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C10 Its Fun Time

It's Fun Time


" Alright brother, I accept you won today", I finally gave in, "I know full well his going to win the bet so what's the point of taking the bet, I better just accept the gift. Truly, I know I haven't been having fun for some time now".

" Yes, finally my Dimitro is now a man today, will send the maids to get you when everything is set, how many ladies do you wish to take to bed", he asked.

I rolled my eyeballs, folded my hands, and replied to him saying, " just one is enough brother and I hope you still know my taste though it's long I had fun"

" Sure, I know exactly, bye for now" he left.

I entered my coffin to rest a little before the fun starts.

I wonder why a witch should wipe off his memory, I hate the fact my mother blood flows in my veins, I always feel it whenever magic is performed.



The maid came in as usual and I knew its time for fun.

I headed to the exact room the fun was taking place, others were there also having fun, I took my seat, feeling my eyes with everything taking place.

" Have some drink", my brother gave me some shot to take and I loosen up a bit to have fun, I took more liquor.

" Dimitro I need to attend to my bitches, look over there", he pointed." She will be waiting for you, have fun".

A wow escaped my lips, " Gustavo is the best even if I hate him most of the time, the lady in question is my spec, I love having fun with someone like her".

I walked to her and said," Care for some drinks", she nodded saying," Yes I do, how do you know my glass is empty already". She said this while I sat filling her glass. " Just love being there when needed, I know you needed some", I said.

"Thank you, so tell me handsome, are you having fun?", she threw the question at me in a flirty tone, she bites her lips making her look sexier to me.

I know what exactly she is driving at, " Not yet but since you are here, let's have fun".

I took her to my room, locked the door as she made the first move to kiss me, the kissing became so deep that I used my speed taking her close to the wall as I continue kissing her and taking off her clothes in seconds as she did same.

I used my speed again taking her to the bed and taking off her undies as she moaned so roughly.

I bent her from behind from which I got the perfect position to thrust in, she moaned aloud begging me to take a break, " Am sorry honey, you just choose to have fun with a sex lord".

I miss this so much, I enjoyed every bit of it and she did as well cause she wanted more and more of me, we finished and slept off.



I dreamt about the person I truly love and lost, I screamed in fear, waking up, I saw the lady I had fun with beside me and I said," it's just a dream and all in the past now"


We finally got a plan on how to deal with the mean girls, but for now let me focus on my outing with Gael," What's taking his time, I thought he just wanted to pay for the ticket to the movie we came to watch", I kept on soliloquizing.

" Sorry I took much time", I heard Gael's voice behind me, " It's okay, can we go in to watch now?", I asked facing him.

"Why are you not responding," I said again when I notice he didn't say a thing to the question I asked.

" Am sorry Amelia, the movie you wished to watch is not on the time table for today, I bought a ticket for the movie titled;' His Vampire Lust', I know you hate paranormal stories but we can still get another ticket if you don't wish to watch this ".

I had to frown at this situation, " He knows how much I hate vampire stories or the wolves stories, yet he still insists to get the ticket for it, should I watch or not?."

I concluded to watch so he won't be unhappy, we being here is to celebrate the victory of winning," Okay no problem Gael, why sorry, is not your fault, okay!! you aren't the timetable, let's just watch the movie you paid for", I said calmly and softly.

" Oh thank you, Amelia, am so much relive now that you are okay with it, let me get you popcorn"

" Least I forget, I don't share my popcorn when watching a movie, so you should get yours?"

" Yes milady, I don't feel like taking popcorn but I feel later I might want to eat when the movie gets more interesting and I wouldn't want any issue with you, so it's best I just get mine," he said smiling sheepishly.

We entered the place we are to watch the movie, "let's sit in the middle" I said. " Sure milady", he accepted.

We sat down waiting for the movie to start, immediately after the light went off, the movie started.

" I know when someone stares at me in the dark, stop staring and focus on the movie Gael", I said to him.

" Am sorry, I just wanted to hold you while watching, hoping one day you accept me into your life."

"Here he goes again, I need to change this topic, this is exactly one of the reasons I argued on not coming but because we are friends I accepted."

" Gael you are distracting me, lets watch it seems interesting."

" Sorry for distracting ", he pleaded.

We continue watching, it got to a part in the movie when a handsome guy took a girl out of the club, they started kissing deep, I thought of something, " When will I ever have my first kiss and with whom".

The girl screamed out loud in the movie as the young man turn out to be a vampire, he bites her neck as he started drinking her blood, I got scared myself but Gael held my hands and said, " Drama Queen, it's just a movie okay".

" I felt okay a little".



We finished watching the movie and I must say it's so scary.

" Thanks for today Gael, I will be going home now" I appreciated him and he responded, " It's nothing at all, I should be thanking you, I know how stubborn you are and am lucky you came"

We both laughed, he boarded a taxi for me to go home, he told me I should message him when I get home which I did.

My parents were already fast asleep, I had my bath and put on my night wares, I took out my phone to send a text, " Am home now and safe, thanks for today, good night dear friend".

He texted back and said, " Stop thanking me, I just got home as well, the movie got more interesting because you were there with me, sleep well dear"

My cheek became red, I fell on my bed and I slept off.



" ahhhh help me, help me", I shouted in pains, " Please someone come to my rescue, he's going to feed on me"


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