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A loud bang of drums accompanied with music and dances could be heard in every corner of Xung City.


[Yhel's Courtyard]

A blood red haired youth sat crossed legs at the center of his courtyard, exuding a tranquil aura yet a very sharp saber sword aura around his body.

"Just on time I have achieved the great success of my 《Swift Steps Technique 》" Xung Yhel open his eyes and silently said after his cultivation.

"It's time to go to arena, I wonder if she came" He stood up and prepare his self.


[Xung Tan's Courtyard]

"Tian'er, you have to show your talent in this recruitment , prove to everyone the Xung Clan's existence of a genuis" Xung Tan reminded his son for the Clan's reputation.

"Don't worry dad, I will prove that Im the number genius of Xung City, I will do my best dad!" He clenched his fist determiningly.

"Xung yhel, be sure to look how I show you the real genius is" Xung tian exclaimed to his heart.


"Everyone, those who wants to take the exam, gather here at the arena" An envoy bellowed

Just an hour passed , every young cultivators that wished to take the exam gathered in the arena.

Naturally , Xung yhel is one of them but he choosed to stay low

"First test will be simple, just withstand my aura for an hour and you can proceed to the second test, anyone who can withstand my aura can be admitted as an outer disciple of any Valleys, I wonder how many of you will be left" the envoy stated the first test.

There were 1788 young cultivators came from different Cities and clans attending the recruitment and gathered at the arena.

"Young ones be prepared!" A terrifying aura emanated throughout the whole arena.

"Ahhhhhhh!!" A lot of young cultivators collapsed upon sensing such dreadful aura of a Peak Earth realm cultivator.

Nearly half of them eliminated by just releasing its aura.

"As Expected of a Valley's Elders, his aura really differs from a normal cultivators of a Peak Earth realm " Xung yhel felt nothing and it will be a piece of cake for him passing this first test.

The envoy spotted some young ones who has potentials especially those clans from Emperor's City , as he observed them, he frowned, "oh? he has no cultivation? How could he withstand my aura?. . . . ." He saw Xung yhel act like nothing happened as if his aura did not even flinched him.

"Interesting " he looked forward to this young man

"Valley master, that brat seems to be the crippled son of the Xung Patriarch right?" The envoy asked his Valley master to assure something.

"Hmm" he nodded, "Ive been observing him as he entered the arena, that boy isn't simple either"

"I will observe him more for now" the envoy agreed his Valley master.

"Okay an hour have passed " the envoy retrieved his aura and only 488 young ones only left in the arena.

" Those who passed the first test, whether you can pass or fail the second test, you are still admitted in any Valleys you wish to join as an outer disciple" the envoy assure them

"Second test will be strength test" the envoy bellowed and stated the second test.


A large stele appeared in the center of the arena.

"This stele can measure your strength by pouring your peak strength and smash this stele, this stele has 5 colors, yellow ,green, blue, purple, red, and those strength reached the blue color can be admitted as outer disciple and can choose some outer elders as their masters" the envoy showed the stele and explain to them the mechanics of the second test.

" draw your number here before we start the second test" the envoy flicked and a drawing box appeared

"Was that an interspatial ring?"

"As expected of an elder of the three Valleys,"

"Let's start the second test!" The envoy shouted "Number 1, proceed on the stage "

" Greetings envoy," a young man bowed to the envoy,

"Isn't that Tang Li from Tang Clan one of the heaven defying genuis from Emperor's City?"

"Woah, I heard that he already achieved peak 9th level of Consolidation realm at the age of 17, what a monster he is"

"I wonder what color he will reached"

Everyone below the stage rumoured Tang Li's being.

" Okay, use your peak strength and hit the stele" the envoy once again instructed him.

"Yes elder" Tang Li nodded and right away a vigorous aura emanated on his fist of a 9th level peak strength and threw a punch to the stele.

His astral showed up towering above him that lengths 3 meters .

《Snow Ape astral》

《Glazing Punch Technique 》

An ice attribute exuded on his fist that made nearby spectator felt chilly in their scalps



"Red color!" The envoy have a satisfying expression on his face.

"A very good seedling indeed" the envoy nodded, he approved his strength when he saw that he achieved a small success of a Low earth grade

"As expected of a heaven defying genuis of Tang Clan, their Snow ape astral really lived to its enormous strength."

