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"Truth realm one with the sword!" She was shocked and dumbfounded seeing her son's execution of his basic sword practice to a truth real one with a sword,

One can have his or her weapon, act like a limb and its senses will be improved to a high level and also it body and speed synchronized perfectly, one can hardly find it's flaws in every execution of his sword.

"Son,!, hahaha you are my very good son haha!" This composed woman lost herself and happily exclaimed praising her son.

He was confused yet so happy seeing his mom smiled and laugh " Mom, did I do good?"

" Good good good. . .haha, you are a genuis son, you have reached the unattainable realm for weilding weapons the Truth realm!" She was so happy seeing her son's achievement.

"Truth realm? What is thay mean mom?" He asked curiously.

"Silly boy, it is a realm which not just anyone can achieve by fluke, one has to be determined and has a talent to a particular weapon also one have to have affinity with your weapon, you are very much like your father, he attained one with the saber when he was 25 , no one in the same level can match up to your dad, he can even match up higher level than him and onr thing, he is the very first one who attained that realm in this empire that even the royal family has not even touched the gate of that realm yet you achived it, you are the second one!hahaha like father like son!!" She's really proud thinking that only this both father and son who attained that unattainable realm in this empire.

" Haha Ive made mother proud hehe!"he joyfully hugged her mom, he really love his mother and he will do everything just for her mother.

"Silly boy, its normal for a mother to be proud of a gifted son, no matter what you are Ill still proud of you, all I want for you is to be safe and have a happy life" she dearly stroke her son's hear lovingly.

"You should finish your dinner and after that go wash up and sleep early , I know you can't wait for long for tomorrow's event haha", she teased her son a bit.

" Yes mom, hehe okay, I will go now, thanks for the most delicious food mom!" He said to her mom with adoring eyes.

" haha go now stop that flattery words" she was touched .

《Ceremony of the Coming of Age》

"Hey did you here that the son of the eldest son of Xung Patriarch is a heaven defying genuis?" Someone said

" Yes thats true I have heard it through my brother, he told me that he's already 7th level of Consolidation realm, Xung Yhel"

" Really? I have heard there's also the son of the second son of Xung Patriarch that his talent only inferior to that young master Yhel"

" I wonder what astrals they will summon this time, I bet that their astrals are also heaven defying especially that young master Yhel"

"Yes,I think so too"

The street was decorated with various light, lanterns and designs, especially in the astral hall, where the venue for today's event located.

There were so many people in the hall since it has very huge space and at the center, there was a stage and at top of it there's also a huge stone firmly standing there.

Various clans within the city gathered there with their descendants whose attending the ceremony and also the descendants of Xung Clan, to celebrate their coming of age and summon their astral once in a life time.

But before that,

"Everyone, I know you are all here for your descendants to summon their astrals, but before that let me announce to the whole city of Xung that I will pass on my position as the Patriarch of the Xung clan to my very own eldest son Xung Jun!

" huaaa..!!

" Greetings Father the Patriarch!" A strong bodied man with an air of elegance and manliness, he exuded a very strong aura that causes people to look up upon him in respect.

"Woahh I can feel my heart went stop a bit just by his aura!" Someone exclaimed.

"Same here!, was that the so called Sky Realm?"someone said in crowd

Everyone was atonished yet feared upon hearing this, "Is this the so called Legendary Realm that only royal family has?

Everyone was aghast yet filled with envy especially those clans nearby, exclaiming

Old Patriarch nodded, looking very satisfied and proud at his son "Very good Jun'er, you have really reached that height hahaha I can die now and have no regrets in life haha"

"Father will still live long enough and will be strong" he respectfully responded.

"Hahahaha, Everyone! In the name of I, Xung Chanfeng hereby pass on my position as the Patriarch of the Xung Clan to my eldest son , Xung Jun" Xung Chanfeng declared his words menancingly.

Everyone cheered happily and the members and the decendants of the Xung Clan bowed and wholeheartedly accepted this new Patriarch , Xung Jun, while everyone happily talked about it, there's still some have glommy expressions especially his second brother, Xung tan.

" I, Xung Jun, will assume and be the Patriarch of the Xung Clan, I will do my best!!" He said while exuding an air of a king.


"We congrats the new Xung Patriarch!!" various Clans respectfully greeted this new Patriarch

"We congrats the new Patriarch !!" Everyone followed.

