Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C5 Low-drank Servant 1
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C5 Low-drank Servant 1
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C5 Low-drank Servant 1

Four high-class business cars pulled up in front of the building, attracting the attention of countless passersby.

The driver quickly got out of the car and opened the door respectfully. Xue Qijing got out of the car. As soon as he got out of the car, he immediately attracted the excited screams of the girls on the roadside. Behind him, 12 bodyguards dressed in black got out of the three cars neatly.

Xue Qijing did not even look at the infatuated women by the road as he walked into the building.

"Grandpa, where is Lyi Xue?" Xue Qijing asked loudly before he walked into the office.

Yesterday, when he heard that Lyi Xue had committed suicide, he immediately rushed to the hospital. However, he did not see Lyi Xue's body. He heard from the hospital that Xue Yuantian had removed Lyi Xue's body. No matter what, he must see Lyi Xue one last time. Even if it was a cold body, he wanted to take a look!

Xue Yuantian did not raise his head and looked at the document in his hand.


Seeing that Xue Yuantian did not take his words to heart, Xue Qijing angrily raised his hand and heavily punched the desk. He glared at Xue Yuantian with anger in his eyes.

Xue Yuantian glanced at Xue Qijing, pushed the glasses on his nose, and said slowly, "Qi Jing, do you still think of me as your grandfather?"

He had known since he was young that his grandfather was biased. He only loved his half-brother.

"Grandpa, tell me, where did you transfer Lyi Xue to?" Xue Qijing did not want to talk nonsense with him. He only wanted to know where Lyi Xue was today. He had sent people to check all the funeral homes and cemeteries in the city, but there were no clues. He wanted to see her one last time. Could it be that such a simple wish could not be fulfilled?

Xue Yuantian took off his glasses and rubbed his temples. He looked at Xue Qijing with extreme headache, "You just got married. Stay at home with Mingxi. As for Lyi Xue, she is not suitable for you, so from today onwards, don't ask anything about her. But don't worry, I have already buried Lyi Xue."

Xue Qijing looked at Xue Yuantian with hatred. The corner of his mouth was shaking violently. Bury? Not suitable? Don't ask? Xue Qijing's life would never allow others to interfere and make arrangements.

"Grandpa, very good!" Xue Qijing turned around and left the office in anger. He did not want to continue asking because he knew that no matter how he asked, there would be no result. Since his grandfather did not say anything, he naturally had a way to find out where Lyi Xue was.

It was just that he would place all of this on Han Mingxi that woman. If it was not for her signing the marriage agreement, Lyi Xue would not have jumped off the building to commit suicide. Thinking of this, Xue Qijing angrily strode out of the building and headed straight for the Xue family villa.

Mingxi struggled to carry a bucket of water to the third floor. Her face was completely red. It was not easy to reach the third floor. She wiped the floor with a rag before she could catch her breath. Today, she did not finish wiping the third floor. There was still the second floor, the first floor...

Thinking of this, Mingxi sped up her actions. She had to be quick. She had to wipe the floor clean before Xue Qijing came back. Otherwise, he would get angry again. She could not let him get angry, because she owed him enough.

After a moment, it was time to change the water. Mingxi carried the dirty water and hurried downstairs. However, when she was the last ladder on the first floor, her feet slipped and she fell heavily onto the ground along with the bucket in her hand.

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