Samurai System/C11 CHAPTER 11: Su Lingyan , Xung Yhel's Killing Intent
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Samurai System/C11 CHAPTER 11: Su Lingyan , Xung Yhel's Killing Intent
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C11 CHAPTER 11: Su Lingyan , Xung Yhel's Killing Intent

"How's your grandfather" Xung yhel casually tried to chat with her

"Grandfather is well, thanks!" She smiled

" um Xung yhel, I have something to say that. . ." She suddenly changed her way of addressing him and before she could finish her words, Xung Yhel replied right away.

"I knew you would be like this, don't worry, I won't make things hard for you" Xung yhel calmly stated his words and sat down facing back to her, he already knew all along that it will be like this but still he was quite shocked upon her quick change.

"You~~~" she was felt uneasy hearing Xung yhel's words .

"Am I really that easy to forget, he doesn't even feel reluctant saying those words!" She felt humiliated ang murmured to her heart.

"Xung yhel, we don't belong to the same kind of people anymore!" Su Lingyan fummed upon Xung yhel's attitude, she was brought up by her clan with unending praises and she was quite talented.

"We don't belong. . . Hahahahahahahaha " Xung yhel murmured, but upon thinking that he possessed the Godly treasure he laughed out loud.

"Yes Su Lingyan, you are right we are indeed dont belong to the same kind of people anymore haha!" He coldly laugh and said.

She frowned ,she did not expect Xung yhel to react this way and anticipated Xung yhel to beg her "That's good for you to know your place, with your crappy self who has no speck of cultivation will have no future and doesn't deserve me, be thankful that I personally informed you this for the sake of your mother,Aunt Ji and your father but this is the end"

She right away left Xung yhel's courtyard.

"You better not regret this" Xung yhel chuckled with a cold smile upon thinking that his childhood sweetheart which he looked up to have a venomous heart.

When he was in wilderness, he ask the system if it can hide his cultivation for he want stay low for now and luckily, it can hide all of his yuan qi back into the black box as if he really became crippled again.

"Nevermind, I better practice for now, next few days will be the recruitment, with strength, I can do everything and make my family safe under my protection" Xung Yhel pondered.

He sat down crossed legs, and cultivated for two hours.

"I can feel my Truth realm one with the Sword reached its peak , I wonder when I can breakthough and what is its next level " Xung yhel ancticipated and look forward how powerful would he became if he were to breakthough his sword way.


Two silhouette arrived at his courtyard.

"Mom! , dad!" He stood up right away and greeted his parents.

"You brat, how dare you not inform me of your arrival, you worried me so much" Li ji reprimanded her son while she embraced him for she was so worried about her son traversing such dangerous wilderness.

His father remained silent but in his heart, he felt relieved and delighted for his son safely returned unscathed and seemed to forgot what happened last 3 months.


[Xung Clan's training ground]


《Saber Cut 》


A towering glowing red astral saber exuded a suppressing its opponent.

"Variant Saber astral!"


"I admit defeat Young master Tian !, you are very powerful despite of having only 7th level but you can contend me as an 8th level, truly a genius!" An 8th level disciple of Xung, flattered Xung Tian ..

"Just a small effort" Xung tian felt very proud of his strength.

"As expected of our number one genius of Xung City!, Young master Tian is really the best!"

" hahaha, do we even have to ponder who's the most genius? It is obviosuly Young Master Tian!"

"Tskk, how dare that Young Master cripple be equal to young master Tian?they are heaven and earth apart!"

Everyone rained Xung Tian a lot of praises in the training ground.

"Everyone, Im still far from being strong, no need to mention it, atleast better from a cripple haha" Xung Tian humbly said but still didnt forget to mock Xung Yhel in front of everyone.

"Haha Young master Tian, you are such a joker, with that strength you displayed"

"Hahaha Young Master you are so humble!"

Everyone shouted their flatterings to curry Xung Tian a favor.

"No worries, If that cripple dares to show his self in the recruitment, I will truly cripple his limbs if we meet on stage!hahahaha" Xung tian really hated Xung yhel to his bones.


[Yhel's Courtyard]

"System!" Discreetly shout in his heart, fearing someone will misunderstood him turning to a fool talking to himself.