" Let's proceed to the ceremony of the coming of age, please all young ones of the Xung city who will turn 16 this day stand here on stage!" Xung Jun shouted the announcement, this will be his first task to complete as a new Patriarch.

"Yes Patriarch!" decendants of Xung Ckan responded

" Very good, all of you youngsters of Xung City, I the Patriarch of Xung hereby start the ceremony!" He exerted his cultivation through his voice and shouted all over the Xung City.

"Coming of age means you are now capable of summoning your very own astral, whatever you have summoned, that will accompany you throughout your journey of your cultivation, it can be your most trusted aid and help you on your battle whether it is a beast or a weapon and for other uses or how to use it, you can find it your own or look for some masters that has the same astral as you, do you all understand?" Xung Jun thus gave some knowledge of what purpose really the astral is.

"Yes!" They all responded

" Okay let's now start summoning astrals!" Xung Jun shouted.

An old man official of Xung Clan headed on stage and started to announce the names of the young ones to summon their astrals

" Shi long" he shouted

"Here!" A robust looking young man shouted upon hearing its name.

"Sat there in the center in a crossed legs and observe your dantian to feel your astral" he neutrally commanded

"Yes!"he responded snappyly.

As he sat down, a light immediately enveloped his body and a bit two minutes as he observed his body, a faint mist forming in his dantian and turned into a beast!

"A mutated Stone Turtle beast!"the young man exclaimed to him himself.

A halo formed above the young man in to a Stone turtle beast.

Shi clan is also a progressive clan within sa Xung City that specializes body tempering, and most its member have an astral of Stone Turtle beast but only a few has mutated one.

"Young master Shi is so very fortunate to have summoned a mutated one!, Im sure he will make a name in the future!" Someone commented

"Next!" The old man shouted

"Lan lang. . . "

"Spear astral. . ."

"As expected of the lan family , they really lived up to their name as spear clan!"

As the various young ones of the Clans within Xung City except the Xung clan have finished summoning there astrals, what followed was for the descendants of the Xung Clan.

" Now we proceed for the descendants of the Xung Clan!" The old man proudly declared.

None of the spectators commented because they are the hegemony and the strongest Clan within the City and find natural for them to be this grandeur in representing themselves.

"The astrals of the Xung Clan was a weapon type astrals and it was a saber, just like their new Patriarch rumored that he has a variant saber astral which is very strong!"someone said

"What do you think will his son summon this time?, I have heard that his very own son is a heaven defying genuis that have attained 7th level of Consolidation at a young age, Young master Yhel!"

"Not just him but recently I have heard that the eldest son Xung tian of the Second brother Xung Tan have attained 6th level of Consolidation which considered almost on par with that Young Master Yhel"

"Shhsss just let us see what will happen later, because there also sons and daugthers of the rest two siblings of the new Patriarch"

Everyone was very excited and happily talked about the two young masters of the Xung Clan.

"Xung chen"

"Yes" a beautiful and an elegant girl and the only daughter of Third brother of the Patriarch.


"DUAL ASTRAL!! SABER AND A WHIP!" Everyone was astonished

She jumped down from stage and head towards a certain young man

"Hehe, I didnt expect chen'r to be so blessed" Xung Yhel said

She smiled and clinged unto him "Im sure big brother will be more outstanding than this hehe" they are already so closed to each other since they are cousins.

Old and new Patriarch nodded in satisfaction

"Xung Tian. . ."

"Yes" and immediately sat on the stage


"VARIANT SABER!" He proudly stood up looking at Xung Yhel proudly "I will surpass you"

"I not dreaming right? He really summoned a variant astral!"some patriarchs of the various clans enviously.

"Tian'er, very good you didnt let me down!, Xung Clan will prosper along with your achievements in the future!" He happily exclaimed, and no one commented , because even if that Second brother of the Patriarch's attitude a little disturbing, he still thinks for the good of their Clan but he's a bit narrow minded to some things.

"Tian'er I will expect something from you, I hope you will not disappoint me, you are the second one have a variant saber in our clan, dont be over confident and be arrogant of what you have now, there's a sku behind the sky, ponder it, I hope it can help you" Xung Chanfeng said in an aspiring tone

" Yes, grandfather, Tian'er will do his best"he responded respectfully.

"Woahh I told you!, Young master Xung Tian is also a great talent!" Someone said in the crowd

"How about Young master Yhel who is more heaven defying genuis that has one in a hundred thousands talent?"

" Yes I am so excited to witness it later!"

"Xung Yhel! " The Old man shouted

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