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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C18 I Don't Have Money
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C18 I Don't Have Money

Hanhai City Jingli Hospital

"What? The lung cancer has entered the terminal stage. It won't last for more than a few days?" In the attending physician's office, Mingxi was stunned when she heard the news. She could not help but cry. She had lived with her father for so many years, but she had never thought that one day her father would leave her. This news was no different from a bolt out of the blue.

"Dad!" Mingxi rushed out of the office and rushed to the ward.

No, she could not take away her only pillar. Her only support could not be taken away. It was he who gave her a warm home and a complete home. Without him, the home that she had been so careful to protect had really disappeared. Without him, her already broken life would be even more broken. Without him, her life would no longer be complete.

"Daddy! Daddy!!" Mingxi beat the thick glass with all her might. Seeing the pale face of her father in the intensive care ward, her heart hurt. It was like someone took a knife and cut her heart into pieces.


"Good daughter, don't cry. Without mom and dad, dad will definitely love you more. Don't cry, daughter..."


"Dad, people say that I'm a poor thing without a mother. They bully me, they pull my hair, they steal my pencil, they tear my work book apart! Dad, I want mom... I want mom..."

"Be good, don't cry, be strong. Dad will find you a mom, okay?"


"Because Daddy eats too much and gets sick of eating, so he doesn't like it!"


"Mingxi, call mom!"

"Dad, she's an auntie, not a mom. I want my own mom. I don't want to call her mom!"


She recalled the wave after wave of attacks on Mingxi. She weakly slid along the glass and fell to the ground. She sobbed softly.

She was a doll that no one wanted. No one cherished her and no one would love her. She was so humble that even Cinderella looked noble in front of her. The only father who could be a princess had to leave her. God, how unfair!

"Mother!" Mingxi weakly fell down the corridor. Her tears were like broken pearls that smashed onto the cold ground. She whispered the name that she would call every time she was weak. "Are you going to take Daddy away from me? Mommy, don't! " Don't leave me alone in this world, Mommy! "

They all stood by the side and cried together with Mingxi, feeling sad. She wanted to go up and comfort her, but she could not find any words to say. She knew the pain in Mingxi's heart. Although Mingxi's stepmother treated her as her biological woman and Mingxi almost treated her as her biological mother, the familial love that was thicker than water could not be replaced.

"Mother, take me away with you. Don't let me live in this world without a single person to rely on! Wuwu... Mom took me away!!"

All of them touched the tears on their faces. Now was not the time to cry bitterly with her. She wanted to help her find the courage to live.

All of them went forward and supported Mingxi's shoulders, "Mingxi, don't be sad. I am accompanying you. In this lifetime, you will never lose a friend like me. Mingxi, you can't be so negative. We will let uncle perform surgery, perhaps..."

"I don't have money! I don't have a single cent!!! "I'm useless. I can't save my father, I can't save the person I love. I can only watch as he disappears from my sight, but I can't do anything about it. I'm useless, I'm useless... " Mingxi completely lost control of her emotions and roared at the same time.

Looking at the face in the glass that had experienced the vicissitudes of life, she could no longer control herself. She pushed them aside and rushed out of the hospital...

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