Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C10 The Brand on His Body 4
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C10 The Brand on His Body 4
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C10 The Brand on His Body 4

"Ah!!!" Mingxi cried out in pain. It was as if something sharp had pierced her body.

When the foreign object invaded her body, the piercing pain tore her heart.

That kind of pain was so painful that it pierced her heart. That kind of pain really stimulated her tensed nerves.

However, Xue Qijing ignored her cries and her tears.

She felt like she was an abandoned doll. She let the people who picked her play with her without any pity.

Her heart was numb from the pain. Her body did not feel anything at all. She could only feel the violent jolts following the frequency he imposed on her.

From beginning to end, no one cared about her. No one cared about her in this world. The people who loved her either left or were lying in a coma in the hospital.

After an unknown amount of time, Xue Qijing's heavy body once again pressed down on Mingxi. It was as if he was never satisfied. He had an endless amount of strength and had repeated it many times. Only when Mingxi was about to faint did he get up and leave.

With a loud bang, Mingxi fiercely landed on the floor. Her body had just moved, and the pain that felt like it was being torn came over. Mingxi bit her lips and silently endured it. She stubbornly refused to cry.

She would accept all of his punishment. Whether it was physical or mental, she would not have any complaints. Who asked her to owe him?

He did not care whether her body could endure it or not. Last night was her first night, and this kind of punishment did not seem to be enough.

"Cough, cough ~" Mingxi choked and coughed violently. She stared at Xue Qijing in horror.

Why did she have to be so cruel to her? Even if she was a sinner, couldn't he show her some mercy? Mingxi looked at Xue Qijing with teary eyes. She bit her red lips and the taste of medicine still lingered in her mouth.

"Listen carefully. From today onwards, I will sleep here." Xue Qijing stared at Mingxi with a smile that was not a smile. His eyes were cold. He raised his hand and pointed to the bed. Then he pointed to the floor. "You sleep here."

Mingxi trembled. The tears in her eyes that had finally retreated were about to appear again.

"In order to satisfy your needs for men, let you stay in my room. I have already done my best to you." Xue Qijing still looked at Mingxi with a smile that was not a smile. He saw that her eyes were grey and white. He couldn't help but open his mouth and announce again, "Remember, From now on, you're not just the lowest maid in the Xue family, as long as I need you. You must satisfy me unconditionally. "Remember to eat this every time you finish this."

Xue Qijing held the bottle of medicine and shook it in front of Mingxi's eyes as if he was mocking her. He would never allow this woman to have his child. Because she was not qualified.

Hearing Xue Qijing's words, Mingxi felt a clap of thunder above her head. She did not have the time to digest what he just said. His low voice sounded again, "If you don't have this heart, don't dream of getting results with other men in this lifetime. Because you don't deserve to be happy in your life. "

The corner of Xue Qijing's mouth curled into a mocking sneer. He raised his slender fingers and lifted her chin. After sizing her up for a long time, he said in a playful tone, "No, my things must be marked."

After he finished speaking, Xue Qijing quickly bent over and bit Mingxi's shoulder without any pity.

"Ah!" Mingxi cried out. The pain on her shoulder finally made her conscious thin. Her vision blurred and she fainted.

Immediately, a strong smell of blood rushed into her mouth. Xue Qijing sucked dry the blood on her shoulder. He raised his head and looked at the row of teeth marks that were deep enough to see bones. He gave an evil smile. However, that smile was so deep that one could not understand what was hidden behind it...

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