Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C6 Low-drank Servant 2
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C6 Low-drank Servant 2
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C6 Low-drank Servant 2

At the same time, the sound of a car turning off came from outside the door.

Mingxi stared at the door. Her big watery eyes were full of fear. Three seconds later, she quickly got up. She did not care about the pain on her body. She grabbed the rag and started dancing on the ground.

She had to clean up the mess before Xue Qijing entered the door. Otherwise... the consequences would be unimaginable.

Looking at the dirty water that was spreading all over the ground, Mingxi's heart was burning with anxiety.

"I will help you!" Just as Mingxi was feeling anxious, a sweet voice entered her ears. Mingxi looked up in shock at the source of the voice.

A maid who looked to be 17 or 18 years old smiled sweetly at her and squatted on the ground to join the ranks of wiping the floor.

Mingxi's heart was moved and her eyes could not help but turn red. Today, finally someone was willing to talk to her. There was finally someone who reached out to help her. In this vast and deserted mansion, she finally found a little comfort, a little warmth.

"Thank you!" Mingxi gratefully smiled at the maid, then buried her head and quickly wiped the floor.

"Ah!" Mingxi was scared by the maid's voice and looked up at the maid in panic.

Xue Qijing stared at Mingxi with anger. Seeing the fear in her eyes, he smiled. What he wanted... What he wanted was her fear. He wanted her to live in fear and not be safe for the rest of her life.

Xue Qijing moved his eyes away and glanced at the dirty water on the ground. He then looked at the small hand under his feet.

Hearing the little maid's scream, all the servants of the Xue family thought that something big had happened and gathered in the hall. When they saw Xue Qijing stepping on the little maid's hand with a dark face, they all took a deep breath.

"Ugh..." The little maid finally could not help but groan in pain.

The little maid's painful groan pulled Mingxi back to her senses. Mingxi quickly got up and pulled the corner of Xue Qijing's clothes, begging, "Young master, it was me who dirtied the floor, not her. She was just kind enough to help me wipe the floor! I want you to punish me and let her go."

Seeing the maid bite her lips in pain, Mingxi felt very uncomfortable in her heart. The Xue family was the first person to treat her well. She must not let anything happen to her.

Xue Qijing glanced at the anxious Mingxi. Seeing her pitiful appearance, the anger in his heart burned even more. This woman was really good at disguising and buying people's hearts. It had only been a day. Someone was willing to clean the floor with her. What ability did she have to make her usually strict grandfather take a fancy to her and choose her as his' wife '?

He wanted to see how she could' bribe 'people under his nose.

Xue Qijing glanced at the little maid kneeling on the ground, then looked at the little hand that was bleeding under his feet. A low and gloomy voice lingered in the spacious hall, "From today onwards, she is the lowest maid in Xue family. You are not allowed to interfere with all the chores. Anyone who dares to help, get out of here immediately!"

After the maid heard that, she replied at the same time, "Yes!" Then, they all looked at Mingxi with hatred. Because of this lowly woman, they almost all suffered. Didn't she know that once the young master got angry, no one would have a good life?

Mingxi retreated a few steps in fear. Heavens, what kind of situation had she fallen into? Why did she feel that the people around her were all devils without any favors?

Xue Qijing moved his foot away from the maid and walked towards Mingxi. He forced her to the corner of the wall and then pinched her jaw. He said coldly, "Do you know what hell is like? Do you know what it feels like to fall into hell? I will let you have a taste of what it feels like to fall into hell!" After saying that, Xue Qijing picked Mingxi up and quickly walked upstairs.

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