Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C13 Find That Woman
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C13 Find That Woman
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C13 Find That Woman

The biggest and most luxurious bar in Hanhai City was filled with people. The waitress was dressed in a tight uniform and a short skirt. She greeted the guests with a smile on her face.

In the huge private room, Hei Tai narrowed his eyes and slowly shook the wine in his glass. He was enjoying the dance of a girl dressed in a trench coat and a bikini as she danced along with the intense music.

Hei Tai saw it and smiled. He laughed boorishly and made the girl take off her trench coat and dance in a difficult position.

Her perfect and hot body twisted slowly along with the music. The girl's eyes were clear and she smiled seductively at Hei Tai.

The girl did not feel disgusted. Instead, she put more effort into her performance, moving Hei Tai's body along with her.

However, just as Hei Tai was in a state of excitement, the door to the room was suddenly pushed open.

Hei Tai's high spirits were suddenly interrupted. He was extremely displeased. He angrily picked up the wine cups on the table beside him and smashed them at the person who had ruined his plans.

"Ah!" A painful roar quickly spread in the room.

A man in a black uniform held his head in pain and slid down the door. Finally, he fell to his knees and begged in fear, "Brother Hei, spare me! Brother Hei, I didn't do it on purpose. Brother Hei, spare me! "

He just had something to report and didn't know. Hei Tai was inside...

The girl immediately picked up the clothes on the floor and quickly left the room.

Hei Tai sat heavily on the sofa and slowly tidied up his messy clothes. He said, "A'Lin, how did you do that?"

Linfeng casually sat beside Hei Tai. "This time, he was kidnapped by the dark night again!"

Hei Tai suddenly narrowed his eyes, and his face that was covered in stubble twitched as he cursed fiercely. "Is the Dark Night purposely going against the labor force? Go and investigate and find out the head of the Dark Night. "I must make that son of a b * tch suffer!"

Daring to ruin his plans again and again, he was simply tired of living! If I don't kill the mastermind, He is not Hei Tai!

"By the way, find some time to meet Xue Qijing from the MuTian Corporation." At this point, he had no choice but to rely on Xue Qijing's power to get rid of the dissidents. If he wanted to unify the mafia, he would have to rely on his own power, especially when it was night time to obtain those few batches of firearms.

He had to kill the leader of the Dark Night!

Thinking about it, Hei Tai suddenly thought of something. He leaned against the sofa. "Right. Have you paid the little woman who borrowed a million from us last month?"

Linfeng still looked cold and indifferent. He shook his head and said, "No! She seems to have disappeared recently. The brothers who followed her were nowhere to be found."

Upon hearing Linfeng's words, Hei Tai immediately flew into a rage. He jumped up from the sofa and scolded, "That woman actually doesn't take Lao Fu seriously? Go and find that woman. If you can't pay her back, bring her to me!"

Did she think that Hei Tai was easy to bully? It was fine to bully him in the dark, but he dared to not put a woman in his eyes. He was hateful and infuriating! If you don't catch that woman to vent your anger, how are you going to threaten the gang in the future?

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