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C9 Killing People

As he walked into the lobby, Chen Yu's gaze fell on the middle-aged man sitting in the main seat opposite the main door. He was in his forties, had a tall stature, a square face, and an aura as vast as the ocean. He was unrestrained and unyielding; it was his father, Chen Wenfaang.

Behind Chen Wenfaang, a few angry Chen Clansman stood there.

Seated on the left side of the hall, was a middle-aged man with a gloomy expression. His entire body was emitting a cold and unfathomable aura, and based on the direction of the voice just now, this person should be Su Family's Soong Jilian.

Beside Soong Jilian, there was a middle-aged man in black clothes. The strength of his aura wasn't any weaker than Soong Jilian's.

As for the other people sitting or standing in other places in the lobby, Chen Yu was familiar with them. They were the heads of the other four surnames and the elites of the family.

"Dad, I'm back!" Due to the argument, Chen Yu didn't attract much attention as he walked into the lobby. Therefore, he shouted and walked towards Chen Wenfaang.

Chen Wenfaang turned his head around and fixed his gaze on Chen Yu's face. He was stunned at first, but then an incredulous expression appeared in his eyes as he suddenly stood up.

He looked up and down at Chen Yu and confirmed that this was not an illusion. After his son came back safely, Chen Wenfaang burst out in laughter and said, "Good, good. It's good that he's back!"

Everyone's eyes were focused on Chen Yu and they were all shocked.

"Chen Yu is still alive?"

"How is this possible? How strong are the Black Scale Fox, and how is this kid from Chen Family able to escape unscathed? "

"This kid from Chen Family, how good is his luck?"

After the shock, other than the people with Chen Family who were purely pleasantly surprised, the other people's expressions became complicated.

"Your son is unfilial and caused your father to worry!" He sneered in his heart, looked at Soong Jilian who came from Su Family, then looked at the others. After looking around, he feigned a daze and said to Chen Wenfaang: "Father, so many people, is there something big happening?"

"A big matter?" Chen Wenfaang revealed a mocking expression, "It is indeed a heaven-defying matter, they all want to pour dirty water on you, making you bear the responsibility of causing heavy losses and suffering in the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range. They want our Chen Family to account for the deaths of our clansmen in the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, the Cui Family, the Jiang Family, and even the other four surnames in the fifth surname castle!"

"Ah!" Chen Yu was truly shocked, and said, "You want me to bear the responsibility and let Chen Family account for me? "Did Su Xu, Ye Wanrong, Gu Chen and Zhang Zongliu not return?"

"They're back! They've returned safely!" Chen Wenfaang sneered: "Only, they have already been unified, and said that you ignored Young Master Su Xu's objections, insisting on going deeper into the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, finally leading to encountering a Black Scale Fox. At the critical moment, Young Master Su Xu stepped forward, risked his life to lead the Black Scale Fox away, and won them a way out. And you are afraid of death and only want to kill them! "

Chen Yu was dumbstruck. Even though he had Bloodfire Emperor's memories and witnessed all kinds of unimaginable schemes and tricks within the Profound Heaven Sect, at this moment, he felt that his world had been broadened.

Chen Yu did not expect Su Xu to be grateful to him, but he did not expect the Su Family to be shameless to this extent, and completely reversed the role that he and Su Xu played.

Chen Yu couldn't help but to turn his head and look, his gaze swept across the Family Head's face.

Ye Xingyan, Xu Guanhou, Gu Tong, and Zhang Chaolin, the four family heads were all present. Even though they had thick skin, they couldn't help but blush when they were sized up by Sun Tie.

Especially Ye Xingyan, Chen Yu's gaze lingered on his face for a long time before the latter lowered his head. One had to know, that if not for the incident that occurred in the Divine Meteorite Mountain Range, they might have become husband and wife in the future.

Chen Yu felt an indescribable sense of absurdity in his heart.

No wonder some people didn't want him to return to the fifth surname castle alive. So the root of the problem was here. If he came back, this black and white lie would easily be cracked and it would just make him laugh!

"Hmph, Chen Wenfaang, have you said enough?" Right at this moment, Soong Jilian's cold eyes fell on Chen Yu like a viper, and said sinisterly: "Originally, I was worried about the pain of your son's death, and wasn't willing to force your Chen Family any further. Now that your son is still alive, out of the five surnames, only your Chen Family has no casualties.

Chen Wenfaang snorted and said: "Bullsh * t, my Chen Family has no casualties, so it's my turn to take the blame? What kind of bullshit reason was this? If it really is our Chen Family's fault, we definitely won't hesitate. If you want to force your way onto our Chen Family, I, Chen Wenfaang, will never compromise! "

Soong Jilian's eyes flashed and he said coldly, "Good, uncompromising. Very good. Very good."

Before he finished his sentence, Soong Jilian's body suddenly moved and flew out. In an instant, he crossed a distance of five to six meters and smacked his palm towards Chen Wenfaang: "Still not making a move?"

The skinny old man next to Soong Jilian twisted his body strangely, then his entire body suddenly turned into a mass of black fog, which also pounced towards Chen Wenfaang.

Chen Wenfaang's expression suddenly changed and he pulled Liu Tie behind him. Then his body surged with a strong cyan colored true energy, just like real cyan smoke. In an instant, he turned into a fierce tiger and roared as his fist was thrown out.

The Zhen Qi exploded into a violent gust of wind, Chen Wenfaang retreated two steps while Soong Jilian flew out. When he crashed into the wall, he stopped with a palm, stabilizing his body. A look of surprise flashed across his cold face.

