Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C16 Baby Come Here!
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C16 Baby Come Here!
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C16 Baby Come Here!

"Minghao, guess how long it will take to go down the mountain?"

Ming Hao looked at Xue Qijing blankly. He had been by his side for ten years. For the first time, he could not figure out what Xue Qijing was thinking.

Ming Hao followed Xue Qijing's gaze and saw a maid dressed in servant clothes pulling grass from the flowers and trimming the flowers. He became more and more suspicious, "President, it will take 40 minutes to drive down the mountain!"

Xue Qijing grinned and did not look away. "I will let you broaden your horizons. It will only take an hour to go down the mountain, and... it will depend on your legs!"

Ming Hao was stunned. He stared at Xue Qijing in shock. He did not know if he was joking or not. It would take at least two hours to drive up and down the mountain. Two hours to drive up and down the mountain? That was simply impossible! Could it be that there really was a superman?

Ming Hao narrowed his eyes and looked at Xue Qijing with a dubious expression.

Seeing Ming Hao's confusion, Xue Qijing smiled. He raised his voice and shouted at the petite figure who was still working a hundred meters away, "Baby, come here!"

Mingxi heard Xue Qijing's voice and immediately froze on the spot.

"Baby, come here!" Mingxi took a deep breath and slowly walked towards Xue Qijing with her shoulders hunched.

"Young Master, you..." Mingxi wanted to ask him what instructions he had, but before she could finish speaking, her entire person felt as if the world was spinning, and then steadily fell into a firm embrace.

In the face of his touch and forceful occupation, there was nothing else but trembling. Every night, that torture that was worse than death, she was afraid and terrified. He was like an iceberg, exuding an aura without any heat.

"Baby, are you very cold? Why are you constantly trembling?" Xue Qijing leaned over Mingxi's red lips and asked with concern. Then his cold lips covered her red lips.

Among everyone present, only two people knew that his concern was not concern, and only two people knew why she was trembling.

After kissing for a while, Xue Qijing let go of Mingxi's lips, "Baby, I didn't expect you to be so weak. Looks like I have to strengthen your training!" Xue Qijing's tone was very soft and gentle. Mingxi heard the devil's voice.

"Baby!" Xue Qijing smiled evilly. His eyes were full of ice. "There are still two hours until lunch time. What should I do? I really want to eat the dishes you cooked yourself. You will satisfy my little wish, right?"

Mingxi held her breath. The bad premonition in her heart grew stronger. His oppressive aura made her subconsciously nod her head.

Xue Qijing smiled and leaned over to whisper in her ear, "What a pity. Today, the special car for delivering vegetables did not go up the mountain. So, I'll have to trouble you to go down the mountain and buy it!"

Speaking up to this point, Xue Qijing's expression changed. He suddenly pushed Mingxi out of his embrace and let her fall to the ground in a sorry state.

He got up and looked at her with disdain. He coldly ordered, "I'll give you an hour. If you can't rush back and starve the guests, I'll skin you!"

After he finished speaking, Xue Qijing strode into the villa with his long legs. Everyone looked at Mingxi with a gloating expression and followed Xue Qijing into the villa.

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