Samurai System/C7 CHAPTER 7: Millennium tree , System Activated!
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Samurai System/C7 CHAPTER 7: Millennium tree , System Activated!
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C7 CHAPTER 7: Millennium tree , System Activated!

Some time have passed, Xung yhel heed back to where Tantai Xu'er is recuperating her yuan qi, her paled face now turned to normal and Xung yhel saw her waiting for him to come back.

"Did you find a lot of fruits?" She smiled asking Xung yhel

He handed the fruits he found "Here it is, are you now okay Xu'er? Eat that fruits now and we are going to continue our travel after you eat, I have already eaten some on my way back so you can eat it all"

She was dumbstruck of the gestures Xung yhel made and exclaimed in her heart , "Does he really didnt know how to please women?how can he stuff all of this fruit and say eat it all to a woman" she shook her head , she didn't know whether she will laugh or cry to Xung yhel's obliviousness but she just nodded.

Xung yhel obviouly knew the things between man and a woman but he didnt care about it for now for he still have to improve himself for the recruitment of the disciples a month later.

After she have eaten some, they proceeded on their way .

"Xung yhel, the map said this is where the cave made by that expert, lets take a closer look" she looked at the map in her hand and told Xung yhel.

"Nmm"He nodded "be careful Xu'er there are may be formidable beasts here guarding that tree"

She nodded and followed Xung yhel.

Xung yhel saw a cave beside the creek, who's expert that can actually plant such millennium tree that has already bore 2 fruits. Consolidation realm can live up to 200 years, Black realm can live up to 500 years and the legendary sky realm can live up to 1000 years.

" Xu'er that's the cave, lets go"

They entered the cave with great caution and Tantai Xu'er followed Xung yhel , it was so dark , and as they proceeded ,they saw a light ahead at the end of the tunnel of the cave.

"Xu'er over there may be the center of this cave, be cautious and careful, there may be a formidable beasts guarding there" Xung yhel reminded her again,

" nHmm" she nodded, she naturally knew about this simple logic about she didnt find it very annoying when Xung yhel remimded her over and over.

As they got out of the tunnel, up ahead , they saw the shining tree and they are dumbfounded because the the fruits are not 2 but 6 fruits and also there are a lot of beasts core and a bottle of pills underneath the tree , they were so elated seeing there are a lot of fruits and treasures for them but suddenly. . ~~


Their bodies shivered upon hearing those sounds that sounded like a rusty metals rubbing each other that made it so unpleasant to hear.


The beasts whipped its tail towards them with a great power.

Xung yhel reacted very fast eventhough he didnt have any yuan qi, he can still rely on his sword aura to instinctly dodge pulling Tantai Xu'er with him.

Tantai Xu'er was so thankful for if it was not for Xung yhel, she can't imagine of what will happen to her just now which caught her unprepared but its not the time for that because they are now facing such formidable beast.

Ahead a silhouette of a beast appeared in the dark, It har 10 meter long body with red scales, which make it so terrifying to look at.

"Red scaled snake! its a late stage of black realm that has a power of 31 earth power!!" She hadn't imagined that they will encounter such beast

"Xu'er prepare to escape I will hold it off!" He dashed instantly without waiting for her reply " Go now!!"

《Tri Slash Technique 》

He released his peak strength of 9 earth power


he felt hopeless for he knew that his attack will have no impact to its very formidable defense it was akin to an egg trying to smash a stone but he did not regret it as long as Tantai Xu'er have fled already.

"No I wont!"

Xung yhel trembled for he heard Tantai Xu'er didnt escaped when there's an opportunity earlier but he was touched that she can spend her life facing together with him in this life and death situation, " You idiot! Why are you still here!!!!"

"You are the idiot! blockhead! asshole!, how could I leave you here and die alone?" She refuted and hugged him at the back.

He was shocked of what the girl did but he was facing this beast now "go to the side and prepare a death blow!"

She also knew that there's no time for romantic because they could die now in a second so atleast they could put up a fight, the Red scaled snaked approach Xung yhel for he's the one who launched an attacked earlier, it whipped again its enormous tail aimed at Xung yhel.


