Samurai System/C10 CHAPTER 10: Going back to the city
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Samurai System/C10 CHAPTER 10: Going back to the city
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C10 CHAPTER 10: Going back to the city

That someone was obviously Xing Tian!

Everyone in the hall was silent for a moment, they felt pity that their Clan might become stronger along with Xung yhel's talent and achievements in the future but in a blink all it became just a dream that can never be true in reality anymore.

Xung tian felt proud announcing Xung yhel's downfall, but when he saw everyone's expression, he felt humiliated that they have forgotten that his talent doesnt differs from Xung Yhel, and he instantly released his aura.

"Hmmm? 7th level? Tian'er you brokethrough?" Old Patriarch said it with his tranquil expression

"Yes grandfather, luckily I did not disappoint grandfather" he cupped his hand and bowed respecfully, Xung tian and his father felt proud because of this.

"Nmmm, keep it up and do well in this coming recruitment few days later" Old Patriarch gave him some motivation but still he felt pity of his grandson Xung yhel for being a cripple.

"Old Xung, is it true that Yhel'r became crippled?" Su ting naturally heard it and also felt pity for he knew that Xung yhel have a terrifying talent in cultivation that is almost at 8th level of Consolidation at the age og 16.

"Yeah, his cultivation vanish right after his failure in summoning his astral" Old Patriarch said it casually but inside it saddened him.

"What a pity, but what about the. . . ." Before Su ting can finish his words ,

Old Patriarch right away said "No problem Old brother, you can cancel the matter about that two brats"he naturally knew what Su ting gonna tell him about .

"No no brother I did not mean that, I dont want to cancel it, it was our promise those years ago but we old man can not decide whats for them, let my Yan'er and Yhel'r talk about it when they meet.

Su Lingyan was just behind her grandfather so she naturally heard their conversations, she blushed yet she thpught about it and exclaimed in her heart "he gone into waste?"she felt stranger upon hearing it but she discarded it right away.

"Uncle jun, can I see Aunt Ji?" Her voice was so lovable and pleasing to her that even Xung Tian's desire to have her as his wife marked it im his heart.

Xung tian will naturally do his best and prayed that Xung yhel really died at the wilderness but also wants him alive so that he can humiliate him by snatching his woman in front of him.

"Your Aunt ji is in her courtyard , you can right away heed there, she probably missed you" Xung Jun knew that it will be up to the two little brats if they decided to continue being together or cancel their promises due to the unprecedented events that happened to his son.

"Okay" She smiled and also felt excited seeing her aunt, they have been closed to each other in the past so naturally she wanted to see her aunt again.

She excused herself and heed roght away towards the courtyard of her Aunt Li Ji.

"Oh my Old brother Xung, I have a bad feelings about this between that two brats, you already know about their promises a decade ago, but i hope she will still accept Xung Yhel for I have always liked his attitude and temperament" Su ting shook his head, he really felt pity about what happened to Xung Yhel, he is a very good man indeed.

"Old brother Su, just let that two brats have their decision, no matter what happened ,nothing will change" Old Patriarch replied to Su ting with calm manner.

Xung tian can naturally heard their conversations,he and his Father Xung tan felt so gloomy in their hearts but they didnt show it in their faces.

"Okay haha, let's have a toast first and talk about those recent genuises from that 2 clans from Emperor's City and also that third prince Ive heard they have a great talent for they have achieve Black realm in just being 20 years old especially that third prince who just recently brokenthrough middle black realm" Su ting knew that Old Patriarch wants to clear that their brotherhood not will be affected by those mere matters and was kinda touched so he right away opened a topic to ease the tense of the atmosphere.

" haha okay let's go Old brother Su, I have also heard about it, but this time only that two genuises from 2 Clans would attend this recruitment few days later" he naturally knew that there are some genuises that was not inferior of Xung yhel's talent but too sad, if only he did not became crippled he would be black level at the age of 18.

Xung yhel continued traversing the forest going back to his city, he killed a lot of beasts a long the way in purpose of collecting inner beasts cores to absorb it and gain a point in the system.


《Samurai Void Steps》

He repeatedly use this technique so that he can arrive the city before the recruitment day. He disappeared at a very fast speed .

He can now easily tracend 4 kilometers in step for he brokethrough his movement skill to great success and his speed now can be par with perfected black realm masters.

"Xung City Im back!" He calmly said it and continued to excute his movement skill.

He keeps running and executed his movement techniques for two days and can now see the city from far away .


[ Yhel's Courtyard ]

An exquisite figure with a loving face and cherry lips, entered Yhel's courtyard and seemed very notalgic upon arriving.

That figure was Su Lingyan, upon arriving Yhel's courtyard, she reminisced how joyful she was that time while playing with a boy and that was Xung yhel a decade ago, they even made a promise that they will marry each other if they achieve 7th level of Consolidation realm after 10 years .


Suddenly , a figure arrive at the gate

She looked at the figure and a mixed feelings can be seen her eyes that she seemed to remember something.

"Yan'er, you have come" that figure was Xung Yhel , he greeted her with a calm smile on his face.

Her eyes flickered and didn't seem to be excited upon seeing Xung yhel.

"Umm" she just nodded expressionlessly,

When she looked at Xung Yhel , she did not find a trace of yuan qi leaking his body and confirmed that Xung Yhel really gone to a waste.

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