Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C19 Can You Lend Me a Million?
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C19 Can You Lend Me a Million?
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C19 Can You Lend Me a Million?

Mingxi ran out of the hospital as if she was running for her life. She wanted to run far away. She was afraid of the aura of death.

Seventeen years ago, she was only four years old. She breathed the same air and watched her mother leave her. Seventeen years later, she wanted to watch her father leave her. She could not bear it. She could not bear it!

After leaving the hospital, she realized that it was already dark. The heat of the day was gone. Mingxi only felt cold, the biting cold of winter.

How could she save her father? At this moment, she seemed to be deep in a white fog and could not find the way out.

The only one who could save her father was him!

She must borrow money to save her father. No matter what kind of humiliation she suffered, as long as she gave her money, she would be able to endure it and feel that it was worth it.

Thinking of her father's pale face, Mingxi took a deep breath and ran towards the Xue family villa.

An hour later, Mingxi rushed into the villa drenched in sweat. She thought that she would see Xue Qijing angrily waiting for her in the main hall, but there was not a single person in the entire Xue family villa!

Mingxi ran upstairs anxiously and pushed open Xue Qijing's door. It was pitch black inside.

She turned on the lights and there was no sign of him in the entire room.

Mingxi sat on the floor in disappointment. Maybe he had something important to do and went out. He was a big CEO. How could he have so much free time?

Mingxi moved her body and hid in the corner. Until she was close to the cold wall, she felt safe.

She hugged her legs and turned off the light. She allowed the darkness to bury her and devour her!

"Dad, you have to hold on. You can't leave me!" Mingxi whispered. Tears streamed down her face.

"Damned woman!" Xue Qijing cursed in a low voice. He took off his coat and threw it on the sofa. He went upstairs.

That stupid woman actually ignored his words and never returned. She actually went missing with him! It would be best if he caught her, or else he would make her suffer a fate worse than death.

Xue Qijing was just about to open the door when he heard rustling sounds coming from the room. He had been in the underworld for more than ten years. In addition to his special identity, his vigilance was naturally higher than ordinary people.

Could it be that his identity as the boss of the gang had been seen through?

Xue Qijing's expression turned cold. He carefully held the handle of the door, and then he suddenly pushed open the door and quickly turned on the light.

The room was instantly lit up. Mingxi was frightened by the sudden movement and shouted.

Xue Qijing was so angry that he wanted to kill someone when he saw the people in the room clearly. What was this woman doing? Did she not know to turn on the lights in the room? He didn't need her to save on the electricity bill.

She actually hid in her room, causing him to be easy to find outside. Furthermore, she activated everyone in the Xue family.

Xue Qijing's face was gloomy. Just as he was about to get angry, he saw the puddle of moisture on the ground in front of her. When he looked at her red and swollen eyes, his heart faintly ached. However, it was only for that instant. It was so short that he didn't notice it at all.

"Han Mingxi!" Xue Qijing gnashed his teeth and roared, "How dare you disobey my orders?"

Xue Qijing pulled her out of the corner of the wall with a gloomy face. He held her chin with one hand. "Do you know what happens if you disobey my orders? Are you tired of living?

Before he could finish, Mingxi's hot tears fell onto the back of his hand like raindrops. Xue Qijing was slightly surprised and frowned in confusion. He was not angry yet. Why was she crying like this? Could it be that something had happened?

"Han Mingxi, you..."

"Can you lend me a million? "I need money, I need a million. As long as you can give me money, I'm willing to do anything. I beg you to lend me a million!" Mingxi interrupted him and begged in tears.

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