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C7 Attacked

"Brother Feng, Brother Li, how are you guys?" Chen Yu quickly got up, dodged two arrows and hid behind a tree.

"I'm fine, Chen Feng, what about you?"

"His shoulder was shot through, but it's fine!"

Only then did Chen Yu feel reassured. He had completely lost control of his mind and relaxed his guard. Otherwise, he wouldn't have been ambushed so easily.

"Where did this reckless fool come from? How dare he set his eyes on us?!" Chen Lee cursed and hid behind a tree. Only Chen Feng was not able to get up due to the inconvenience of his actions. However, he also threw his longbow and replaced it with a short knife.

Chen Yu slightly stuck his head out and saw five figures rushing over from the forest. One of them was in his forties with a rough face and a tall body. A layer of cyan colored zhen qi lingered around him like a bright cyan flame, giving people a strong feeling.

The aura of the other four middle-aged men was not weak either. Two of the middle-aged men also had true energy floating around their bodies.

"Seventh stage of the Qi Condensation!"

The seventh level of the Qi Condensation Stage was a hurdle, after reaching this realm, true energy could be released, causing a strong aura to form with a wave of one's hand, suppressing the enemy in all aspects.

"It's team Eagle Feathers, Huo Ying!" Chen Lee exclaimed, "Damn it, why would they attack us?"

Hawk feather team? Chen Yu's heart sank when he heard that.

The Fifth surname castle was the trump card of the family with five surnames, but other than the power of the family with five surnames, there were also some foreign warriors who used the stronghold with the Fifth surname castle as a base to enter Divine Meteorite Mountain Range to hunt and gather herbs. These warriors would usually form small teams, and the Eagle Feather squad was the best amongst the Fighter Team.

The relationship between the Fighter Team and the family of five was rather complicated. They both maintained their independence, and were often employed by the family of five, and accepted the trust of the family of five. Sometimes, when they discovered something in the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, but lacked sufficient strength, they would work closely with a family of five, and afterwards distribute the harvest!

As the famed Fighter Team of the Five Element Stronghold, it was impossible for the practitioners of the Eagle Feather Squad to not recognize Chen Lee and Chen Feng of the Chen Family's younger generation. However, they did not even bother to greet them and immediately launched their attacks.

"Huo Ying, you dare to attack our Chen Family? "Don't you want to stay in the fifth surname castle?" Chen Lee shouted.

Hearing Chen Lee's shout, Huo Ying did not hesitate at all. Instead, he increased his speed. The other warriors of the Eagle Feathers Sect also did not move, revealing their murderous intent.

"Ah Yu, be careful. Pay attention to the cold arrows. Retreat immediately and we'll cover you!" Chen Lee had an ice-cold expression as he shouted in a low voice.

Chen Yu did not respond. Instead, he quickly calculated the speed of the five people who were charging over.

"There aren't many members in team Eagle Feathers. There are eight regular members, five of them charged over, and three of them acted as archers." One of the remaining three people is at the seventh level of Qi Condensation while the other two is at the sixth level. I have to face off against two people and end the battle in support of them with the fastest speed possible. "

After Chen Yu heard the sound of something tearing through the air, he grabbed three Bone Lance and rushed out of the tree. He stood still and locked his gaze on the person on the far right who was slightly behind him.

The Bone Lance flew out of his hand and released a loud scream, shooting towards the warrior like a bolt of lightning.

The moment the Bone Lance attacked, Chen Yu immediately shifted his gaze to his second target.

With the exposure of his body, three arrows flew towards Chen Yu.

Chen Yu didn't care at all. The second Bone Lance flew out of his hand.

"Ah!" A blood-curdling scream came out. The warrior who was the furthest to the right jumped to the side, but he was still a step too slow. The Bone Lance, on the other hand, easily penetrated through his chest.

Chen Yu's physical body, who had advanced into the first stage of the Blood Flame Tyrant Spell, already possessed strength of close to four thousand kilograms, which had long surpassed the limits of a Qi Condensation Stage practitioner. The speed at which the Bone Lance was thrown by such a powerful force was simply too fast, surpassing the person's reaction speed.

Three arrows appeared right in front of Chen Yu.

