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"Xung Yhel!" The old man shouted

"Yes elder"respectfully bowed and headed towards the center of the stage.

The old man's expression remained indifferent but was touched and exclaimed himself "This brat is really a good seedling, not just his talent topped but also his attitude differs from everyone"

Xung yhel remembered what his parents said that whatever he have summoned, he will treasure it and treat it like as a kin. As he sat down in a crossed legs position, everyone suddenly quieted down and some even afraid to breath loudly for fear disturbing the Young master, they are looking at him with a great expectation of what astral he is going to summon.

Xung yhel relaxed and adjusted himself as he focused his concentration in his dantian, suddenly a light enveloped his entire self

Everyone below the stage glued there eyes and even someone complained to their parents for only giving them two eyes.

"What the hell, you dont want to be a human anymore?" Someone rebuked

" I was just joking, haha" the man shamelessly smiled

Xung yhel was still immersed in waiting a faint mist to appear in his dantian, but he was confused why there was a black box, an unknown box at that suddenly appeared and nothing happened.

What he was expecting was a saber to be summoned so he ignored that box because he knew that if it is the astral he was waiting, it will shine and project a halo above him, but nothing happened after it appeared .

"Tengggggg!!!!!!!. . . . . "

Suddenly a large wave of light shone the entire 3 heavens which suddenly vanished a seconds after, it exuded a Godly aura that no one in three heavens can equal, everyone below the stage was aghast of what just they have experienced, they felt like an ant or doesn't even deserved to be an ant feeling the Godly aura.

[First Heaven]

"Ancestor!, what was that Godly aura just now?where does it belong?" A very strong man with a heavenly power surrounds his body asked.

"Fool! I you asked me, then who am I gonna asked about that phenomenon? But i can feel that there will be some changes three heavens in the future, tong'er,educate your people to not to blatantly offend someone especially those young ones otherwise our clan will cease to exist anymore, got it?" The Ancestor commanded seriously and left.

" Yes Ancestor, I will" he was confused why their Ancestor acted like this but he trusted his Ancestor so he complied right away.

Everyone one in three heavens saw the unprecedented phenomenon happened just now and they're contemplating what to do in the future to prevent annihilation of their bloodlines.

[Xung Clan]

Xung yhel who's sitting in the center of the stage was oblivious to what just happen earlier, but one can see that there's a big sweat on his forehead, he was afraid to admit or even think that he didn't manage to form an astral, he knew himself that he failed but he was not discouraged but only afraid that his parents will be disappointed for failing this once in a lifetime event in his life.

"What happened?"

"Im still alive!"

"What was that!? I thought I was done for!"

"Huhuhu, Im still virgin and still wants to be fucked by handsome men here, I dont want to die yet", and ugly girl shamelessly exclaimed

"Huh?! there's n even one wants your purity!"he was nauseated of the ugly girl's words

Everyone was very schocked to what just happened earlier.

"Hahahaha, he failed! He failedddd!!! Even heavens envied his talent haha" Xung tian happily said in a loud voice

Everyone woke up to there senses after hearing what Xung tian said.

"Tian'er , stop that, he's still your cousin" Xung tan reprimanded his son but was so delighted inside.

"He failed? Our young master failed?"

"Really, how could it be?even the heavens disdained him?" A girl felt crying that her idol failed

Xung Jun, frowned his brows, seemed to notice something and was quiet shocked earlier but it didnt show in his face.

Xung yhel, knew that he failed and knew that there will be no next time in summoning astral in his life, He attempted to stand up but when stood up , he suddenly collapsed because of exhaustion.

"Hahaha he can't stand his failure haha what a weak will!, Im the only true genuis here!" Xung tian proudly and menancingly criticized Xung yhel, but was stopped by his father for fear that Old Patriarch would disdain his son's attitude.

The old man in stage instantly came over beside Xung yhel and checked his pulse " Someone bring Yhel'r for medication,quickly!"

Right away, the healers of the clan rushed right away and brought Xung Yhel to his court yard for treatment.

The old man coped his fist and bowed respectfully "Patriarch, Yhel'r is fine and was just exhausted, but. . . "

The Patriarch was frowing, "but what, say it directly"

"I can't feel his cultivation anymore" he was also in pain seeing such good seedling to end up like that.

The Patriarch's heart skipped a bit when he heard it, his wife was already attending her sons worriedly and didnt heard what they are talking just now but will eventually know about it since she's tending her son's condition.

"What a pity, a once heaven defying talent turn in to waste in a blink" everyone are shaking their heads upon the things happened today.

Three days later, Yhel didnt even go out his courtyard for fearing of disgracing his father as a Patriarch, he knew already that his cultivation was gone but still his swordmanship remained so he dedicated his time for tempering his skills more and more.

*creek*the door opened

Xung yhel stopped and looked over as he saw his father visit him to see how is he after those set backs and was really touched,

"Father I missed you, how are you?" he happily approached his father and doesnt even showed his struggles in his face.

"Im okay son, did you practice? where's your mother?" He knew that his son was pretending to be okay, but he let it be and he was quite proud for having a son that has firm will and a good temperament.

"Mom said that she has something to cook for us to eat later, hmm yes dad I was practicing because eventhough I have lost my cultivation, I can still excute my swordskills well but sadly im incapble of releasing yuan qi, but mom told me that even without cultivation I can still defeat those 8 level in Consolidation realm" Xung yhel told his father for his father to not to worry about him.

"Really? How could you defeat that level with your state son? Can you show father your basic sword practice , will you?" He was curious because earlier he felt a familiar air surrounds his son earlier but it quickly dissipated so he can't be sure what was it.

"Yes father" Xung Yhel quicky executed his basic sword skills , he looked so very sharp and his body's speed was unbelievable because no one under black level can par it but still has a distance to par the black level's speed.

"Truth realm!, son you did it!, haha let me reward you for it" he passed a bottle with pills to his son, exclaimed under his heart " I hope there's still a hope , atleast you can protect yourself well" he looked his son lovingly and left.

Xung yhel knew that the disapperance of his cultivation caused by this black box in his dantian, but he didnt mention it to his parents, because he him self wasnt sure about this box and he didn't want them to get worried, he witnessed everything even when the black box devoured his cultivation, it was so quick and he didnt even got a time to ponder everything and was devoured everything in a blink, all he knew that this black box only knew how to devour, because when he used the pills he has, it automatically devoured by the box.

"Hey, what did I do to you for you to snatch everything from me? You sure a glutton! whatever , as if you can shake my will, not at all!" He steeled his will and the determination flashed in his eyes

"Even if the world's unfair towards me, I will conquer it, even if everything was snatched from me, I will still keep on climbing till I reached the top! And no one can ever touch my family even if it's a God! I will trample them under my feet! " This time there's a changes in his personage as if he changed into a new, his temperament seem to calmed down like a water and seem to suddenly matured at this moment .

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