cocoon suddenly exploded, and a large pool of blood fell to the ground.

The human-shaped Blood Cocoon had become much lighter. At this time, he could see that in the middle of the Blood Cocoon, there was the faint shadow of a blood mist transforming into a Black Scale Fox.

Chen Yu could not hold on any longer. With both hands forming a seal, the human-shaped Blood Cocoon flew up and landed on his body, turning into a bloody mist.

Chen Yu's pores opened and closed, and the Blood Cocoon turned into thousands of blood mist and slowly drilled into his skin.

After ten minutes, all the blood mist returned to his body. Chen Yu let out a long breath and kept wiping off his sweat.

"This Blood Flame Tyrant Spell uses strong blood as its material, swallowing up bloodline essence, cultivating is truly not easy! My body has been remodelled by the Blood Flame Nirvana Art from the soul of the Monarch. I really don't know how Bloodfire Emperor started the first step of his cultivation! "

After a short rest, Chen Yu started reciting the Blood Flame Tyrant Spell's inner vision method to check his own Qi and blood.

Suddenly, he heard his own blood make a sound like tidewater. As his blood surged, it gave off the feeling that it was flowing like a river, and within it, the shadow of a Black Scale Fox appeared.

Blood surged like the tide. This was the first realm of the Blood Flame Tyrant Spell!

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