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C11 Pay Back


I got so scared, the monster had me and be transformed into a Lycan, I screamed and my friends around did the same thing.

Opening my eyes still screaming, I was sweating profusely, then I saw my mom sitting close to me on my bed looking worried as she tried calming me down.

" My little pumpkin are you alright, your scream made me come here as fast as I could, you kept calling for help, bad dreams right"

" Yea mother, I thought the monster is going to tear me apart mom, it looks so real", I said in a low tone almost shedding tears.

" Monster? Make momma understand okay?".

" I had a dream, that I was stuck in an unknown place I never knew existed, it was a scary night for me"

Mom looked at me differently and said," Seems the movies you have been watching lately it's affecting you, my child, how can you say, you were stuck in another world, it's okay, now go get ready for school, you don't wish to be late".

" Alright mom", she left. " Could mom be right, the movie I watched last night might be affecting me, but it looks so real, I felt I was going to die immediately, I don't wish to dream of something like this ever again."

I headed straight to the bathroom to freshen up, putting on my uniforms, I bid goodbye to mom on my way out.

" Sweetie, won't you have breakfast before leaving for school"?

"Mom is late already, am so sorry", I pleaded.

" Fine, like father like daughter, your dad left early saying he has something urgent to meet up, he skipped breakfast and you too are missing breakfast as well, I guess am unlucky today". She spoke sadly.

" Come on mom, it's not our fault okay, I love you, I need to go".




Sofia, Chloe, and I sat in the garden talking about the plans we agreed to do with the mean girls when Chloe changed the topic.

" So Amelia how did it go?" she asked looking at me expecting much from me.

" I don't understand your question Chloe".

" Silly head, I mean the movie night with cute Gael," she said blinking her eyes.

" Well, it was good, though we had to watch a vampire movie which I hate the most".

Sofia interrupted me," That's not the question she asked, she meant how did the night go with him, was it super fun?".

" Oh you girls, I hate you both, how could you think of that, anyway he's just my friend, after the movie, I boarded a taxi home, so what about you two, you refuse to watch a movie with us?" I threw them a question as well.

" We went clubbing and it was fun, wished you came in, we met hot guys, the one night stand was the best I had".Chloe replied.

" What? you slept with someone you met at the club?".

" Anything wrong, I had fun".

" You two need a counselor, anyway back to why we are here, I got the leaf powder already for Martina".

" Nice one, all we need to do is to get perfect timing, I got the rubber snake to scare Julieta," said Chloe.

" I can't wait to record the whole thing mostly the look she will be having on her face, I got enough banana peel for Catalina but I would suggest the leader suffers more, will apply the leaf powder close to the peels on the ground so immediately she slips, her skin will come in contact with the leaves," Sofia added as well.

I clapped, " Perfecto, I love you all Starlight, let's get to work."

We decided to start with Julieta, we followed her to the female toilet without her noticing, she entered to ease herself while we placed the snake on the floor so immediately she comes out, she will be frightened.

When she finished from the toilet, she came out to wash her hands, she hasn't seen it yet then plan B, Sofia had to create awareness.

" Julieta looks behind you", Sofia said to her.

" Ahhh snakes, help, someone help me please, I hate snakes, God please help me".

We started laughing out so loud, she almost entered the wall, we tag the video in our school group saying," Our lovely Julieta is not just afraid of rats but a baby snake".

We moved to the next person Martina at the cafeteria, Sofia threw a rubber spider at her to spread the leaf on her skin by moving around her body and falls off.

We all got set to record the whole thing that is about to start.

Few minutes she scream out, scratching all over her body, she had to take off her school shirt and almost her skirt when her supposed boyfriend came and took her out of the crowd.

We couldn't stop laughing, now two videos are trending today in the school group, firstly Julieta, second Martina. It's time for the leader Catalina.

We met her at the library, everything was set already, she steps on the banana peels slipping off the floor, then her body rubs the leaf on the floor.

I walked to her saying, " Too bad, you did not check the floor properly before using your foot on it", I mocked her, she stood up trying to hit me when her body started itching her all over.

She almost tears as she kept on scratching her body then I said, " No one dares me and go scot-free".

Everyone who saw just happened started laughing out loud, we uploaded the video, now the mean girls club all got my payback.

They came to meet us and said, Starlight you won today but I promise you, we are going to win you back and you will even plead", said Catalina.

" I love your boldness, let's watch and see", I said.

They left embarrass as we started singing together then Gael cleared his throat.

" Seems the Starlight had much fun today".

"Sure we did", I replied.


Father held the party as promised, the reason for the party had two purposes, firstly for me to search for my mate and secondly for the peaceful exchange that took place.

Santiago came as usual saying, " Lorenzo let's go have some fun, hopefully, you find your mate like your father said but don't tell me you won't have some bitches tonight".

I replied to him saying, " Santiago you how I love and respect my father right".

" Yes I do know that", he said.

"Then you should know I hate disrespecting my father, he wants me to find my Luna, I must do as he said".

He looked at me confused, he never expected such words from me but I was just trying to prank him.

" You look surprised".

" Yes you do but you right, you need to respect your father", he added.

" And secondly obeying father's words does not stop me from getting bitches, I can't just leggo of those sexy bitches tonight, besides father never made mention not to have fun with some ladies".

He smiled and said," I should have known you have been playing with me, now let's go"

We entered the hall, everyone dancing to the rhythm of the music then I remembered what my father said earlier today, "Lorenzo when you see your mate tonight, you will know she is the one".

I took more drink as I joined the fun, I already picked two ladies I will be taking to my room tonight but I couldn't smell a fellow Lycan like me.

" Could it be that have lost my Lycan being, should I believe what Dimitro said to me during the exchange or not"?

I know my luna isn't here, I took both ladies to my room, making out with them.

I left at midnight to the place I discovered I was naked which means that was the last place I transformed.

I took out my precious dagger and cut my palm then blood started gushing out.

" I hope this works, believing my enemy".


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