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C4 His Crush

His Crush


I slide the phone to answer his call, " I didn't see you today at the basketball training court, guess you left early?"

How to wish he knows how tired I am, he won't bother himself calling me and bringing up this topic, I know him very well after we end a topic, he comes up with another one and his good at talking for hours without getting tired.

" We had a fight with the mean girls and got punished for it, that's the reason you didn't see us at the basketball court," I said tiredly to him on call.

He laughed on the phone, " Starlight and Mean girls, when will you both ever agree, sorry about that anyway"

Is he for real now, that's all he has to say, well maybe because they don't get on his nerves?

" We have doubled our training, the game between our school and the Eagle high school is fast approaching, we can't afford to lose"

" Oh that's true, I almost forgot, don't worry we the starlight always got your back along with your team, we will cheer for you". After saying this, I yawned

" Gosh do you wish to eat me up on the phone", he teased.

" Gael I guess you have a death wish right ?" We laughed and he ended the discussion saying," I will let you be now, seems you exhausted, catch some sleep but I will be treating you lunch tomorrow"

" Whatever," I said, " goodnight Amelia", I ended the call, covered with my blanket and I slept off.


Some of the Lycans questioned the senior Lycans, to the extent that confusion filled the atmosphere, " why do we have our enemies with us, the vampires"

" Did we cross the boundary and kidnapped them to start a war"

" If they are the ones that crossed the boundary to us, we better kill them and keep it clean but if they wish to start the war, we accept, moreover, we are stronger and faster than the vampires in our lycans state".

They kept on talking and talking, what I thought of is that" if we are the ones that crossed the boundary and kidnapped the vampires, it's a sign of war and am not ready to start a war, I just want to enjoy and just have fun with different ladies this period and not going to fight".

The alpha, my father silence them with his scream as a Lycan,' whooooooooowhooo", they all kept silent.

" We are the Lycans, even if we crossed the boundary or not, we are stronger than the vampires, now we have the enemy in our court, we kill and eat them as dinner"

They all cheered that was when Ravi the messenger bed came in with a letter from the vampires. The lycans in charge of reading took the letter and proceeded in reading after father's approval.

The minute he finished reading out the content, the hall became calm, " oh no, we can't kill the vampires, they have our kinds, it's better we send back the vampires in other for them to release our kinds. Both kinds broke the law by crossing the boundary" I spoke out loud.

Hopefully, they buy my idea, father informed the senior Lycans for them to think over the situation before taking any step, the meeting got over and each lycans left the hall.

I headed straight to my room, then my close friend Santiago came in, he just exactly like me, we sometimes have sex with different ladies together, such wild fun for us, I guess the reason for his coming is to have fun, the father will surely make the right choice for peace to reign but I need to feel some bitches.


I had a bad dream that got me scared, I woke up with fear written all over me and I notice I was sweating profusely.

I wondered if it was the book I read at the library that's affecting my dreamland, I saw some scary creatures, the war got so bloody that some lost their lives.

" Amelia it's just a dream"

I did my normal morning routine, greeted my parents as we cook dinner together.

They started their argument, I just left saying, " I don't want to be late for school"

I walked, as usual, stopped by the laundry man's shop," good morning" I said, he complimented me, I left his shop after giving him my uniform to work on.

I always love passing the beautiful house that looks like a castle that got abandoned before boarding a taxi.

My best friends waiting for me, as usual, to go to our classes together, I just remembered we are having maths this morning," I hate maths", I said to Chloe.

"Me too" she added, " you both are so lazy, how come I have you both as my friends", Sofia said and we chased her, laughing in excitement as we entered the class.

The maths teacher came in, ugly like the subject she teaches, she requested for us to submit her assignment with the answer sheet.

I looked at Chloe and she looked at me too, it's a sign we forgot to do it and we can't afford another punishment today.

Sofia whisper to us giving us an answer shit each, " you both owe me pizza and Chocolate ice cream, I just saved your lazy ass, I know you won't do the assignment"

" Oh Sofia, you such a lifesaver", I said to her and Chloe appreciated her. Then the maths teacher hits our desk making us get shocked, "submit now" she frowned at us.



After our morning class section, we took a walk when Gael approached us, " hi ladies, would you mind if I snatch Amelia from you for some minutes", he requested.

Chloe and Sofia agreed instantly, " this dude is crushing on you, this time around give him a chance", Sofia whispered and Chloe nodded.

I rolled my eyeballs in frustration," both of you get lost"

" Remember I said to you on call last night that I will be treating you lunch after class"

" Of cause I remembered", I replied.

We walked hand in hand to the cafeteria, I ordered spicy spaghetti and he went with rice.

We discussed lots of things, I tried changing the topic whenever he brings up the idea of him crushing on me and wants us to be a couple.

" I like you, Amelia, I will wait till you are ready, am always comfortable around you, I bought you this"

Wow a necklace, " thank you Gael"

The girls came in and informed us saying," Gael time for your training, Amelia time for our rehearsal, remember we are cheering for the game coming up soon" Sofia informed us.

I got carried away with his discussion but thank God for the amazing friends I have, we stood up and headed to the basketball court together where we passed the mean girls, they looked at us in rage and jealousy. Gael left us joining his basketball team.

I told Sofia and Chloe about the gift he gave to me and they keep saying I should date him.

"I want to date someone that I will love with the whole of my heart and not forcing the love on someone I don't have feelings for" saying this to my friends, they gave up on the topic and focused on rehearsal.

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