Scary Night, Stuck In His World/C3 Breaking Boundaries
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Scary Night, Stuck In His World/C3 Breaking Boundaries
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C3 Breaking Boundaries

Breaking Boundary


I left Gustavo after passing the information to him, I headed to my special room, opened the coffin, and went in without closing it, then I shut my eyes to relax for some hours.

I kept having some nightmares about a girl have never seen in my life, no one in my race has her face and I doubt if she is a Lycan.

The question that kept playing in my head was," who is she?

" Does she even exist?"

The maid assigned to me came in with my drink, as usual, dropping it at the table and said," Your highness, sorry for disturbing your rest but your father wants you for an important meeting at the hall"

I opened my eyes, she got frightened, " thanks for the information, anything else"

"He said you should come with your brother", she added, " alright, you can take your leave"

" Thank you, your highness", she left.

I said to myself," I hope the meeting should bring a solution to the latest things happening now, I don't want the war to break out of this at all"

I came out of the coffin and had my drink the maid left behind, I informed my brother who was still busy having sex and we both headed straight to the hall for the meeting.

We greeted our elders and father, then we sat in our rightful position, my father Primus addressed us all as the meeting started.

" Now let's go straight to the reason I called for you all, we must have heard that our kids got kidnapped by our enemy, the lycans "

My father paused as he watched some elders murmuring among themselves and others who are privileged to attend the meeting.

My father continued," the report got to me from my guards, we got to the scene where they got taken and notice the smell of the Lycans, this simply means they crossed their boundary to kidnap our kinds "

Something seems off, the lycans can never come to our territory to kidnap our kind, could it be done on purpose. Father snapped me out of my thought as he continues

" But we noticed the other kidnap that took place was closed to the boundary that separates us from our enemy, so elders what do you all think we should do?"

One of the elders stood up and said," the two kidnaps you just mentioned, simply means either our kinds crossed the boundary or they crossed the boundary, we don't know if they are maltreating them now or if they are dead, I suggest we kidnap some lycans as well"

"This can't be the right step to take ", I voiced out, " taking their kinds hostage might lead to war"

The door opened and we smelled the scent of the Lycans, this made our eyes turned red, some black, then our sharp teeth came out ready for a fight, only to see the Lycans chained by our kinds and brought in by the elders

" Why do you have the Lycans here", father asked and the elder responded to the er's question.

" At the scene,e went to my lord, I sniffed the smells of the Lycans after you left. I informed some others to go with me, we waited till they changed to their human state, that is the only way we can get them, seems they got injured, making them weak"

This made most of the elders happy, father concluded the meeting by saying," send words to the Lycans, write to them to return our kinds in one piece as we do same, we don't want war" father kept on talking as the writer in the meeting put his words into writing.

The meeting was over and others left, and they took the Lycans captured into one of our prisons made up of Crystallites and silver making it difficult for them to transform and escape.

The elder sent the letter making use of Ravi; a bird, and we hoped to hear from them soon before deciding on what next steps we are going to take.


We finished the punishment assigned to us, the mean girls left, I bid goodbye to my friends, can't wait to see them the next day.

"Am so stressed out, once I get home, I will just have a cold bath, take some snacks, and sleep, I hate the mean girls"

I took a walk till I got a taxi and told him the address of my place and we zoomed off to my destination.

I came down from the taxi and gave him his payment. " I just hope mom and dad won't trouble me".

Looking at myself, I know I look terrible now, they will easily predict I got into a fight.

I breathed in and out," Amelia you got this, just say, you fell down the staircase in school when running and mistakenly the person's food poured on my uniform that's why I have stains. Perfecto, I hope they buy it."

I opened the door and saw my parents watching a TV show, immediately they noticed my presence, dad turned it off and mom raised her eyebrows looking at me, I know they want some explanations.

" Dad, mom I had a great day at school am so tired right now"

Their eyes still on me, they are really scary.

" I fell off the staircase in school and mistakenly hit a student holding her food, the food poured on me, that's why I have such stains on my uniform," I told them.

I expected them to buy the ideas, I kept on holding my skirt in fear.

" Amelia what happened in school, we both know you are lying right now", mom said in an unhappy tone.

Dad added to it saying," I don't know where you got this attitude of yours, you are not just stubborn but love picking a fight at school, for heaven sake, this is your final section at high school, do you want a repeat"

" Am sorry mom and dad, they started it, I just defended myself, please I need to go in now and freshen up, am tired, the principal gave us the punishment that made me so stressed out"

They looked at me unhappy and I walked to my room," I don't think they know how it feels for those mean girls to get on someone's nerves all the time.

I pulled my uniform," thank goodness I have two uniforms, I will give this to the laundryman at his shop when going to school tomorrow to work on it."

I entered the bathroom and put on the shower, I had a cold bath then I tied my towel around my chest and came out of the bathroom, I put on my pajamas and fluffy slippers.

I went to the kitchen, opened the fridge, took out can noodle and microwave them, ate at the dinner table, and headed to bed.

I was about sleeping when Gael called me on phone, I groaned at this cause he just ruined my rest.

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