Samurai System/C12 CHAPTER 12: Reverse Scale
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Samurai System/C12 CHAPTER 12: Reverse Scale
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C12 CHAPTER 12: Reverse Scale

Upon hearing someone mocked and said something inappropriate about his mother, his sword way burst to peak ,his body exude a terrifying sharp saber sword aura "One with the sword" accompanied with a chilling killing intent.

Nearby disciples left a dumbfounded expressions on their faces upon experiencing sudden changes especially the 7th Level of Consolidation realm disciple who cursed his mother and called her a slut.

Xung Yhel doesn't mind being humiliated and being cursed but never curse his mother or father for they are his reverse scale otherwise, there will be blood splashing on ground.

Xung Yhel's Truth realm and its very sharp saber sword aura shocked Elder Bao , and he naturally knew that Xung yhel now attained an unattainable "One with the sword" and what shocked him the most was the age of Xung yhel.

Xung yhel's expression was calm yet deadly frightening , he calmly raised his right hand and slashed horizontally in the air in a slowly motion.

Elder Bao and everyone was confused of Xung yhel's gesture but suddenly

Everyone in the hall suddenly felt cold in their backs due to the dreadful killing intent and a very sharp saber sword aura emanated by Xung yhel.

"Y y you~~" before the 7th level disciple spat a word, he suddenly felt cold in his neck.

Slashhhhhh ~~~~

Xung Yhel's attack was so quick and unpredictable, he saw Xung yhel gestured but he never knew that his life ended after that.


The head flew, and the blood splashed every where. Dead


《First time killing Consolidation realm cultivator +100 points》

"Never ever try to cursing my mother and father, otherwise. . . " Xung yhel murmurmed as he walked towards the exit of the hall " you will die!"

Everyone in the hall including Elder Bao did not have the time to react or stop Xung yhel and was frozen due to the sudden changes,

Everything was done so fast the left everyone dumbfounded,.

"Ahhhhhhhhh~~~~~~" someone shouted

Everyone got the senses back upon hearing someone's shout.

"Hh he really dared kill him" their faces paled seeing so much blood splashed on a headless body

Some disciples was frightened seeing real dead body and a splashing blood for they haven't even killed a beast in their life.

Elder Bao ramained silent and frowned "Truth realm ,peak One with the sword?" It shocked him seeing Xung Yhel executed Truth realm, " I have to report this to the 1st Elder ,Xung Tan"

"Everyone dismiss, we shall end our class today", Xung Bao dismissed everyone and right away left the hall.


"Patriarch, even if he is your son, as a patriarch you have to be impartial!" Xung Tan said

All elders have convened and raised their complains about Xung Yhel's act of killing fellow disciples.

"Bai chan!" Xung Jun camly call someone.

"Yes milord" a silhouette suddenly appeared at the corner of the hall,

Everyone in the hall felt aghast seeing Bai chan suddenly appeared without noticing his existence , if Bai chan attacked them, they will probably die without knowing how they died.

They already knew that Xung Jun trained two powerful body guards whose cultivation reached peak 8th level of Earth realm and 7th level of earth realm, Bai Chan was one of the two and the weaker one.

Bai chan walked towards the center on front of Xung jun, "Milord" and bowed

Bai chan, was assigned by Xung Jun to always follow and protect Xung yhel in the dark, even in the wilderness, Bai chan was there silently following Xung yhel and will only show himself if Xung yhel got himself in a verge of death, and even witnessed that he can now cultivate again, Xung Jun naturally knew it since Bai chan told him everything when Xung yhel was in Anahawan Wilderness and about Tantai Xu'er.

Bai chan, recalled everything happened in the lecture hall.

Everyone in the hall fell in silence, listening Bai chan recalled everything.

Bai chan naturally left right after he told Xung Jun everthing.

Xung Jun went silent after hearing Bai chan and suddenly a terrifying aura emanated in his body, which made the firm table in his front of him smashed in to dust just by solely his sky aura.

All edlers was astonished of this terrifying realm ,Sky Realm! which they could only hope for.