"Ah Yu, be careful!" Chen Lee and Chen Feng turned pale with fright.

In order to throw the Bone Lance out, Chen Yu had lost the chance to dodge, but at this time, his body strangely twisted. One arrow was not accurate enough, so it flew past his neck, and the other two nailed him to the ground.

"Ah!" At the same time, another miserable cry sounded out. Another martial practitioner from the Eagle Feather squad who was rushing over at high speed was also sent flying upside down by the Bone Lance and nailed to a tree.

"Wang Zhong!"

"Meng Hu!"

The remaining three martial artists were shocked. They didn't think that two people would be broken in a single move.

"Kill! Leave no one alive!" Huo Ying, who was in the middle, was furious. He pounced towards Chen Yu, while the other two experts of the seventh stage pounced towards Chen Lee and Chen Feng.

Chen Lee and Chen Feng did not care about being exposed to the arrows and also rushed towards Chen Yu.

However, Huo Ying's speed was even faster. He was like a falcon soaring through the sky as he rapidly pounced towards the place where Chen Yu had fallen.

Looking down at Chen Yu, who seemed to be struggling to get up, Huo Ying's expression was cold. He slashed down with the saber in his hand without holding back at all. Obviously, Chen Yu was his main target!

On the blade, a white blade qi shot out three feet!

"Die!" Right at that moment, Chen Yu suddenly moved. With a Bone Lance in his hand, he thrusted it forward.

Two arrows were nailed to Chen Yu's chest and abdomen. The arrows were still quivering, but Chen Yu did not show any signs of being seriously injured. He was still as lively as a dragon and a tiger.

Ding! The Bone Lance's spear tip hit the edge of the blade and the blade aura exploded, leaving countless fine wounds on Chen Yu's face. Chen Yu didn't even blink, and the spear tip only paused for a moment before continuing to stab forward.

The sword edge was pushed away by the Bone Lance and slashed towards Chen Yu's left shoulder. However, Chen Yu moved his body along with the thrust of the spear and dodged the vital parts.

Huo Ying paled. He did not expect Chen Yu's attack to be so precise and so powerful. Chen Yu was much stronger than Huo Ying and was so ruthless. Chen Yu was about to fight to the death in a single exchange.

However, Huo Ying, who was already at his limit, could no longer retreat or dodge. He could only use all of his Zhen Qi to speed up the momentum of the blade.

"Ah!" With a miserable cry, the Bone Lance made from the ribs of the Black Scale Fox easily penetrated Huo Ying's defenses, piercing through his defenses.

When Huo Ying's blade landed on Chen Yu's shoulder blade, Chen Yu's muscles and bones suddenly contracted. The blade actually locked onto the blade edge, causing the blade to be unable to cut through Chen Yu's shoulder blade, and got stuck on his shoulder blade.

The Bone Lance shook and sent Huo Ying's body flying. Chen Yu quickly rushed to Chen Feng's right side.

Chen Feng was barely holding on. There was a wound left on his body by the saber Qi; he was on the verge of collapse.

Chen Yu let out a cold snort. Using the Bone Lance in his hand like a sword, he drew an afterimage as he stabbed forward.

The sword was like starlight, it only remained a little, and it was exceptionally sharp. This sword art, when Bloodfire Emperor was young, relied on his strength to suppress countless geniuses in Profound Heaven Sect, he had already practiced it to the Great Perfection Stage.

Although the current Chen Yu could not unleash 30% of the power of this sword technique, the speed at which it was happening was so fast that ordinary experts at the seventh level of Qi Condensation could not block it.

The warrior had noticed Chen Yu's actions when Huo Ying died. His expression changed drastically and he wanted to force Chen Feng away, but Chen Feng had also noticed Chen Yu's actions. He didn't dare to believe that Chen Yu was doing his best to stall the warrior at the same time.

The warrior could no longer retreat and had no choice but to reach out his hand to grab Chen Yu's Bone Lance. However, before his hand touched the spear, the spear tip had already pierced through his throat.

In the blink of an eye, Chen Yu had killed two people in a row. He threw away his spear and rushed towards Chen Lee. At the same time, he took out the long sword on his left shoulder. As the long saber was removed, blood immediately dyed Chen Yu's left shoulder. A sharp pain struck him, but Chen Yu didn't even bat an eyelid.