"Ahhhhh, Young master Li you're so handsome!!" Many women shouted their idolization.

"Next number 2" thenvoy shouted again

"Blue,pass next!"

"Green, fail next"

"Fail.. . . "

"Fail. . . "

"Pass. . ."

"Number 338! Proceed here in stage!"

"It's Chen lang from Chen Clan! the other heaven defying genius from Emperor's City!"

"I heard that he can defeat a middle Master level despite of having a 9th level of Cultivation realm !"

"I heard that too, I heard too that Third prince recruited him to be his right hand man"

"That's amazing , I bet he will be a very strong being in the future"


"Yes elder!, I wont disappoint you" Chen Lang bowed to the envoy

He wielded his staff as he released his astral and a strong aura burst within his personage,

《Astral King staff》

《Smash the world Technique 》

A fire attributed astral staff, burst in power and smashed the stele.



"Red, pass" the envoys face beamed, and it was much stronger than the genius of the Tang Clan.

"That was very frightening I wonder how did they cultivate, having such strength despite of having only a 9th level of Consolidation"

"Third prince really has a good eye to make him his right hand man before he grow matured in cultivation "

"Next, Number!"

"Fail. . . "

"Pass. . . ."

"Next, Number 413"

"Here!"a young man flew on stage

"Greetings elder envoy" he bowed ang showed a smile.

It was Xung Tian, he achieved 7th level of consolidation last few days and now he reached the peak,

"Okay, hit the stele with your full strength" the envoy casually said it

"Yes elder" Xung tian focused and concentration for he knew that he have to pour out his very peak strength to be recognized by the three Valleys.

His clenched his saber and it glowed while his astral saber appeared .

《Variant Astral Saber》

《Saber Might slash》

His variant saber glowed and a gush of a strong fire element, unleashed to its peak.



"Purple,pass" the envoy nodded

"As expected of High yellow grade technique"

"Thank you elder" he bowed again ang left the stage with a beaming smile of his face.

"Next. . .

"Pass. . .

"Pass. . .

"Number 467, get on stage!"

A youth climbed the stage instead of jumping it.

Everyone in the arena was confused and dumbfounded

" Is he a fool? How can he climb the stage instead of jumping it?"

The stage was 5 meters high and since he choosed to hide his yuan qi on his black box, he can't jump over with the use of yuan qi

"Isn't he the cripple Young master of Xung Clan?"

"Hahahahahaha , Xung yhel , aren't you being a joke coming here?" Xung tian mocked him.

Su Lingyan frowned upon seeing such scene, she never expected Xung yhel to attend the ceremony despite of being crippled. She also felt proud that even though she failed the second test, she was still admitted as an outer disciple to one of the three Valleys. " He's really seeking his own humiliation, what can he prove with his crippled self?" Exclaiming to her heart.

Li ji's heart as a mother felt pained seeing her son worked hard for his dream to become strong even if he became a joke she still supported her son in her heart, Xung Jun the Patriarch too felt aggrieved inside but he did not show it on his face.

Xung yhel ignored their remarks and mocking gazes and remained tranquil and undisturbed.

"Greetings elder envoy" he respectfully bowed

"Nmmn, stand on the center and hit the stele with your full strength" though the envoy saw that embarrassing scene earlier but he still felt that this boy is not to be understimated, he still have to be impartial to everyone.

"Yes elder" Xung Yhel nodded and looked at the stele before walking towards it.

His black red hooded robe figure stood straightly in front of the stele while closing his eyes.

Xung Yhel gently raised his right hand and reached his saber sword on his back, while releasing such devastating and dreadful saber sword way around his glowing saber sword.


It was so quick and unpredictable

Everyone below the stage was so quiet as if needle could be heard falling on the ground.

"Hahahaha nothing happened!, acting so mysterious yet still a trash hahaha" Xung tian doesn't mind whether he was heard by Xung yhel's parents.

Every experts on the arena was still silent which a shocked expression appeared in their faces especially the envoy who's so close to Xung yhel when he executed his attack

"Truth realm , peak One with the sword! " The envoy was dumbfounded, " How old is this brat?"


" Red"

New chapter is coming soon
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