Samurai System/C13 CHAPTER 13: Recruitment begins
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Samurai System/C13 CHAPTER 13: Recruitment begins
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C13 CHAPTER 13: Recruitment begins

[Yhel's Courtyard]

Three days later . . .


Host: Xung yhel

EXP: 2860/3000

Cultivation: 9th level of Consolidation realm

Earth Power : 78

Bloodline: Saber Sword Bloodline , Samurai Eye Bloodline

Cultivation skill : None

Martial Skill:

Low yellow grade Tri slash Technique - Perfection

High earth grade Tri Void slash - small success

High earth Samurai Void Steps - great success

Low earth Swift Strike Sword Technique - small success

Low earth Point Stab Technique - small success

Low earth Swift Steps Technique - small success

Element: 7 elements

Lightning: 40%

Astral : Katana sword

Points: 330

System Remark:《Still better than a chicken I guess , tskk》

"After a lot of pills I have absorbed, Im still far from breakjng through Black realm" Xung yhel, planned to break through Master level but he did not expect that after a half thousand of pills that his father gave to him , he only raised a bit experience in the system.


《Idiot host, Aren't you being so fool? Becoming strong comes with great efforts》

"Uh right! nevermind, let's browse some equipments first in the system's store" though after absorbing a half thousand of pills and only got a bit rise of his strength , he still acquired some points to but in the system's store.


"Show me the store"


《Samurai store》

Select Category:

《Health potion》


《Technique 》

《Equipment 》

《???????》 (Unavailable)

"Hm?unavailable?" System what does it mean?" Xung Yhel asked the system.

《You can only open it after you break though Black realm》

"Ah I see, okay nevermind for now"

"Equipment!" Xung yhel commanded, he wanted to purchase some protective gears or something that can aid him in the battle.


Select Level:

Level 1

Level 2

Level ?(Unavailable)

Level ? (Unavailable )

Level ? (Unavailable)

"So as expected there a lot of levels in equipments and divine equipments really exist"

《Idiot Host, of course it exist》

Xung yhel rolled his eyes "Level 1!"

Level 1:

《Note: All stuffs came from System's Store can automatically hide its properties to prevent someone covet and kill for treasures, only host can see its properties 》


《Cultivation aids 》

《Sword 》

《Saber 》

《Axe 》

《Spear 》


《Custom made》 (Unavailable)


He right away choosed clothe for he have no plan to buy saber or sword for now due to lacking of points, he already browsed it before and saw that the lowest price of sabers or swords in the system's store is of a thousand points.

Xung Yhel browsed the system's store for half an hour and finally something caught his attention.

《Blackred hooded robe (High Level 1) 》 - 300

- it can amplify the user's defense for 70% (can receive hit from initial Master level[Black realm] with no worries)

- it can hide your presence in the dark.

- it has formations that can gather heaven and earth yuan qi and can help the user's cultivation speed for 50%

"Oh, nice, I'll buy this one" Xung Yhel revealed a smile, and suddenly his body glowed and a material thiing appeard.

It was the Black red hooded robe, it made Xung yhel more mysterious yet simple, his robe looked normal as if it was just made by a normal tailor. He looked very handsome with a height of 177 cm , his face looked cold yet very attractive with those sword like brows and sharp looking eyes.

He stood in the center of his courtyard with his saber sword on his back for an hour, feeling the properties of his black red hooded robe with its formation of accelerating his cultivation speed for 50%

"If I earnestly cultivate here with this robe, I will probably break through Black realm in 4 months" Xung yhel estimated, but still it's too slow for him, as long as he can kill beasts and absorbed it, then he can right away break though Master level.

"Nevermind, I better practice my 《Swift Steps Technique 》first, I can feel that I can break through great success before tomorrow the day of recruitment"

Eventhough Xung Yhel have already a High earth grade 《Samurai Void Steps》, he can't use it in front of everyone to avoid someone to covet it because, High earth grade martial skills are very scarce in third heavens, some can only find it on three martial Valleys, that's why he choosed to elevate a bit his movement skill of a low earth grade so that he can use something for tomorrow's recruitment day.


[The Day of Recruitment]

Xung City now is a very bustling city, there were so many carriages on street and full of people going on shopping and some are only sightseeing for today's event. The Xung City now is full of decorations such as lights, lanterns , stalls and etc. someone even performed sing and dances with joyful melodies.

Majority of the Clans from outside are now in Xung City , staying at hotels wating for today's event.



"Woahh! what that!?"

"Is that a Sword? That's so big!"


"That's a very big bird too"

"Look there's someone on the top of that big sword and bird!"

"They are probably from other cities and brought their disciples here for recruitment "

"Make sense"

"Li Clan have arrived!" The envoy shouted

"No wonder they have such enourmous bird, that's the elder's astral, Cyan Bird astral"

"Tantai Clan have arrived" the envoy shouted once again.

"Look, is that the rumored super genius from Tantai Clan?"

"I guess so, I heard she was admitted to the Sword Valley and became a personal disciple of the first elder of that Valley "

"Woah she must be very strong!"

At the top of the 10 meter sword flying atop of the Xung City, a very unworldly figure and a very beautiful woman with a cherry lips standing there letting her hair fly up which she looked so enchanting. She is Tantai Xu'er.



"Xu'er, you came, I wonder if you can accompany me watch the recruitment ceremony?" A dignified voice suddenly invited Tantai Xu'er.

"Third prince please call me Tantai Xu'er, sorry but I already have my elders to accompany me" Tantai Xu'er respectfully declined

"Then I can invite them all" The third prince did not gave up inviting Tantai Xu'er

"Thank you for your good intentions third prince but it is not needed, please dont force me third prince" she just calmly replied but her eyes was roaming around Xung City as if she finding something.

Third prince caught her actions but he did not force her , just exclaiming to his heart, "You are playing hard? You'll be in my arms sooner"he grinned and left

Tantai Xu'er heave a sign of relief seeing the third prince left "I wonder where's that scoundrel now, how can he just kiss me, hmmmf" she blushed upon remembering the scene that Xung yhel kissed her in the wilderness, she felt happy and an enchanting smile appeared on her face.

"She is really beautiful "

"She has a very strong background too"

" No wonder the third prince can't have his ways on her"

Everyone exclaimed looking up her from below


Tingggggg~~~~~ tinggg~~ tinggggg~~

Suddenly , three big flying beasts flew acrosss the city of Xung.

"Is that the Lion headed Eagle beast of Sword Valley?"

"Woahh that's the Three legged Cyan Eagle of Moon Valley!"

"That's the Sun Valley's Metal Eagle too, the three Valleys really lived up to its name!"

"Welcome dear Masters and envoys, Xung City greatly Thanks for your presence" Xung Jun personally welcomed them.

"No need for formalities Patriarch Jun" Three Valley master are naturally respectful to Xung for they new that he's already a top expert and the newly assigned Patriarch of Xung from their intel.

Every masters nodded for they too recognized his strength

"I still have to do this Valley masters and envoys to be a good host for all of you" Xung Jun bowed slightly to show his sincerity as a host

"Okay " they didnt refused Xung Jun's act of courtesy, and they liked his attitude.

"Everyone let the Recruitment begin!" An envoy's voice rang throughout the whole Xung City

[ I really hope you like my story guys ;( give me motivations]

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