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C15 Superman?

In the vast, luxurious villa, a group of black-clad bodyguards were scattered in the corners of the villa, watching the surroundings warily.

In front of the enormous swimming pool, a row of maids in pink and white uniforms stood neatly. They held large soft towels in their hands and respectfully stood beside the swimming pool.

A few new maids saw the person who was struggling to swim in the pool. Her pink little face was full of multicolored light.

Not long after, a black shadow as strong as a fierce shark suddenly jumped out of the water, causing a large splash on the white brick surface. Xue Qijing wiped off the water droplets on his body and pulled the towel, throwing it to the ground.

The maid next to him saw Xue Qijing's figure, and her face quickly turned red. They lowered their heads shyly, but could not help but secretly glance at him a few times.

When the maids heard this, they did not dare to show any neglect and immediately retreated ten meters.

Xue Qijing retracted his gaze and looked at the man. He said with a faint smile, "You are not in the company right now. There is no need to be so serious. Come and sit!"

After the man heard that, he respectfully walked to Xue Qijing's side. "President, this is the company's document to continue processing!"

Xue Qijing smiled evilly. He took the document and threw it on the table. He picked up the wine on the table and took a sip. "Don't talk about official business!"

The man frowned and looked worried. "But..."

"Like I said, give yourself three days off. During these three days, you are not allowed to talk about official matters!" Xue Qijing gave the man a warning look and drank the wine in one gulp.

"Yes!" The man bowed respectfully.

"Minghan, don't be so serious. You're the one taking my vacation. "Right now, I am not your superior. We are good friends! Sit down and let's toast!"

The man smiled and sat down when he heard Xue Qijing.

"You can't be looking for me just for this document, can you?" Xue Qijing asked. Xue Qijing poured two glasses of red wine and handed one to Ming Hao.

"Yes!" Ming Hao looked at the maid not far away vigilantly, then leaned over and whispered in Xue Qijing's ear.

"Haha..." Hearing Ming Hao's words, Xue Qijing laughed softly and said with contempt, "You said Hei Tai wanted to invite me to fight against the dark night together?" Ming Hao nodded with a smile.

"Hehe!" Xue Qijing smiled without hesitation. His handsome face was no longer as cold as usual. The maids not far away were all stunned on the spot.

"What a stupid donkey. If I reject his invitation, I don't even know how he will die." Xue Qijing said coldly. His eyes flashed coldly, but he still had a faint smile on his face, "By the way, take a good look at the weapon that was stolen from Hei Tai. Don't let anyone know about it."

Ming Hao nodded and looked at Xue Qijing respectfully. His eyes were full of admiration and submission.

Xue Qijing unintentionally glanced a hundred meters away. A mocking smile appeared in the eyes of the petite figure that was partially visible among the flowers. He said indifferently, "Minghao, do you want to see Superman?"

Minghao was slightly stunned. Superhuman. Superman? There's a superhuman in this world? Incredibly, he asked, "Superman?"

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