Host: Xung yhel

EXP: 2530/3000

Cultivation: 9th level of Consolidation realm

Earth Power : 74

Bloodline: Saber Sword Bloodline , Samurai Eye Bloodline

Cultivation skill : None

Martial Skill:

Low yellow grade Tri slash Technique - Perfection

High earth grade Tri Void slash - small success

High earth Samurai Void Steps - great success

Low earth Swift Strike Sword Technique - small success

Low earth Point Stab Technique - small success

Low earth Swift Steps Technique - small success

Element: 7 elements

Lightning: 30%

Astral : Katana sword

Points: 0

System Remark:《Still better than a chicken I guess , tskk》

"I will break through Black realm at the end of recruitment, I wonder if I can make my skills into great success using points"Xung yhel pondered a bit

《Idiot host, you can only use points in small success, don't be tardy!》

Xung yhel was embarrassed, he didnt know whether he will laugh or cry upon hearing the system's reply "Aren't you happy always calling me everytime an idiot?, I was just joking you know" he rolled his eyes and started to practice his skills for two hours.

"There's nothing I can elevate in my strenght for now, I might as well attend some lectures about realm of masters or Black realm "Xung Yhel stood up and prepared to go and listen to the lectures.

Xung Yhel can just ask his father about it but his father was so busy upon preparing for recruitment few days later, so he did not bother his father and went to 《Lecture Hall》


"Is that Young Master yhel? I heard he went to wilderness last three months" someone exclaimed

"Yeah I heard also that e defeated someone at 6th level despite of having no cultivation!"

"Tskkk what's their to be amazed about? He cant cultivate and surely he can just defeat those 6th level for a lifetime, unlike Young master Tian, he has a great future ahead!"

"Make sense, you're right"

Upon seeing Xung yhel, everyone murmured and someone even disdained him for being crippled.

Xung Yhel ignored them because he knew that in this world only strength is everything and he just walked through the street with tranquil temperament towards the hall.

An elder of Xung, sat in front of many Xung Clan's youngsters , lecturing about cultivations , just as we was speaking in front of them, he saw someone entered the hall and he frowned upon knowing who came.

It was Xung Yhel, he wanted to silently sat at the back and listen without disturbing them so that he can quietly listen ang learn about realms.

"Xung Yhel, what are you doing here?" Unexpectedly, Xung Bao, an elder of Xung Clan made him the center of attraction.

Xung Bao is one of the elders that supported Xung Tan to become Patriarch for he had also a cultivation of peak Earth realm but unexpectedly, Xung Jun brokethrough Sky realm, but still they believed that they can make Xung Jun step down the position soon enough

Upon heating their elder mentioned Xung yhel, they looked at the back and looked Xung Yhel with a mocking gaze.

"Elder Bao" He still respectfully bowed a bit for he did not mind as long as he did not humiliate him. " I just want to hear your lectures elder bao"

"Oh? What's the use of you here learning about cultivation that now that you became waste?" Elder Bao intentionally raised his voice and it heard all over the hall.

"Waste? Elder Bao I respected you as an elder, Im just here to listen and nothing else" he still calmly replied despite of being humiliated by the elder

"Aren't you a waste? With your crappy cripple self, it's natural of you being respectful to me, atleast I can put you a good word to Young master Tian and be his servant !hahaha" his mocked Xung yhel and even wanted him to be a servant.

Xung yhel frowned upon hearing this and laugh a bit shaking his head "As expect for a servant, inviting someone to be like him" he said with a cold smile

"What did you say?" Elder Bao stopped his laugh and exuded his cultivation of earth realm 2 level.

"Nothing, I just dont respect you ,nothing else, how can an elder called their descendants a waste? Are you worthy to be respected?" Xung Yhel coldly smiled

"How dare you a waste say those things to an elder? If you're not a waste, do you dare have a duel with me?or you can just cry and leave here and be pampered with your slutty mother!" A peak 7th level disciple of Xung mocked him and his mother.

"You have just signed your death wish" Xung Yhel's killing intent reached it peak that made the nearby disciples shivered, his eyes became so cold as if they're nothing but a dead corpse in his eyes

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