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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C17 Dad Was Seriously Ill
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C17 Dad Was Seriously Ill

Mingxi did not know how she got down the mountain, but after receiving Xue Qijing's order, she got up from the ground and ran down the mountain.

When she reached the foot of the mountain, Mingxi did not have time to catch her breath and went straight to the market. When she went down the mountain just now, she found a quick way and spent half an hour. If she went back the way she came, it would take about half an hour.

In the luxurious villa, Xue Qijing lazily leaned on the sofa and listened to the bodyguard beside him report Mingxi's situation. His face suddenly darkened. Damn woman, she actually found a quick way.

Xue Qijing suddenly drank all the wine in his hand and waved his hand at the bodyguard in annoyance, indicating for him to withdraw.

The bodyguard left the hall respectfully.

Xue Qijing glanced at Ming Hao indifferently and did not say anything. Sooner or later, he would grind her claws...

"President, send someone to bring her back later. It's dangerous for a girl to go up and down the mountain!" Thinking of Mingxi's helpless and injured look, he could not bear it.

"It's just a dog, no need to care so much."

Ming Hao's face darkened. He could not help thinking in his heart, "If she is a dog and you kiss a dog, then what are you?"

"President, I still have something to do, so I'll leave first. As for that document, it's very important and urgently needed to be dealt with." Ming Hao stood up, bowed respectfully to Xue Qijing, and then strode out.

Xue Qijing narrowed his deep eyes and looked at the blood red cup in the cup. The corner of his mouth curled into a cruel sneer.

Mingxi seemed to have been soaked in water. Her whole body was wet.

Seeing other people's strange gazes, the grievance instantly filled her heart. Her nose felt sore. However, she held back her tears.

Since she wanted to atone for her sins, she would atone for them thoroughly. She would not cry, she would not complain, because she owed him!

Just as she was about to go up the mountain, the phone in her pocket rang.

Mingxi picked up the phone but did not stop. She continued to run up the mountain in big strides. It should be Xue Qijing who urged her or came to warn her.


"Mingxi, where are you now? Come to the hospital quickly. The doctor said he wants to see his family immediately!"

The anxious voices of his friends rang out in unison. All of them were her classmates and friends from junior high. It was all thanks to her taking care of her parents in the hospital during this period of time. Otherwise, she would not have been able to separate herself from them to raise money!

"Qiqi, what's wrong with my parents?" Mingxi suddenly stopped and nervously listened to the voice on the other side of the phone.

"Mingxi, your father fainted just now. Come to the hospital quickly!"

After being stunned for three seconds, Mingxi threw away the things in her hands and ran towards the hospital.

"Dad, don't do anything to you. Seeing that I love you so much, don't leave me..."

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