Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C14 Xiangyu Has Returned
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C14 Xiangyu Has Returned
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C14 Xiangyu Has Returned

In the highest building in Hanhai City, Xue Qijing was standing in front of the window on the highest floor, overlooking the scenery below. He could see the entire Hanhai City, but he felt that it was empty.

What was the point of becoming the supreme ruler of MuTian Corporation and the number one on the Forbes Wealth List? She was no longer...

The Mutian was a multinational corporation that he had personally founded. After ten years of hard work, the Mutian had become the world's most famous corporation. It even surpassed his grandfather's Tengda Corporation.

In the financial world, he could do anything he wanted.

However, he could not find the meaning behind it.

No... no... he could not be so passive.

Thinking of this, Xue Qijing suddenly turned around and returned to his office to continue working seriously.

He did not know that the crisis hidden in this city was slowly sprouting!

A luxurious car quickly drove into a remote alley. The car ran through the alley and rolled up the rotten leaves on the ground.

The handsome face in the car was unknown whether it was excitement or sadness.

"Mingxi, I'm back! Mingxi! Mingxi! Mingxi! Xiangyu silently recited the names that had made him think, read and hurt for three years.

Looking at the familiar yet strange scenery, the sadness that lurked in his heart slowly spread to every cell in his body.

Three years ago, he was forced by his father to Europe. He did not have the time to say goodbye to her. He did not have the time to say goodbye to her. He did not have the time to say something. When he came back, he disappeared! Had she turned off the light and hid in the corner of the room to cry?

Did she just stand there waiting for him to take her home after class at the school gate?

Did she forget to bring an umbrella when she went out often and then go home in the rain?

Did she always get bullied, but she was so timid that she didn't dare to say it out loud?

Was it... was it... Thinking of this, Xiangyu's heart hurt and felt even more guilty!

He said that he would protect her for the rest of his life, not letting her be lonely, not letting her feel sad, not letting her despair... But he failed to trust her. Mingxi, I'm back! Mingxi, I'm back to marry you! Mingxi, wait for me!

Xiangyu accelerated and sped towards Mingxi's house. He wanted to see her immediately, immediately, and immediately. He couldn't wait a second! The car stopped in front of a small building.

Xiangyu got out of the car, but his heart beat slower because of the scene in front of him.

The small building was in ruins. The yard was covered with moss and the ground was covered with a thick layer of leaves. The peach tree in the yard that they had planted together seemed to have withered.

Xiangyu stood outside the iron gate and looked at the scenery inside. He could not help but tremble. Looking at the grass and trees that could bring back memories, his heart felt like it was being twisted by a knife. She must hate him to the extreme, hate him to the extreme, or else she would not move.

Mingxi, are you really hiding and not willing to see me? Mingxi, could it be that you are really willing to leave me?

Xiangyu stood outside the iron door for a long time. His big hand gently touched the wall that was engraved with his name.

Right here, he kissed her! But he did not expect her to be full of his name in this place.

Looking at the delicate handwriting on the wall that was about to be washed away by the rain, he tasted the pain in his heart. This time, the pain was even more intense than before.

Xiangyu stood outside the iron gate for a long time without moving. He only turned around when he saw the row of words carved on the wall. He got into the car and started the car to run towards that place.

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