Samurai System/C5 CHAPTER 5: One stroke, Improvements
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Samurai System/C5 CHAPTER 5: One stroke, Improvements
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C5 CHAPTER 5: One stroke, Improvements

While Xung yhel walked in a bustling street of Xung City, people are looking at him which made him uncomfortable but he hid it within him and continued to walk .

A robust 25 year old man who has a cultivation of 6th level of consolidation blocked his way "Stop!, why are you blocking my way?" He arrogantly said.

Many citizens looked and chattered while the gave a space to prevent themselves being implicated,

"Isn't that Young master Xung yhel? What a pity, he really gone to waste "

"Shhhsss stop spouting like that, even if he's a waste , he's still a son of a Patriarch!"

"Tskk, whats this, he will bully us with his father's position as Patriarch? Does he dare?"

"Keep on spouting like that, it not like that it never happened before, my neighbor was killed by a silk pant but the victim's family did nothing because that silk pant was a son of an elder of Shi clan, how much more if that Young master acted dealing you with his Father's background, you'll be nothing and be crushed as flipping as their hands"

"Yow I was just joking" the man hurriedly left trembling


"Young Master Xung yhel, at last you stepped out of your shell haha, can you wash my socks?for a waste like you to be washing my socks is your greatest pleasure " the robust man said grinning.

"You deliberately blocked my path and caused a disturbance, step aside or I will cripple you" Xung yhel with a cold tone

"Haha what a big words you have there cripple!!haha, can you even do it?haha" he put his large hand at the top Xung yhel's head.

"Young Master, even if I bully you like this and beat you , no one will act as long as you are still breathing because I am backed by Young master Xung tian! And your father can't do anything because he will be obstructed by his Send brother haha" that robust man said

"Take off your hand or else you will regret it" Xung yhel's eyes flashed and a tinge of a sharp aura released, Xung yhel was really angry this time for mentioning his father and belittled him.

The robust man was shocked because he felt a sudden danger but thinking that this young master is already crippled he ignored it and raised his hand to slap Xung yhel.

"I will see how you will make me regret!"

Xui ------.


It was really fast that the people around didnt even see what happened, it was like something flashed and the robust man's entire arm separated from its body.

"Youu yyyou!, how?!" The robust man's body trembled upon sensing the sharp aura that Xung yhel emanated the sword aura, he panicked and even forgot the pain he suffered from cutting his entire arm and fled right away "Young master Xung Tian will not let you go!!!"

Xung yhel remained silent and put out his saber looking sword and continued his way towards the gate of the Xung city.

"What happened? Did you see it?"

"If you asked me then who am I going to ask?idiot!"

"Wasn't that Young master Xung yhel crippled at the coming of age ceremony, how did he defeat that 6th level robust man and slash through its entire arm in one stroke?"

They were fascinated yet confused

"It was said that his cultivation have disappeard but when he slash his opponent earlier I did not feel any yuan qi emanating in his body but instead a sharp aura that even me trembled a bit" a 7th level cultivator from Lan Clan said.

Xung yhel was oblivious of the commotion he made earlier but he also deliberately did that so that they will stop talking about his father that the Patriarch breeds a waste.

"Young master Xung tian!, young master Xung yhel seemed to recover his cultivation!" A servant reported

"Hmmp? Tsk need not to worry, that was not a yuan qi, though I dont know what it was and was strong but without a yuan qi in his dantian, he cant match up to me when I breakthrough black level, haha" Xung tian proudly said " where is he now?"

"Reporting to young master, he already stepped out of the city, I think he's going to wilderness" the servant said

"Oh, then let him be for a while, I will show him what is a talent after I breakthrough 7th level, I am in a bottle neck right now, if father arrives tell him that I am in a seclusion in breaking through 7th level of Consolidation realm" he said in a confident manner and grinned "just make him sure that he wont be eaten by the beasts out there"

"Yes young master Xung tian, Congratulations in advance for advancing young master, youre really a dragon among men!" He flattered Xung tian to curry a favor.

Xung tian naturally likes to hear those praises and he proceeded to his room for a seclusion.

Xung yhel stepped out of the city gate facing the wilderness "no matter how dangerous down there I wont flinch nor fear it" he said it in a low voice but it naturally reached the ears of the gate guards.

"What was that waste murmuring about?can he even kill a rabbit ?haha"

"Shssh do you want to die? You haven't heard just now when he was walking and was blocked by a lackey of Young master Xung tian?"

"Oh what happened, why he seemed like nothing happened?:

"That 6th level robust man was slashed and his entire arm detached from his body!"

The man trembled when he heard that,he was just a 5th level , how could he dare to face it? "H!"

"Believe it or not, you can try" the guard provoked him to mess with Xing yhel

"Forget it,I dont have time for it, I still have something to do" he hastily left and was afraid that Xung yhel heard his words earlier.

"Idiot!" The guards was astonished of his shamelessness




Just as he was kilometers away from the city, he encountered right away a middle yellow rank beast,

《Tri-slash Technique 》


He excuted his sword skill, and brandished his saber looking sword towards the beast.


The beast was slashed and a bid wound appeared unto its body and was trying to fled to save its life,that beast was called, Metal snake, which has a wild beast that kills everything that it sees and has formidable defense but was like a tofu when Xung yhel slashed with his sharp sword aura.

"Trying to run away?, not a chance!" He didnt have a yuan qi so he didnt learn a movement skill because he cant excute it but before the snake was preparing to flee, Xung yhel prepared himself to finish it.

《Tri slash Technique 》


A very strong deadly sword aura emanated in that slash towards the beast, Xung yhel was very happy seeing that through real battles he can improve faster.


The beast was slashed through its body in half and died right away.

"Haha I have improved to the peak of small success in my sword skill, that last slash was very strong indeed" Xung yhel was very delighted upon his improvement but knew that he still have a long way especially three months later.

"This snake's length is 4 meters and a width of a feet in radius, this skin is very hard to pierce for a cultivator of Consolidation realm, I will keep a part of it and as well as the inner core , I see its a peak middle yellow rank beast its about 6th level of Consolidation" he kept the inner core of the beast and kept some undamaged part or the skin since he doesn't have a yuan qi to support his body strength so he can only bring a part of it.

Xung yhel traveled across through the low level of Anahawan wilderness, after a month he already killed a dozens of formidable beasts there's nothing below black realm can threathen him.

"I have broken through great success in my sword skill a week ago, my sword aura has a power of 3 earth power already and can contend an initial black realm cultivators!" Xung yhel pondered and get know his self's power.

《Consolidation Realm》have so called stone power which;

1st level to 5th level has O - 599 stone power

And breaking through 6th level has a different strength order which 6th level to 9th level has a power of 600 - 9999 stone power

《Black Realm 》or Master level has so called earth power which 1 earth power equivalent to a 10,000 stone power.

Xung yhel in his peak strength can now release a formidable sharp sword aura that has a power or 3 earth power which his martial sword skill can now release 2 slashes in one stroke that reached great success.

I have been here a month in this low level Anahawan Wilderness and nothing can threathen me here and will just stagnate my improvement, maybe I can try my luck there in middle level Anahawan wilderness.

Xung yhel prepare himself and crossed a lake entering the middle level of Anahawan Wilderness.


Just as he entered the forest he right away heard a formidable beast roaring just a kilometer apart from him.

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