Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C12 Playing with Fire to Burn Yourself
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C12 Playing with Fire to Burn Yourself
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C12 Playing with Fire to Burn Yourself

Xue Qiwei didn't stop her. He just stared coldly at the woman he suddenly hated. His intestines were green with regret now. If he had known earlier, he would not have let his grandfather play this scene with him. He did not care about such a woman at all. On the contrary, that woman aroused his interest.

Han Mingxi, that woman who did not know the immensity of heaven and earth! A woman who ruined his plans!

However, she married Xue Qijing.

Now, she realized how beautiful a woman who sold herself for her parents was.

If time could go back, he would never do such a stupid thing again. He would definitely take that woman!

The more he thought about it, the more regretful he felt.

Lyi Xue curled her lips and smiled. She did not mind and continued to kiss Xue Qiwei. Her soft body rubbed up and down on his firm body.

That's right. She loved these two men. She liked the feeling of being held in their hands. She liked being the princess in their hands.

As for Xue Qiwei, she was not at ease at all. He had countless women. Every few days, he would change one. Gossips filled the air. In order to trap his heart, she left the first night that even Xue Qijing could not bear to give her to him. Perhaps this way, he would love her for the rest of his life.

If two men were together and forced her to choose one, she would definitely choose Xue Qiwei. It was not because she loved him more, but because he made her challenging. If they were talking about liking him, perhaps she loved Xue Qijing more. It was just that he loved her too much that made her lose her challenging nature.

However, she did not realize that Xue Qijing would not easily fall in love with a woman. Once he fell in love, it would be a lifetime. By the time she understood and knew that she really loved him, it was already too late. She had missed the opportunity because he fell in love with someone else.

Thinking of this, Lyi Xue became even more unbridled towards Xue Qiwei.

Lyi Xue suddenly cried out. She did not expect Xue Qiwei to be so rude to her. She could not accept it at all. She had just told herself that he loved her. How could he be so rude to her in such a short time? Unfortunately, Xue Qiwei did not loosen his grip on her waist. Instead, he pressed harder on her body. He would never let her escape. He had come to her on his own accord. It was a waste not to do so. Teach this woman a lesson and let her learn a little. Xue Qiwei turned around and pushed Lyi Xue onto the bed. Then, he took revenge crazily.

"Lyi Xue, I warned you not to burn yourself with fire. You don't believe me! I will let you taste the price!"

"Wei, don't, it hurts! Let go of me, let go of me!" Lyi Xue screamed at the top of her lungs. Her charming face was full of tears.

However, Xue Qiwei did not feel pain because of her face. Instead, he felt even more disgusted. At this moment, his mind was filled with a different face.

He swore that he would take her back from Xue Qijing. Then he threw the shoes he had worn to him.

Thinking of this, Xue Qiwei suddenly became excited. He really wanted to see Xue Qijing's expression when he found out that she had been played by him. He was really looking forward to it! He could not help but quicken his movements.

In the luxurious villa, on the mountainside where there was no one, Lyi Xue's painful roar echoed for a long time.

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