"Xung Bao, Ill give you 10 breaths to explain" Xung Jun coldly said

" Pp-Patriarch, I will explain to the Old Patriarch!" He shivered upon sensing the suppressing aura pinned on him, he wanted to personally explain to Old Patriarch to beg for mercy for he knew that he did a mistake that led the disciples curse Xung Jun's wife, Li Ji

"7 breaths left" Xung Jun once again said

"Patriarch dont be so overbearing!, your son still committed a crime and should be punished by Clan's Law!" Xung Tan naturally grabbed this opportunity to push Xung Jun in predicament.

Xung Bao knew that he didnt have a chance to plead mercy to the Old Patriarch because Old Patriarch already said that he will go to seclusion and will only stop when the Xung Clan is in danger or near extinction, after having drinks with Su ting he right away seclude his self.

"5 breaths" Xung Jun unleashed his truth realm saber way.

Xung Jun was known as a genius by everyone because of his variant saber and his Truth realm but he did not choosed to join a martial academy and choosed to be a lone cultivator and traversed the third heaven.

"Patriarch!, please have mercy, I was wrong, I will accept any punishments! Im still an elder of Xung , please have mercy" Xung Bao right away kneeled sensing such devastating saber aura and pleaded.

"Lou ting!" Xung Jun bellowed

"Milord" A ghastly aura emanated from his body, as if he would devour someone for food.

Xung bao paled seeing Xung Jun's most powerful personally trained body guard.

"Bring him to the punishment hall with Punishment hall elder Xung chan and whip him 20 times" Xung jun calmly stated the verdict.

Upon hearing the punishment, everyone was frightened for they knew how dreadful it is being beaten by the "order whip" which coated with formations that can slash through skin with a chilling effect and can't be healed by ordinary healing pills availed in third heaven, luckily it is only 20 times but still it will make Xung Bao suffer for a half year

"Patriarch, thats very ruthless of you!, dont forget your son still committed a crime" he should be punish too" Xung Tan still pushed the matter about Xung Yhel for he felt threat from him.

Some elders in the hall nodded and agreed and some choosed to be neutral.

"That's the end for today, if anyone talked about what happened or what my son did, will answer my saber!" He burst his peak strength that made everyone in the hall silent.

Xung Tan gritted his teeth and clenched his fist for he can't do anything for now and choosed to shut his mouth.

Although he's very cunning and eyed for the Patriarch's position, all things in his mind is for the clan's prosperity, and he's also good in managing but the only problem of him is being so narrow minded, Xung Jun doesnt mind giving his position to his Second brother unless he goes to the right path and change his ways.


[Yhel's Courtyard]

"Big brother Yhel! You are so very reckless, but you are so strong! Hehe, but I hope you will not be punished by the clan" Xung Chen ,his cousin and the only person he knew that despite of him being crippled, Xung chen still did not change and still acted the same way,so felt more close to this cousin of his.

"Everything will be okay chen'er , by the way I have something here for you, I found this in the wilderness, here catch!" Xung Yhel threw something to Xung chen.

"Woaahh necklace! Its is so beautiful!!" Her eyes widened upon seeing such beautiful necklace, and attempted to hug Xung yhel.

Xung yhel acquired 100 points earlier and brought a "Chilling necklace" in the system for 100 points and gave it to Xung chen.

Chilling necklace was coated with formations that can gather heaven and earth yuan qi and help elevate her cultivation half the effort for he knew that his cousin was not very talented in cultivation even with dual astral but by this necklace he can now par with Xung tian.

" hey stop! Youre already a grown woman yet you still act this way" he slightly flicked her forehead.

"Wowowoooo, you are such a bully Big brother!, hmmf thank you hehehe I really like it! But are you a blockhead? How can you threw it instead of putting it on me?" She rolled her eyes at him.

"Oh? sorry" Xung yhel shook and scratched his head with embarrassment, "always wear this especially when you are cultivating,

"Noted Big Brother!" She happily replied Xung yhel and left his courtyard.

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