Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C20 Exchange Conditions
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C20 Exchange Conditions
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C20 Exchange Conditions

A million? Another one million! This woman actually dared to mention one million to him? Could it be that she did not know that one million had caused Lyi Xue's death and caused him to be unhappy for the rest of his life?

She still dared to mention it to him!!

Was the punishment and torture he gave her not cruel enough? It seemed like she wasn't just any ordinary splatter! To torment her like this, she actually dared to borrow a million from him!

Her lower jaw felt pain that was about to be crushed. Mingxi only bit her lips to endure and did not make a sound. She looked at Xue Qijing with teary eyes and begged, "Young Master, please lend me a million. I will remember your great kindness. In this life, in the next life, I will repay your great kindness in the next life. "I beg you, lend it to me!"

Thinking of his father's face, That face that she loved and relied on, Mingxi seemed to have gained some great courage. "Dad, you must hold on. Seeing that her daughter was working so hard, For the sake of everything, don't let everything your daughter has done go to waste, Father!

Mingxi reached out and grabbed Xue Qijing's clothes. If it wasn't for Xue Qijing's grip on his jaw, At this moment, perhaps she had already knelt down without any ambition or self-respect, begging, "Young master, I beg of you, lend it to me. As long as you lend it to me, I can do anything for you. Young master, I beg of you, pity me!"

Seeing Mingxi's humble begging look, Xue Qijing felt a wave of disgust in his heart. He narrowed his cold eyes into a line and carefully looked at the woman who begged him for a million yuan. The hatred in his heart grew stronger.

A woman who loves money, how terrifying! So detestable! For a million, she didn't care about anything. What a mess!

"I can give you money..." Xue Qijing shook off Mingxi's jaw and glanced at her in disgust.

Xue Qijing finally opened his mouth and finally agreed to lend her money.

Mingxi broke into laughter. Her father was saved, finally saved. She felt like she had fallen into the sea. Just as she was about to sink into despair, she caught a piece of floating wood.

Seeing the smile on Mingxi's face, Xue Qijing's mouth twitched. He would never allow this woman to have a moment of happiness, a moment of happiness, and a moment of happiness. She could only live in pain and darkness for the rest of her life, never to see light!

"Don't be happy too early. As for whether you can get a million, it depends on what you use in exchange!" Xue Qijing looked at Mingxi with disdain. His heart was boiling with anger. He really wanted to throw this money-loving woman into the sea and feed her to sharks.

"As long as you can lend me money, I'm willing to do anything. No matter what, I'm willing to do it!" Mingxi quickly replied. She was deeply afraid that Xue Qijing would regret and not feel her sincerity. She took a step forward and pulled his sleeve. Then, she desperately nodded.

This series of events had completely changed in someone's eyes. Xue Qijing cast a sidelong glance at Mingxi in disgust and said in a low voice, "Including selling you?"


Mingxi's smile froze on her face. She looked at Xue Qijing in shock. She shivered when she saw the smile on his face.

His smile was so cruel!

"Don't worry. You are a woman that I, Xue Qijing, have played with. I will not sell you." Xue Qijing saw the fear and fear in Mingxi's eyes. He leaned over. Whispered in her ear, As long as you do well tomorrow, I'll give you a million. Also, as long as I give the order, No matter where you are, no matter what you do, I have to be there in an hour. You cannot betray me, you cannot resist. "Can you do it?"

Mingxi was stunned after hearing Xue Qijing's words. She looked at him timidly. After a long while, she blinked her big eyes that were full of fear and intelligence and nodded. Xue Qijing saw that she was obedient but a little stupid. The corner of his mouth curled into a disdainful smile.

"What do you want me to do tomorrow?" After a long silence, Mingxi finally asked timidly.

Xue Qijing glanced at her coldly, then leaned over and whispered in her ear again. ... ""

Hearing his words, Mingxi's face instantly turned white, and she looked at Xue Qijing blankly.

"Can you do it?" Xue Qijing asked.

Mingxi bit her lips and lowered her head when she thought of her father and stepmother. She nodded.

Xue Qijing smiled coldly and looked at Mingxi with satisfaction for a while. Then he turned around and walked to the bathroom.

"Baby, if you are tired, go to bed early. Rest well. Tomorrow, you will be able to perform well!"

Mingxi heard Xue Qijing's words and closed her eyes in despair. She allowed her tears to flow freely. Then, she walked to the bed and looked at the floor that did not even have a pillow. She slowly fell asleep and her small body curled up in a ball.

The cold air emitted from the floor made her body, which had no temperature at all, tremble continuously. She was so cold. Not only was her body cold, her heart was even colder.

What she owed her, what she owed him, should be clearly explained. She should confess her crimes, in front of everyone...

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