《Tri Slash Technique 》

《Tri slash Technique 》

《 Tri slash Technique 》

Xung yhel bombarded the snake with its sword skill,

The snake got annoyed and gone berserk dashing towards Xung yhel,

" come ! Chase me you sticky worm!"he dashed far away from Tantai Xu'er so that she wont be disturb in her skill

But the speed of the Red scaled snake was very fast and in just a second it already caught up to him attempting to bite him.

《Tri slash Technique》


《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》


He bombarded the head of the snake that made it dazed a moment

"Xu'er now!" He bellowed worried that it till return to its senses right away

《Violet Star Sword Technique 》



The snake been wounded by the attack of Tantan Xu'er,


The beast gone truly berserk this time releasing its fire element looking at Tantai Xu'er with it's big red eyes.

"Hey where are you looking at, you red worm!" Xung hastily launch an attack afraid that a snake will attack her

《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》

The snake decide to finish Xung yhel first!


It whipped its tail with scorching fire on it.


"XUNG YHELL!!" Tantai suddenly shouted as the tears came out of her beautiful face

Xung yhel landed heavily injured in the ground spitting so much blood. But he brought up his heavily injured body and still launch an attack

《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》


Tantai Xu'er watched this very acheful scene and cried so much, she dashed towards Xung yhel without concerning her safety. And Xung yhel saw her act .

" no!!!!! Xu'er Go backk!" Xung yhel was worried to death, he didnt know when did he put so much importance to this girl but he confirmed himself that he will protect this woman for a life time ,but its to late seeing the tail whipped towards her


She received that attacked and heavily landed beside him.

"XU'ERRRRR Noooo!!!!!"

《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》

《Tri slash Technique》

He crazily attacked the snake beast,

《Tri slash Technique》

"For God's sake, if you black box really meant nothing, before I die, I will dig you up, you will see!!!" He is really angry now for he have failed to save Tantai Xu'er and she's lying beside him heavily injured! Seeing her in this state made him very sad as if someone stabbed him in his chest, and bellowed at his dantian where the black box lied.



《. . . . . . . Loading. . . . 》

《Atlast my idiot host passed the test》


《Tri slash Technique upgraded to perfection 》

《Host have repaired it's 7th level of Consolidation realm 》

《Special reward enlargement of hosts dantian and meridians and a special box and a martial movement skill[see it in your inventory]》

"What the fuck?, what are those fucking nonsense in my head" he was dumbstruck upon hearing those inside of his head.

《Idiot host keep on pondering and you will see your dead body later》

"Oh right" Xung yhel woke up from his daze he's still in this predicament, he now felt so very rich yuan qi in his dantian and launch an attack.

《Tri slash Technique 》

A very formidable three slashes in a one stroke of Xung yhel's saber looking sword that has a power of 32 earth power along with his yuan qi.


it slashed through the body of the Red scaled snake and cut it in to two parts.


《Host slayed middle black grade Red scaled snake》

《Host have broken through 8th level of Consolidation realm》

《Absorb its inner core and host will have 50 points, would you like to absorb it?》

"Yes" and right away dashed towards Tantai Xu'er checking upon her situation.

"Xu'er how are you?" Xung yhel was really worried to death upon seeing her heavily injured state.

《Host can now buy Hundred flower dew for healing in for just 5 points, want buy now?》

"Huh? Can it really release such a thing?" Xung yhel was confused.

《Idiot host, do you want her to die?》

"Oh buy right away!" He panicked so much and hastily responded eventhough he didnt really believed that such a thing really exist until



Suddenly something appeared in his hand, it was a bottle.

"It's really true!" Xung yhel was shocked and dazed

《Transaction success, remaining points 45, idiot master dont stand there idly and feed it to her right away》

And he feed it to her right away.

A transparent box appeared in front of him

Host: Xung yhel

EXP: 754/1000

Cultivation: 8th level of Consolidation realm

Cultivation skill : None

Martial Skill: Low yellow grade Tri slash Technique

Element: none

Astral : none

Points: 45


《Im so disgraced for a heavenly item like me to have an idiot and weak host like you, what a pity》

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