Scary Night, Stuck In His World/C12 Getting His Lycan Being
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Scary Night, Stuck In His World/C12 Getting His Lycan Being
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C12 Getting His Lycan Being

Getting His Lycan Being


I started spilling my blood on the ground surface, feeling stupid as well believing my enemy and doing as I was told by him.

Then I felt a great breeze all over me, then my blood I just spilled on the floor disappeared then my palm recovered back quickly, and the bleeding stopped.

I started feeling myself again, I felt the strength of my Lycan being taking control of me this time around, I started transforming into one, then I became a full Lycan, my self is back and restored.

I waited a little longer while thinking some memories might come back on how I lost my Lycan being but it turned out I got nothing.

After I waited for like an hour, I had to leave the woods heading back to the castle, we were supposed to live in the woods with our packs but since the vampire was driven, the castle now becomes our home and a symbol of real royalty.

I entered to meet the ladies I left in my room, they were still sleeping, watching them because I couldn't sleep, "should I say I owe Dimitro a favor or not?", I thought about the whole thing, " Well truth be told, I never asked for his help, his my enemy so I don't owe him a damn thing."

I joined the ladies sleeping on the bed when a thought hit my mind," How did Dimitro knows about this easily, even my father the alpha along with others never noticed it, how come he did and also knows steps to take to get back my state, I just hope a witch is not involved here".




Father requested my presence for wood hunting," Thank the stars he didn't request for this when I lost my lycan being".

During the wood hunting, father asked a question, " So tell me, Lorenzo, did you find your Luna yesterday?"

" I should have known this was the question he wishes to ask of me", I said silently.

" Not yet father".

" Lorenzo soon we are planning to attack our enemies before they do so first, what if I never make it, you will become the alpha of the pack and you will need your luna beside you always and to have more strength".

" Father you call mother your Luna yet you lock her behind bars, you only free her to pretend during festival periods, if truly mother is your strength, I will never do such to my Luna". I said in a harsh tone.

" Enough of your mother Lorenzo"

"What did she ever do to you that you choose never to forgive her?"

"I said enough of this, your mother isn't worth the name Luna, I just hope your mate wasn't killed during the last war that took place cause its taking forever for you to find her".He said changing the topic.

" I don't need a Luna", I said angrily and leaving his presence with full speed"

" I need to ask my mother a few questions, hope she tells me everything that transpires between her and father, I wish for a happy life with them both".


Waking up, "Seems the lady took me off guard leaving so early", I said.

I put on my wears and decided to leave to see father," I believe he still has something important to tell me about?"

" Guess you enjoyed last night brother?", Gustavo said.

" Of cause brother, but the bitch you brought left without letting me know", I replied.

"You don't need her anymore, if you need to have more fun, I can get you bitches sexier than her."

"Thanks, brother but hell no, am going to see father"

"Well, you still haven't told me what you and Lorenzo discussed. When are you planning to tell me or are they planning to attack us soon? did he threatened you".

" None of the above brothers, we didn't even discuss much, we are enemies remember?"

" Sometimes brother you behave so weakly, I asked the bitch to leave early so you won't endanger her life".

I looked at him in a confused manner," What do you mean weak brother".

"I know you Dimitro, you might end up falling for the bitch, you couldn't save Esther your lover from the hands of that beast, I believe you stood there watching your lover been killed and you did nothing, now you had the opportunity facing the monster that did it and you did not avenge her death".

"He sure knows how to make me feel guilty and I know he loves Esther just like me but she loves just me back in return", I said mentally.

I pushed him with force to the wall, " Don't ever call me weak, I can kill you for years inside my coffin, you piss me off brother, killing him at the front line will cause war don't you think"

He attacked me back saying, " Yes I do think, we were ever ready for war and know this, I will make sure no lady falls in love with you, we can't lose another vampire because of your foolishness brother". He left.

I cried silently, "I miss Esther, I wasn't even able to save you, I don't deserve love as my brother said, am so sorry my love, am sorry, I didn't even get your body for a proper burial, please human just remain in my dream, you would be in danger coming to reality, I don't want someone I love killed again".

After some minutes I was able to put myself together, I stood up and wiped off the tears.

My countenance was sad, I headed to my father's chamber where he was busy reading, as usual, he deserves the title Primus.

" Dimitro what are you doing here without knocking".

" I came to see my father the Primus and I don't need to knock before coming in".

My countenance became happy because of my father and I sat with him.

" what are you reading father?".

" An ancient book about the two worlds", he answered.

"Father you promise to tell me about some truths".

" I haven't forgotten that my son, I would surely send for you when I decide to tell you okay".

" Father you know how curious I am to know about everything".

" Just continue to be the noble Dimitro, soon I will reveal somethings to tell you, let me tell you a story about the other world."

" Well since I can't get the stuff am curious to know about, I think I would love to hear the story, father, am all ears".

"Now let me tell you how we got connected to that world".


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