Firstly, his body was extremely strong, and solely based on the strength of his physical body, he was not one bit inferior to Heavenly Astral Stage experts who did not have the protection of the astral energy. Secondly, his willpower was extremely strong to begin with.

With a single slash in hand, Chen Yu could only feel that he was wielding a weapon, as if he could kill any powerful enemy.

Chen Yu's most proficient weapon was still his blade. Bloodfire Emperor was proficient with swords and sabers, and although the Bone Lance from before was extremely hard in texture, it made Chen Yu feel that it was difficult to use it.

Swoosh! An arrow flew over. Wu Tie casually waved his hand and sent the arrow flying. It was already not far from Chen Lee.

However, in a short period of time, his companions had all died. This seventh stage Qi Condensation warrior was already in a mess and wanted to give up on Chen Lee and retreat, but Chen Lee's endless blade aura stopped him.

A saber light that was like a waterfall flashed past, just like a torrential wave of anger that swiftly reached its peak.

High rank martial art, Wave Chopping Blade Spell!

A head flew into the air, blood spraying out like rain.

Chen Lee, who was sprayed with blood, looked at Chen Yu as if he was looking at a monster. His face was filled with shock.

"Don't just stand there. There are three weaker archers. I will kill two and you alone!" Chen Yu growled and rushed forward.

But when they were halfway there, the battle situation had already turned around and even three experts of the seventh stage of Qi Condensation, including Huo Ying, had been killed. Seeing that the situation was not looking good, they turned around and fled.

Chen Yu was extremely fast. He turned into a gust of wind and chased after Chen Yu.

High rank martial art, Wind Transformation Spell. When mastered to the limit, one's body could turn into light wind and disappear without a trace.

Chen Lee reacted, after giving Chen Feng a warning to be careful, he also chased after Chen Feng.

However, in just half a minute, the three warriors had already been caught up by Chen Yu, and the three of them finally came to their senses, and they split up to escape. Chen Yu displayed his Wind Following Movement Technique to the extreme, and quickly caught up to one of them.

At this time, Chen Lee had also caught up and was chasing after the third person.

The second warrior, who was running fifty meters away, could not escape and rushed towards Chen Yu. He was welcomed by the first cut, which was like a white rainbow piercing the sun, easily slicing him in half.

At this time, Chen Yu's breath finally relaxed. He hurriedly pulled out the two arrows nailed to his chest, activated Blood Flame Tyrant Spell to lock the bleeding, and then slowly walked back to where Chen Feng was.

Chen Yu had a clear understanding of the strength of his physical body. Even he himself felt shocked.

In fact, if they weren't worried about Chen Lee and Chen Feng being killed by the enemy, Chen Yu's injuries could be avoided.

When they returned to Chen Feng's side, Chen Lee still hadn't come back. Chen Yu took out the Gold Scar Medicine from Chen Feng's body and treated Chen Feng's wounds.

"Ah Yu, what's your strength?" Chen Feng opened his mouth and couldn't help but ask.

Chen Yu said absent-mindedly, "His realm fell a little bit, he's at the peak of Qi Disciple level 3!"

"How is this possible?" Chen Feng was shocked beyond belief.

Chen Yu didn't have the slightest intention to show off as he said in a deep voice, "Brother Feng, explain Wanrong's situation clearly!"

Chen Feng remained silent before he continued, "Actually, it's nothing much. It's just that when Ye Wanrong and Su Xu went to Minglan City, Ali and I saw her chatting and laughing very intimately with Su Xu. We couldn't help but ask her if she had forgotten about you!"

"What did she say?" Chen Yu's heart trembled as he asked.

"She just kept silent and didn't say anything!" Chen Feng sighed and said.

Chen Yu took a deep breath, forced himself to calm down and said, "Maybe, it's just that you misunderstood her!"

Chen Feng's eyes revealed a look of disapproval, but he didn't break Chen Yu's fantasy and said: "Maybe!"

Chen Yu let out a sigh of relief. His expression was relaxed, but deep down, he was feeling very frustrated.

After a while, Chen Yu gritted his teeth and decided not to think too much.

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