Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C8 Brand 2 on Her Body
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C8 Brand 2 on Her Body
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C8 Brand 2 on Her Body


Mingxi was completely stunned on the spot. Her round eyes looked at Xue Qijing in disbelief. She did not believe that this sentence came out of his mouth.

Mingxi stood rooted to the ground, her eyes filled with fear. She had only kissed once, and it was Xiangyu who had taken the initiative to kiss her. She was stunned on the spot, her mind blank. By the time she understood what was going on, the kiss had already ended.

Seeing Mingxi's hesitation, she did not know if it was anger or something else. Xue Qijing suddenly tightened his grip on her jaw and said through gritted teeth, "Don't pretend to be reserved in front of me. What kind of woman are you? I know better than anyone. I don't have time to waste with you right now! Didn't you want to atone for your sins? Didn't you want to repent? "Didn't you want to make me happy?"

He didn't believe that he wouldn't be able to tear off her mask. Let's see how long she can pretend...

Xue Qijing paused. He saw that her eyes were flickering and the corner of her mouth was raised wickedly. "I heard that your parents..."

Hearing that it was related to their parents, Mingxi hurriedly replied, "Don't, don't hurt them!"

Xue Qijing smiled. Actually, he was just casually saying. What did her parents have to do with him? However, seeing how nervous she was, he suddenly became interested and went to investigate her background. If her parents knew what she did, what kind of scene would it be? He was looking forward to it!

"Since you don't want me to hurt them, then serve me now! Baby, I can't wait to see the other 'different' you!" Xue Qijing emphasized the word 'you'. His eyes were cold and domineering.

He hated this woman. He wanted to show her ugliness in front of the world and make her a laughing stock.

"Han Mingxi..." Xue Qijing gritted his teeth and growled. He stared at Mingxi angrily. He could see that she was struggling in pain. Other than anger, there was also contempt.

He did not know if she was pretending to be like this.

"Ha!" Xue Qijing saw that she did not have any intention of taking action and sneered. He got up and prepared to leave, but just as he got up, Mingxi suddenly pulled him back.

"I... I... I will do... But can you not hurt my parents?"

Their parents were seriously ill and were receiving treatment in the hospital. They could not afford to be harmed at all.

Xue Qijing smiled and glanced at her with hatred. He said lightly, "Let's begin!"

Mingxi bit her red lips in pain and clenched her small fists tightly. She glanced at Lyi Xue who was smiling brightly like the sun on the wall. She closed her eyes and kissed Xue Qijing's cold lips in humiliation.

She was a sinner and she had committed an unforgivable mistake. So use everything she has to repay, including that little bit of pride...

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