Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C9 Branding 3 on Your Body
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Satan CEO’s Contract Bride/C9 Branding 3 on Your Body
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C9 Branding 3 on Your Body

A soft and cold feeling came from her lips, causing Mingxi's heart to instantly freeze into ice. Her heart was desolate.

She quickly "kissed" Xue Qijing. This kiss was unfamiliar and inexperienced. It only stopped on the surface.

Xue Qijing knitted his brows. He did not know if she did it on purpose or something. She randomly pecked his lips. How could it be considered a kiss? It was just a perfunctory act.

"Han Mingxi, what are you doing? Do you know how to kiss?" Xue Qijing growled through gritted teeth.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry... I'll try my best!" Mingxi hurriedly apologized. It must be because she did not know how to kiss, so it hurt him. So she immediately relaxed her movements and gently kissed him.

In an instant, Mingxi's face turned red to her neck. She was so embarrassed that she wanted to immediately find a hole to hide in. While recalling how Xiangyu kissed her back then, she carefully comforted Xue Qijing's emotions that were about to erupt.

Unfortunately, the kiss had come too suddenly and left too quickly. She had no idea what it was like to kiss, let alone remember how to kiss someone. Damn it, does this woman know how to kiss? Xue Qijing rolled his eyes in his heart. He pushed Mingxi away and tried hard to suppress the anger in his heart, "Remember, I will only demonstrate it once."

He seemed to be wrong. How could this woman who looked too ordinary have the right to attract men? He wanted to stop, but found that he could not.

Xue Qijing looked at Mingxi, who was shocked and stunned at the side. He pulled her into his arms and sealed her lips. The agile yet domineering tip of his tongue pushed away Mingxi's tightly clenched teeth due to her nervousness. It rolled up her small tongue, which she had dodged due to fright, and tasted her sweet scent.

He had never known that this woman's taste was so sweet. The thought of rejecting her earlier was immediately overthrown. Such a sweet woman was something that no man could resist.

Xue Qijing left Mingxi's lips. "Have you learned it now?" Seeing Mingxi's shocked face, Xue Qijing could not help rolling his eyes again. Heavens, he met a white-eyed woman.

Mingxi only regained her senses after a long while. She saw the anger in Xue Qijing's eyes and nodded unconsciously. She really hadn't learned it yet.

"Then, let's continue now!" Xue Qijing said through gritted teeth. If it weren't for the fact that she was too sweet and his infatuation with her taste, he would never have let her touch him again.

Mingxi nervously moved her small face closer to Xue Qijing and carefully kissed his lips. She carefully imitated his actions and opened his teeth.

A fragrance that was like a tea flower drowned Xue Qijing. Mingxi's inexperience and unfamiliarity made him palpitate.

Xue Qijing cooperated very gently and responded to her awkward kiss, as if he was afraid that it would scare her.

In this kiss, he forgot his hatred, his revenge, his torture, and also forgot Lyi Xue. He was only immersed in the fragrance.

Xue Qijing felt an inexplicable heat all over his body. He frowned and increased his grip on Mingxi's shoulder.

Mingxi gasped in pain, but Xue Qijing quickly took off her wet clothes and carried her out of the bathroom. Just as Mingxi was placed on the bed, the bedroom light suddenly turned off and the entire room fell into darkness.

In the darkness, Xue Qijing quickly took off his clothes, and his tall and sturdy body pressed down on Mingxi's petite body.

The kiss spread crazily again. Mingxi opened her eyes in a daze. There was darkness in front of her eyes and she could not see anything. This was like the night Xiangyu sent her home on the eve of the college entrance exam. He kissed her, just like this kiss now. It was gentle and warm. "Xiangyu, you're back, aren't you?" Mingxi blurted out.

Xue Qijing trembled after she said that. His gentle and misty eyes suddenly turned sharp. Even the darkness could not block them.

"Han Mingxi!" Xue Qijing got off the bed and pulled out the lamp. He glared at the woman who was lying on the bed and did not know what was going on. This woman dared to call another man's name on his bed. She was tired of living.

Xue Qijing jumped onto the bed and grabbed Mingxi's hair. He said gloomily, "She is really a slut. Is she missing a man? "Didn't I satisfy you last night? Then I'll satisfy you now!"

After saying that, she flipped her body over and sat on top of her body. She lost her gentleness and anger. She straightened her back and directly invaded her sacred territory.

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