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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C4 Face It with a Smile
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C4 Face It with a Smile

The next day, Mingxi woke up from the cold wind that poured in from outside the window. The cold wind mixed with the faint fragrance of roses, but she did not have the mood to savor it. Her heart was desolate.

Mingxi moved her body. It was as if her entire body was falling apart. Suddenly, she felt an intense pain. Her body that was covered with dark green seemed to remind her of what happened last night. Enduring the pain, she pulled a white towel over and wrapped her body that was full of injuries. She endured the discomfort and walked towards the bathroom.

However, just as she walked a few steps, Mingxi was attracted by a huge photo in the room.

The wall of the luxurious room was pasted with a picture the size of the wall. The person in the picture was none other than Lyi Xue.

Her back was facing the blue sea. The sea breeze blew her straight hair up. Although she was carrying the sun on her back, it could not stop the sweet smile on her face. That smile was so pure that it didn't even mix with any impurities.

Mingxi trembled as she approached the photo. She raised her hand to touch Lyi Xue's smiling face. She was the one who caused her death. She was a sinner. How could she make up for her sins?

However, before her hand could touch the photo, her trembling hands were grabbed by a pair of warm hands.

"Don't use your hands to sully Lyi Xue!" Xue Qijing said, gritting his teeth. His sharp eyes gave Mingxi a warning look.

Mingxi quickly withdrew her hand and said in a trembling voice, "I'm sorry. I didn't do it on purpose. I just controlled it for a moment. So..."

"Enough!" Xue Qijing scolded impatiently. He glanced at Mingxi and saw her lowering her head as if she had done something wrong. The anger in his heart could not help but rise, "Put on your clothes and report to the hall!"

With that said, Xue Qijing turned around and left the room.

From this day onwards, she would be living in the depths of fire and water. From today onwards, she was just a dog he fed in the Xue family, a dog that only knew how to struggle and not bite.

Mingxi followed Xue Qijing's instructions and took a shower and put on her clothes before reporting to the main hall. Because she felt that since he and Lyi Xue loved each other so much, Lyi Xue was dead. Then she would return what she owed her to him!

Mingxi lost her balance and took a few steps back fiercely. If she did not hold onto the handrail of the stairs, She had fallen to the ground.

Mingxi looked up in horror at the source of the ferocious voice. A slightly plump woman in her forties, wearing glasses, stood in front of her with her arms akimbo. Judging from her attire, she should be a maid or something, but she should be a little more advanced than the other maids.

Xue Qijing quietly drank the milk and read the newspaper, as if he did not hear her at all.

"Why are you standing here? Aren't you going to work? Young master has ordered that from today onwards, you will be the maid of the Xue family."

Mingxi was stunned by the woman's voice. The maid? She was demoted to a maid?

Xue Qijing finally moved. He got up gracefully but did not look at Mingxi as he went out the door.

Then he heard the car start the engine.

Mingxi's heart was desolate. However, it was only for a moment. She pulled out a smile and looked at the woman and said, "I will go right away!"

No matter what she met, she would smile and accept it, because she owed her, and she owed him!

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