Samurai System/C4 CHAPTER 4: Small Success, DEPART
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Samurai System/C4 CHAPTER 4: Small Success, DEPART
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C4 CHAPTER 4: Small Success, DEPART

The news of the failure and the disappearance of Xung yhel's cultivation spread throughout the whole city, Everyone in the city, aggrieved and some are happy and were joyous of the happenings in the ceremony especially Xung Tan and his son.

Xung tan grinned "the heavens really are looking for us father and son hahaha!"

"Yes father, see how I will humilate him sooner" Xung tian smiled evily, he was reallly happy seeing the downfall of the thorn of his life.

"Tian'er, dont worry even if he didnt get out this past few days, he still will come out because next month the eldest daughter of the Su Clan of the Su City will arrive here, I have heard that they betrothed her to Xung Yhel many years ago" Xung tan said

"Su Clan's eldest daughter Su Lingyan? I have heard about her some time ago, she was accepted by one of the 3 great academies in the Great Xia Empire, the elder of the Moon Valley accepted her three months ago, will she really marry such waste?" Xung tian something came up to his mind.

Great Xia Empire have three great martial academies the " Sword Valley" , "Moon Valley" and the "Sun valley" respectively.

In this Martial world, it is a world where cultivation strength means everything, the strong ones are respected and weak ones are trampled, there are so called "astrals" where every cultivator have to summon once in their life and this astral can aid them to become strong in the future, Astrals can be a beast, weapons, nature and every astrals has elements such as Shi Clan's Stone Turtle Beast which attributed with earth element, the Lan Clan's Astral Spear which attributed with wood element and the Xung Clan' astral saber which attributed with fire element, there are many clans that are with the same elements but the bloodline of their clan astrals are different, such as the Su Clan also has saber Astral but they have an attribute of water element.

"Dont worry son, she will never marry him, even more that she was accepted as an elder's disciple, focus on your cultivation , we will see if we can betroth her to you after few months" Xung tan said

" Okay dad I will, haha even his girl was snatched by me haha!" Xung tian laughed at his heart's content thinking that he can finally trample Xung yhel.

A week has passed, Xung yhel still hadn't stepped out of his courtyard and was practicing earnestly with his saber looking sword and he progressed after over a hundred thousand of repetitive strokes, which made his mother hurt and worried seeing his son madly practiced after that incident but she can't bring herself to stop her son's determination to become strong and unconditionally supported her son with a motherly love, his father Xung Jun oftentimes visited to check upon his son and often leave some cultivation pills hoping that some miracles can happen and he even left a martial skill for his son to practice his sword saber.


A strong gush of wind slashed and vibrated through the air .

Slasshhhh/ xiuu xiuuu

" I finally attained the small success of this martial skill that father left for me to practice 《Low yellow grade Tri-slash Technique》" Xung yhel was delighted for he can still practice despite of not having yuan qi .

[Yuan qi - a power that a cultivator can release with there martial skills]

《Low yellow grade Tri-slash Technique》it's a saber or sword technique that every slash amounts a very strong power, small success can have one slash in one stroke, great success can have two slashes in one stroke, and perfection can have three slashes in one stroke.

Even if Xung yhel doesn't have a yuan qi in his dantian, he can still release an aura for he have attained the truth realm one with the sword so he can release a very strong sharp sword aura, his parents was very confused for his son to release such sharp sword aura instead of saber aura using saber looking sword which the Xung Clan bloodline only used sabers, but they didn't get the bottom of it as long as they can see their son still have a hope to be strong and protect himself.

"It's been a week, I have been taking so many cultivation pills but still there's no reaction of this damn black box in my dantian!, what really are you!?" Xung yhel shouted in his heart for he really wanted to slit his body and get this box out of his body.

"Nevermind, you are greedy right? Then I will feed you to your heart's content, let the fate takes it course whether you are a fortune or a curse" he gambled for he can't do anything to probe that black box in his dantian.

"Ccreekk " the door of his courtyard opened,

It was her mother who arrived looking at him worriedly bringing her son some foods and asked "son, how's your practice? I have brought you some food, come here and eat some"

He heard his mom and right away dashed towards her, " It was good mother for I have reached the small success of the skill that father gave for me to practice"

Li ji knew that her son is a heaven defying genuis that even if his cultivation disappeared, he still can practice his sword way so she wasnt shocked upon hearing her son achieved small success of his cultivation skill in a week.

"My son is really the best" she lovingly stroked his son's head with sympathy.

"By the way son, few months later your playmate will arrive here and your father told me that she was accepted by an elder of the Moon Valley as its disciple" she knows that her son already thought about this matter, so she reminded him because she was worried of what will happen when his playmate knew that his cultivation have disappeared.

"Oh forget it mom, she won't even look at me when she knows that I'm crippled now, even more that she's accepted by an elder of a great academy, I'm sure she progressed leaps and bounds in her cultivation and will just disdain my situation now, but still mom dont worry I'll still ask her that time if she would still accept me" Xung yhel was very disheartened thinking that his decade efforts of striving in his cultivation just to reach a certain level to have their promise a decade ago will just fade in a blink, but he steeled his heart and prepared himself for the worst and still he want to confirm everything.

" Mom I will go out a bit in the wilderness to train" he decide to go out this time for he realized that hiding forever will make his self more worse and will stagnate his cultivation.

"Son, there is a lot of wild beasts lingering there, it is so dangerous!" She replied hastily for she is so worried for the safety of her son.

"Let him do what he wants" suddenly a man showed up , it was her husband Xung jun ,

he looked at his son saying "are you prepared? Remember son, determination and perseverance leads one to achieve their dreams, be a man who can face his burdens fearlessly and one thing be careful out there." Xung jun adviced his son, but he was reluctant and as well as worried for his son's safety but there's a fortune in a dangerous places and only prayed in his heart that his son will be safe as he go on his journey.

"Yhel'r remembered father's words" he kneeled in front of his parents, true man never bend there knees expect for his parents, and not for anyone even if it is a God!

His parents was satisfied of their son's attitude temperament with a doting expression, " Son when will you leave? "

"I will go out now , I have already packed some of my things here, I probably back few months later" Xung yhel said, since that time , his entire personage changed so his childish side vanished and replaced with a matured one.

"By the way son, three months later , three great academies will recruit disciples and our City will be the venue as well the host of this Martial Tournament, there will be a lot of genuises came from Various Clans in the Empire of Great Xia gather here, be sure to arrive here when that time comes" his father reminded him hoping that he can be recruited by one of the three great academies.

"Yes father I will be back when that time comes" he will surely try to show his capability when that time comes.

" Okay good son" He and her wife stroked their son before he will depart for training

Seeing their son's back, a flash of emotions appeard in their eyes, they are worried yet they wanted their son to have a good future as well as to be strong one who can protect his self from harm.

"Husband, will he really be alright?" She's very worried, it is her first time being separated with her son, so she was very reluctant upon seeing her son departed .

"Don't worry ji'er , our son is a great child and will be a great man in the future, I know he will have a fortune in his journey so be at ease,that's our son after all haha" he looked at his very stunning wife and stroked her head lovingly and kissed her forehead assuring her that their son will be safe, he too was very worried but can only pray for their son to achieve something few months later.

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