Chen Wenfaang, who was retreating, did not stop and slapped the black mist that was coming at him again.

However, at this moment, the black mist strangely twisted. After a part of it was blown away by Chen Wenfaang's zhen qi, the remaining portion madly rushed towards Chen Yu from the side.

"Fang Zhongming, you dare?" Chen Wenfaang's expression was ashen, he suddenly took a step forward and was about to attack Fang Zhongming.

"Why must Brother Chen be so stubborn?" A slim middle-aged man with a scholarly face flashed and appeared in front of Chen Wenfaang. He threw out a punch.

Another burly middle-aged man also moved like the wind, clawing towards Chen Wenfaang from the other side. The tip of the claw was filled with a dense and sharp Zhen Qi, as if it could tear apart metal and break jade.

"Zhang Chaolin, Xu Guanhou, you're all courting death!" Chen Wenfaang roared angrily as true energy surged from his body and rushed into the roof. The entire hall shook greatly as his true qi turned into a real mountain.

The three middle-aged men of the Chen Family moved at the same time, but at this time, the other four people, Zhang Family of the surname, and the Xu family, moved at the same time, stopping them.

All of a sudden, with Soong Jilian taking the initiative to attack first, the spacious hall was in chaos.

The moment Soong Jilian made his move, Chen Yu already knew Soong Jilian's thoughts. Because of their own return, Soong Jilian knew that the possibility of Soong Jilian persuading Chen Family to take the blame no longer exists, so Soong Jilian simply went against his word and acted first!

Within a few breaths' time, the black mist surged over. Chen Yu was covered by the black mist and could no longer be seen in the outside world.

In this noisy and noisy main hall, Chen Yu had a feeling that he was alone. Even his perception was clouded, and he could not see the existence of anyone else, nor was he able to sense where Fang Zhongming was coming from.

Chen Yu's eyes flashed. He pulled down the long blade he got from Huo Ying from his back and held it in his hand.

"Tsk tsk, this little guy isn't afraid at all? Don't worry, I won't kill you. I will break the tendons in your hands and feet and slowly torture you! " A deep and strange sound echoed in his ears. It was difficult to determine where the sound came from.

"If you dare to hurt even a single hair on Yu's head, I will make it so that you all won't be able to escape Chen Family alive!" Wu Tie pushed his Zhen Qi to its peak while the green Zhen Qi soared five meters high behind him, and a mountain appeared. He threw a punch and palm attack towards Liu Tie and Xu Guanhou at the same time.

After the mountain had collapsed, it turned into a violent gale that dispersed in all directions. All the furnishings in the hall were washed away by the wild true energy and turned into fragments that fluttered in the air.

Two figures flew out, one on the left and the other on the right. Blood spewed out as they cried out in astonishment, "Half-step Heavenly Dipper! Chen Wenfaang, you actually broke through half-step Heavenly Dipper?!"

In the black fog, Chen Yu turned a deaf ear to everything that was happening outside. He suddenly closed his eyes.

The Blood Flame Tyrant Spell began to revolve, the blood quickly circulated, as though it was burning, threads of heat surged into his mind. Immediately, he 'looked' at his surroundings: A skinny old man in black was walking around him, as though he had no weight, two withered claws were silently attacking the side of his neck.

Chen Yu suddenly turned around and slashed his blade upwards as his body spun. A sharp and decisive saber intent flashed across Chen Yu's indifferent face. It was so sharp that it could cut apart the waves in the sea.

Wave Chopping Blade Spell!

"Tsk tsk … How is this possible?" The eerie sound came to an abrupt stop, replaced with a miserable, mournful scream.

The black mist dispersed and the skinny old man in black retreated quickly.

Chen Yu opened his eyes as the corner of his mouth curled up into a sneer of ridicule. This body transformation technique could be considered a secret technique. If it was used properly, it would be quite powerful, but Bloodfire Emperor had seen all sorts of methods before. Using this technique in front of him was suicidal.

Seeing the retreating Fang Zhongming, Chen Wenfaang took a step forward and chopped out with his palm, his Zhen Qi carrying a hint of brilliance poured out like a real blade edge.

Fang Zhongming's expression was horrified. While he was flying backwards he quickly twisted his body and threw out a punch. As the black mist surged, it was instantly torn apart by Chen Wenfaang's saber Qi, hitting him squarely in the chest.

Amidst the sounds of his defeat, Fang Zhongming's miserable cries suddenly stopped. His body flew out, his chest caved in, his seven apertures bled, and his body fell to the ground. He twitched a few times before his life ended.

Following Fang Zhongming's death, the chaotic scene suddenly became quiet. All of the members of the Four Great Family stopped, staring at Fang Zhongming's corpse, their faces pale with shock.

On Fang Zhongming's corpse, a deep knife scar ran up from the bottom, almost disembowelling his abdomen. Compared to this wound, the severe injury from the sternum collapse was not that shocking.

Soong Jilian also suddenly stopped his dashing towards Chen Yu. Looking at Fang Zhongming's corpse, his face turned pale as a hint of fear flashed in his eyes.

Chen Wenfaang was also stunned for a moment. Obviously, he did not expect Fang Zhongming to be so weak that he was killed by a normal palm strike!

Although his attitude was tough and he was in a rage, Chen Wenfaang did not have any intention of killing someone. After all, Soong Jilian and Fang Zhongming both came from the Su Family. Although they did not have a high position in the Su Family, they were not people that the Chen Family could casually kill.

However, after staring at Chen Yu in a daze, Chen Wenfaang's expression became strange.

The others also set their gazes on Chen Yu.

In the silence, Chen Yu became the focus of everyone's attention.

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