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C2 Marriage 1

Mingxi was slightly shocked and her eyes widened as she looked at the handsome and evil man in front of her. Waiting for death? He actually said that she was waiting for death here? He wanted to kill her? Why did he want to kill me?

"Who are you?" Mingxi stared at the man.

The man suddenly pulled Mingxi's hair and pulled her body to his side. His cold voice was unable to hide his anger. He gnashed his teeth and said, "You actually dare to ask who I am? Sure enough, women like you only recognize money and not people. You don't even know the person you married. Hateful woman!"

What? Mingxi was completely dumbfounded. He, he was her husband, Xue Qijing? Mingxi stared at Xue Qijing with her round eyes in disbelief.

Xue Qijing, who was worth a hundred billion yuan, was one of the best in the financial world. He was evil and strange, cold and ruthless. Everyone in the world called him "Cold Face Asura. However, he was exceptionally handsome. Even if he was an Asura, there were countless rich socialites chasing after him just to be looked at by him.

"What's wrong? Are you surprised?" Xue Qijing smiled wickedly. His eyes were full of sarcasm. He pulled Mingxi over and lowered his head. A rough kiss landed on her moist red lips.

Mingxi was stunned again. He kissed her? He kissed her the first time they met? Are you for real! Didn't the rumors say that he never touched women? Didn't they say that he didn't touch anyone except Lyi Xue?

It was fine if he kissed her, but why didn't he kiss her properly? A wave of pain spread from their lips, and a strong smell of blood spread from their mouths.

"Don't you love Lyi Xue very much? How can you kiss other women casually?" Mingxi squeezed these words out of the gap between their lips in disgust.

Xue Qijing was furious. He pulled Mingxi up from the ground and grabbed her shoulders, shaking them wildly. "You actually dare to mention her? Since you know I love Lyi Xue, Why did you agree to marry me? Today was supposed to be the day for me to marry Lyi Xue, but it was ruined by you. Do you know? Because she could not accept me marrying someone else, she jumped off a building and committed suicide. "Are you happy and satisfied?"

What, what? Xue Qijing's favorite woman killed herself? Han Mingxi was so frightened that she fell into the luxurious but empty church. Her mind was blank.

She remembered seeing Hanxue in the newspaper a few days ago. Her smile was as beautiful as a flower. Mingxi was secretly envious in her heart at that time. She sighed that she was lucky, but she died? Was she killed by herself?

If time could reverse, if she knew Lyi Xue would commit suicide, she would never sign the agreement.

Xue Qijing looked at Mingxi with disdain. He looked at Mingxi who was crying non-stop. The seeds of hatred in his heart grew crazily. He wanted revenge.

"From the moment you signed the marriage agreement, you are destined to be a sinner. You killed her. If you dare to destroy my happiness, I will destroy you. " If I don't kick you into hell, I won't be Xue Qijing! "

Xue Qijing's cold voice spread in the church again. The emotionless voice made Mingxi a little absent-minded, as if she was in a trance. The irritable man she had just seen was just a mirage.

Xue Qijing picked Mingxi up from the ground without any gentleness and strode to the church. He walked towards the mansion on the opposite side.

Xue Qijing kicked open the door and walked in quickly. He threw Mingxi onto the bed and pressed her under him without taking off her clothes.

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